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  • Awesome

    Overall, iCarly is a really great show. It's hilarious and entertaining. I found almost every episode of every season in the show to be an enjoyable experience. They were all just so fun to watch because the plots were so well written. Almost none of the episodes ever end in a cliffhanger. They either end just the way we would want them to, or they end in a different way than what we would expect. If it ends the second way, it can either be satisfying or disappointing depending on what happens. Every episode had an interesting story. All the episodes were good, but I found the later ones to grow stronger in potential and appeal factor than the earlier ones tended to be. When you compare the early ones to the later ones, the early ones sucked. I'm not saying they really do suck. I'm saying they suck COMPARED to the later ones. Each episode consists of a web show and a plot. The web shows are just stupid, pointless, silly, and weird, but I still like them in a way whether they're funny or not. And the plots are just awesome and keep me coming back for more every time. This claims to be a kids show but adults may like it just as much too and there's nothing wrong with that. This and Victorious are my favorite shows on Nickelodeon. This show often seems to be centered around a problem or something bad happening such as with characters like Nevel, Chuck, and Nora, who everyone hates, but in a good way to make it fun and amusing. That's very only thing I don't like is Sam bullying and abusing Freddie and he doesn't even have the guts to stand up for himself. It's not funny. It's just mean, cruel, obnoxious, and immature and can send kids the wrong message. But then in season 3 she started being nicer to him but was still a little mean and abusive, but by season 4 and until the very end of the show, she pretty much became nice and respectful to Freddie just like Carly and was never mean or abusive to him anymore (except in isell penny tees) and I was very happy to see a change in that and a strong bond between their friendship then. Especially in season 5 after they broke up. We saw a strong maturing development in her character's attitude towards him. Overall an awesome show. I wish it had gone 1 or 2 more seasons because it was getting better. Don't know why season 5 still hasn't come out on DVD yet and am pissed about it. It's the last one. End of review.

  • To AlexMan586

    iCarly is not a "reality" show.
  • A clever show

    made its own identity as a show..

    re runs never gets old, SPENCER made the show so fun to watch
  • LOL, more like iCrappy.

    Nickelodeon, I wish you never aired stupid reality shows.
  • fantastic but sadly it ended

    i was bored at home so i started to turn on the tv and then i watched this show for the first, and i was like this show is fantastic! :} but sadly it
  • It was okay...

    Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the show, it's funny, but I kinda agree with some of the people who dislike the series. (Many blame the series for the Nickelodeon change) Now I don't mean to sound critical, but what made me feel a little gray is that current or future TV writers would be negatively influenced by the simplistic quality of writing and/or plot style in TV shows, like iCarly, Hannah Montana and The Big Bang Theory (in my opinion).
  • why the mid 2000's to to the 2010's don't mean nothing to me.

    This show sucked since the very first episode,it was what started the down fall of nickelodeon and it was five years of torture,i did nothing to deserve that totrute from that terrible show,Miranda Cosgrove will NEVER be as great as AMANDA BYNES and i mean NEVER because AMANDA BYNES set the bar and ladder way to high for anybody to climb or reach,2007 to 2012 so glad that Icarly is OVER.

    *10 second laugh track*

  • It looked like a good idea, but it got terribly executed.

    iCarly is one of those shows that may have sounded promising with its clever premise, but it got awfully executed on television. The show is about a teenager named Carly Shay who produces a webshow called iCarly were they do the most random stuff onscreen. in her apartment building, She lives with her older brother, Spencer, and has friends like Sam and Gibbie. The premise is creative, and most shows that had good premises were usually executed awfully, and iCarly is no exception. The first season of the show was pretty good. There was some pretty funny moments, it had the right amount of randomness, and it had something going for it. But after the episode iMeet Fred aired, the show just turned into a mean spirited and cruel pile of junk.

    The characters are too mean sprited and cruel hearted, and are barely likeable. Carly is a whiny spoiled brat who complains about everything and it's so obnoxious. Sam is quite possibly the meanest protagonist ever portrayed in a show. She is always so rude to Freddie for no reason, and even goes as far as hitting him with objects like a tennis bat, makes jokes about hobos (seriously what's so funny about them?), and pushes every aside like they mean nothing to her. Freddie was the only one who could be likeable at times, I envied him anytime he was being hurt by Sam. The acting is just abysmal, if that's the nicest word for the acting. All of the characters either underreact or overreact themselves a lot. The humor is pretty much just juvenile humor that feels too inappropriate or gross, and a lot of it is about hobos or something about fried chicken. Again, what's so funny about hobos? Mocking the poor is just cruel. In terms of inappropriate and gross humor, in one episode they refered to boobs 3 times, which is pretty inappropriate for a kids show, and an example of gross humor would be in one episode a kid named Jermy (who is called Germy due to his constant sneezing) sneezed on the camera and we got to see a close up of his snot which really wasn't necessary.

    The random use of humour in the first season felt pretty funny, but now its unnecessary and goes overboard with randomness to the point were it's not funny anymore.

    The morals are just awful and no children should learn these type of morals. The episode iMeet Fred insists that it's not ok to have a different opinion, super good moral indeed NOT. That has got to be one of the messed up morals ever in a TV Series. No offense to iCarly fans, but after Season 1, the show became unwatchable and mean sprited. The morals are terrible and untruthful, the humor feels too juvenile, the characters are cruel hearted and unlikable, and the acting is atrocious.
  • Fantastic!!!!!!

    GIVE ME THE PIE!!!! you'll love it!
  • Decent

    Not bad, not good either, when I was younger I was a fan of this show. But then I realized it wasn't as good.
  • Ah, here we go again...

    iCarly is a Nickelodeon show created by Dan Schneider. The show did end recently after the final episode entitled: I have watched a lot of iCarly before giving a final judgement so please keep that in mind first. OK, let's begin the review!


    The concept of this show is based around Carly Shay, a teenage girl who runs a web show with her two best friends (Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson). Also, Carly lives in an apartment at Bushwell Plaza with Spencer, her older brother who is (or was) a lawyer turned artist.

    OK, so far the plot doesn't seem to bad. The idea of a show within a show actually sounds promising but the execution is actually mediocre.

    So, iCarly started when the gang were forced to judge a talent show as a punishment. When Carly and Sam made jokes about Ms. Briggs, Freddie filmed it and the video got millions of views on SplashFace and things went from there.

    OK, the only thing that questions me in the plot so far is the fact that Carly and Sam got millions of views on a video in seconds. Other than that, the plot is fine I guess.


    The characters in the show don't really interest me that much to be honest. It seems like the creators of iCarly got the stereotypical personalities and spent 5 minutes developing them.

    Carly: Being the main character of the show, Carly is usually the sweet teenage girl who always tries to fix people's problems. The main thing I don't like about this character is the fact that she bosses her older brother around and sometimes she tends to act like a three year old when she doesn't get her way (for example: the MMA fight episode). Also, she tends to act as one of Sam's followers whenever Freddie is abused by her and this doesn't set a good example for children. I feel that Miranda Cosgrove (the actress for Carly) doesn't really fit this role, in my opinion she was better as Megan from Drake and Josh.

    Sam: She is one of Carly's best friends who is a tomboy with an obsession for food and fighting. I don't particularly like Sam's character either because she abuses Freddie way too much and she pretty much likes to criticize him every 5 seconds. Also, she starts fights for no reason and she has also been in prison way too many times for illegal activities. At one point, she put herself in a mental hospital because she liked Freddie and the gang busted her out (again, doesn't set a good example). I do admit that she can have some nice moments though.

    Freddie: One of the few characters I tend to pity a lot. He pretty much serves a purpose as a punching bag and target for abuse in 99% of iCarly episodes and he doesn't really have a backbone whenever he tries standing up to Sam. Also, he did appear to be a stalker in Season 1 due to the fact that he was obsessed over Carly. His character did grow on me in the later seasons though.

    Spencer: He is the older brother of Carly who was a lawyer for three days and he is now an artist. To be honest, I don't see him as a guardian, he comes across as pretty irresponsible and he seems too lenient, expect his leniency isn't on the same level as Jessie Prescott's from Disney's At times, he can act like a child on drugs but there are times where he does become serious every now and then.

    Gibby: I don't have much to say about him other than the fact that he is a target for fat jokes, which irritates me a lot.

    Nevel: He is the person who has been the rival of the iCarly gang since he reviewed their show. He does have an obsession for ruining iCarly and he is another target of abuse.


    In earlier seasons of iCarly, the jokes weren't so bad but they started getting overdone and flat to the point where it isn't even funny anymore.

    Moral value:

    I don't really see much moral value in iCarly, it seems like it's teaching children the wrong things and it seems inappropriate at times.


    I have decided to give this show a 3.0. It does have potential but it seems like the creators screwed up the show in some ways.
  • Why Do People Like This?

    This Show is Boring
  • i love your show.10

    i wish i could be there with u. u rock.

  • iBoring.

    This is one of the main reasons why Nickelodeon has gone down the drain. This show is overrated and is stupid, much like Adventure Time. Also, note that this is made by Dan Schneider, who makes the worst shows imaginable. If you want to know a guy who makes the BEST shows ever, try shows that invole Craig McCracken.
  • nahhhhhh


    One of the best shows in the history of the world like all Dan Scnheider's shows is incretable funny and intreresting maby the best show by Dan Schneider and one of the best on TV.
  • Great Show

    To ReviewGuy AKA Nintendogirl98 AKA mewtwo151, you need to watch the show closer if you claim there's "no minorities". T-Bo and The Principal (the guy who played Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager) were both [Black] recurring characters. Socko [although never seen on screen] was Hispanic. There were of course likely plenty of others who probably appeared in single episodes.
  • I don't know why I ever liked garbage.

    I use to like this show a lot but looking back on it this show is really upsetting.

    this will be split up into 2 parts Episodes, Characters


    icarly is a terrible show with an annoying laugh track that plays ALL THE TIME! even when an unfunny joke is being played. This show has terrible morals. Morals are either entirely forgotten by the characters or aren't even mentioned. an example is during the SamxFreddie arc where Carly tells sam and freddie to sort out their own problems and then she solves one of their problems in the very next episode The most infamous example of unfriendly moral is imeetfred what the fanbase can agree on as the WORST EPISODE in the entire series. where Freddie is hated on (and even threatened with his life) for an opinion (and he was pretty nice about it too) The worst part about it is the fact that Sam beat him up with a Tennis Raquet because he wouldn't apologize for saying "I just don't think Fred is all that funny" another terrible episode is "isellpennytees" where Sam enslaves a group of children (And this is played for laughs) My least favorite episode has to be "idate a bad boy" when Carly starts to act like a slut for no reason at all. disrespects her brother and then dumps her boyfriend for such a shallow reason that teaches kids that you will be dumped or not be cool for having unpopular interest.


    Dan Schneider has a serious problem with creating characters

    Carly: the main character of any Dan schenider show (Zoey,Tori) an bitchy Mary Sue who solves everyone's problems and get's straight A's Has no personality and begs for attention and cries when she doesn't get what she wants (she even says this in an episode) The only personality trait wikipedia can come up with is that she is shallow. Carly is also shown to not have any other friends than Sam and Freddie. Sam talks to other girls and has another friend named Wendy and Freddie is in tons of clubs but Carly is usually always shown alone because no one like a bitch. (I like Miranda Cosgrove though)

    Sam. I love Jeanette MCcurdy but her character Sam is such a terrible person. She bullies everyone around and does not get any karma or payback. every time she hurts Freddie, it is played for laughs (If the tables were turned and if it was Freddie who was the abuser, Freddie would be the most hated person on the show)

    Freddie, Okay, you guys get it I love the actor but hate the character. Freddie is a doormat nerd who can't stand up for himself

    Spencer, So stupid and irresponsible

    Gibby, once he stop taking his shirt off I stopped caring about him.

    there are no minorities in the show (which can be a case of fridge brilliance because Seattle is one of the whitest cities in America) and maybe it's a good thing because Minority are always treated poorly in Dan Schneider shows. overall icarly is a terrible show. final score 1/10

  • I used to love this show, but not I don't anymore.

    When I was younger, I used to be a desperate fan of iCarly. Now I don't really like it anymore. Sam is an extremely unlikable character, and seeing her on Sam and Cat(which I'm falling behind on) they put her cruel personality on an overdrive, which means she is even worse on the new show. The laugh track plays all the time, and it got repetitive fast. I feel sorry for the people who grow up on Nick. If you're searching for a good Dan Schneider show, watch Drake and Josh, you'll have a much better time with the stepbrothers.
  • I love iCarly but...

    I love the show iCarly but as I was watching I noticed 4 things.

    1. Why is it so immensly popular? The webshow i mean. It's not funny just slightly annoying and stupid. If iCarly was a real webshow I wouldnt watch it.

    2. Carly is kind of a brat. (KINDA not by much)

    3. That Messin With Lewbert segment is so cruel. Basically all they do is humilate Carly's doorman Lewbert (ill admit hes annoying) and put it on the internet. Just cause you dont like someone doesnt mean you do something like that. Whats even worse is this is aimed at little kids so now they're gonna do it just because iCarly did it.

    4. Why do they always say Carlys hot? She's not that pretty. I think Sams cuter.

    one more thing i noticed is their sense of humor is stupid. seriously whats so funny about making fun of someones boobs? or a fake pie?
  • Ithink this show doesn't even make an attempt

    I didn't watch the first season but I heard it was descent. Now here we are something seasons latter and the show is terrible. It tries to hard to be random and overall it's not funny. It's not clever in what it's trying to do. The acting is over the top and stupid. We've seen these ideas before and can tell you how they are going to turn out before the opening titles finish. The show is unrealistic and over dramatic and us as the viewers have seen much better teen dramas then the garbage this show about. This show was very easy for them to do get a cast of people no ones heard of and just say random thigs at times. They didn't need a script or even a writer. Becuase it's not hard to tell that this show didn't have either. There aren't even a attempt at real jokes. The random humor works for CN becuase it's not just random humor in shows like Adventure Time. There are also real jokes and characters you care for the characters and have a story. I think theres no redemetion for this show. If nothing else the actors that are playing over the topic characters are trying to deliver a real preformance. The thing that annoys me the most though is the internet jokes and the stupidy that comes with that. They could have made a real attempt and it may not have been good but it would still be alot better than the show we are stuck with now.
  • iLove It

    I watched just about every episode I have on DVD. Seasons 1-5 are available on the market as seasons 1-4, but where are seasons 6&7 as season 5 on DVD? It's not like I'm upset, but I just gotta see 6&7 on DVD. Other than that, phenomenal ending that was that iCarly had.
  • Another Great Series by the Master Dan Schneider

    Well it was not Drake and Josh, but it was a great show, delightful for all ages. Icarly was hilarious and over the years really grew into a show everyone (well, all those with sense) will have fond memories of.
  • Average show

    iCarly is definitely not the best show on tv but is one of the better shows on nickelodeon. Its at least superior to Big Time Rush and New Spongebob. I was a big fan of iCarly when it first came out but now I'm bored with it. Its an average show. Some episodes are interesting while aren't. The acting on the show is pretty decent. The actors do their best with what they have to work with. There's also some funny scenes in some episodes but the humor doesn't always work. Overall,iCarly is a decent show but you probably will get bored with it after a while

    The only people who would like this show are females in between the age of 8 and 20, girly girl and tomboy. Yes, even tomboys. Nick is horrible now, ever since the channel got that laughing kids and lightbulb logo. Spongebob also got crappy around there. This show doesn't belong on nick, it belongs on Disney Channel, which I like to call the free buffet. But there is now tons of garbage on nick now like the recent Spongebob, Sam And Cat, Dora (what the fuck?!) etc. The only good show on recently was Robot And Monster, but that was unfortunately very short lived, only had about 20 episodes, and only lasted a mere half a year and was cancelled due to innapropriate content due to the innuendo scene from the thanksgiving episode in December 2012. Nick, just give up. You are a disgrace. Please just give up already.
  • pretty f***ed up jokes for a kids show.

    I grew up with the early years of this show, so I used to like it.

    But this show is stupid, cruel, and unrealistic.

    I was 12 when I last watched this, and that was for Jerry Trainor. almost 5 years later, I can't even watch it anymore despite Trainor being so good. I never noticed how much it's filled with "You must be popular" and "Make fun of kid's low self confidences" undertones are present.
  • iSh*tty

    I consider this one of the worst shows nick has ever made. there's a lot of stuff that pisses me off so much. the show is a bad influence to the kids who watch it. not to mention horrible at the same time.

    I'm going to give out reasons why this show sucks

    1. It's not even funny the humour and punch lines are weak, and don't make sense at the same time.

    2. It treats guys like sh*t one obvious example is sam mis-treating freddie and freddie's too much of a giant chicken sh*t to fight back

    3. they don't perform in front of a live-audience even worse, they spam laugh tracks, mostly at the stupidest parts where nothing funny happens.

    4. they tell kids its okay to make fun of hobos, seriously what's so funny about people who lost they're homes?

    5. they used the word hobknocker look it up on urban dictionary if you dare!

    6. they mention things related to the upper chest area of the female human anatomy, seriously inappropriate for kids

    7. they tell kids its wrong to have your own opinion or speak your mind, be like everybody else. it basically says "agree with everyone else or get scroched!" just like what happened to freddie in the "fred" episode. freddie just said his opinion and he gets scroched over it? that just tosses the term "freedom of speech" out the window.

    Overall rating: why Dan Schneider?
  • Probally one of Dan Schniders best works ever

    I dont know why this show gets labled bad. Marvin Marvin and Bucket & Skinner are bad shows but iCarly is actually decent. It was the show I would always enjoy watching when it aired on Nick. Plus, it also had the only good episode of Lucas (the guy who did FRED) where he did a pretty decent job acting. From the piolet to the finale, the show did a good job. Some of the jokes were gross but they were outshined by the ones that were actually funny. Practiclly every character from Carly to Spencer were likable and hilarious. Even the antagonists like Nevil Papperman and Lubert Sline the doorman were solid characters that I enjoyed. Plus, Sam has her own show now so you kind of see the iCarly world carry on in a way. If you disagree, too bad you dont know what a real good show is.
  • iHate This Show

    iCarly is the show that began the downfall of Nickelodeon. First of the all, the jokes are not funny and are so random and pointless. I mean, on their little web series, Carly and Sam do random things that aren't funny, and frequently burst into a Random Dancing segment, which isn't even dancing. They just jump around. Also, they invite several guests on this show, including Fred, which involves him eating a cabbage and screaming in a spaghetti pool. This show is trying to throw creative ideas at us, but it's just coming across as another sitcom in which speaks down to its audience. Even though most of the main cast are solid actors, especially Miranda Cosgrove, I recommend you watch them in something else. iCarly is horrible, and is a disgrace to 90s Nickelodeon shows.
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