Ice Cold Gold

Sunday 10:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered Apr 21, 2013 Between Seasons


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Ice Cold Gold

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Eight miners head to Greenland and brave the harsh weather and remote wilderness during the short warm season to bring home a year's pay in precious gemstones.

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AIRED ON 5/27/2013

Season 1 : Episode 6

John Self

John Self

Placer Miner/Prospector

Americo DiSantis

Americo DiSantis


Chad Watkins

Chad Watkins


Eric Drummond

Eric Drummond


Jack Duggins

Jack Duggins

Wilderness Guide

Jesse Friedman

Jesse Friedman

Hard Rock Miner

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  • Aufever

    The absolute most boring show on television, without a doubt. Cut all the climbing and complaining and show us some real gold or valuable minerals or shut the show down!!! Really a waste of TV viewing.
  • Sort of interesting...

    It's an interesting look at a type of career that most people never know.

    The problem is that it's trying to be a reality show. By which I mean, like a "Big Brother" reality show, not a documentary. So, the majority of the show is people b*tching and arguing and complaining to the camera about the other workers - it doesn't help that 2-3 of this season's cast will b*tch about anything and anyone.

    A case in point - Eric, the team lead, chose to test using a type of crusher to speed up separating out rubies from the rock. Two b*tches - Americo and a guy apparently named "Gator" - immediately make a big deal about how it won't work, that it'll damage the rubies, that Eric is a bad leader who doesn't know anything, how they know better and Eric should let them run the show - blah, blah, blah.

    They turned out to be right ... but that wasn't the point. Because watching the footage, it's clear that what Eric was doing was running a sample test, using a tiny amount to test a proof-of-concept - if it worked, it'd save them much time and money. That's standard stuff, in any sort of business.

    But the way the show is edited, with 5-10 minutes of two insufferable know-it-alls complaining to the camera, none of that gets through. The focus is not on the science - on separating out the rubies, on how this test would work, on how they'd see the results. The focus is not on the business - on why this decision is being made, what the financial ramifications are, the risk assessment undertaken. The focus is on DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA.

    Which is really, really lame.

    Congrats to Animal Planet, though - they lucked out on managing to unearth as many as 3 or 4 drama queens/queen b*tches in a small crew of prospectors who you'd think would be better off just putting their heads down and working hard, instead of doing interviews. What's funny, is that they're willing to spend endless periods of time complaining specifically about how everyone else is wasting time.

    That guy "Gator" especially is obviously hogging for some camera attention - will not stop pontificating at the least appropriate times.

    So in terms of a show - it's an interesting topic, prospecting for valuable minerals in a little-known far-off land. Too bad Ice Cold Gold is not about prospecting - it's clearly edited to be the same reality TV bullcrap that infects too much of the tube. It's Big Brother: Greenland.moreless
  • boring

    This is the most boring show to date that I have ever watched. Far too much talking and very little to show ( like none )
  • Ice cold gold rocks

    I love this show, finally some good prospectors on TV. It does need to be on Discovery and not Animal Planet.

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