Ice Loves Coco

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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Baby Got Backstory
      A special episode that familiarizes us with Ice-T and Nicole Austin as a power couple and explains what makes them successful.
    • 6/12/11
      Coco meets her agent and does a photo shoot.
    • Baby's Got Baby?
      Baby's Got Baby?
      Episode 2
      Coco gets a visit from her sister and Ice-T makes plans to to give a lecture at a university.
    • Baby Got Baby?
      Episode 2
      Coco's pregnant sister Kristy comes to visit and asks her to deliver her baby. Coco reluctantly agrees and starts to prepare herself for the delivery by taking a Lamaze class and watching a home birth video. When she realizes that she's in over her head, will she be able to help her sister through labor--or will she end up breaking her promise? Meanwhile, Spartacus becomes a distraction to Ice when he prepares for a college lecture.moreless
    • Baby Got Birthday
      As Coco is about to turn 32, Ice wants to make sure his wife has the best birthday yet. He plans a special surprise for her, but will he be able to get it together in time? Plus, Coco isn't happy when one of Ice's pals hits on her friend. Then, after years of talking about recording a song together, the couple finally hits the studio to lay down a track--about Coco's shoe fetish! But when Coco starts to improvise with some sexy lyrics, will she push it too far even for Ice-T?moreless
    • 6/26/11
      As Coco's birthday approaches Ice-T creates a song for her, meanwhile Coco realizes one of Ice's friends wants to date her friends.
    • 7/10/11
      With only days to go before the launch of her Licious clothing line, Coco must deal with a host of problems, including the models she requested not being the "curvy" girls she had envisioned, and a misspelling on the clothes. Plus, Ice scrambles to train Spartacus before he goes in for his first acting job.moreless
    • Baby Got Family
      Episode 5
      Coco's pregnant sister Kristy is close to having her baby, so Ice and Coco make the trek to Arizona to throw Kristy a baby shower. While there, Ice encourages Coco to deal with the hurt she still feels from her parents' divorce--but is she ready to confront the pain from her past? Meanwhile, Ice wants to take this time away from work to relax but ends up having to babysit instead.moreless
    • Baby Got Ghost
      Episode 6
      When Coco's mom comes to visit from Arizona, Coco wants to give her a fun-filled weekend in New York. The two reminisce about old times, including their past experiences with ghosts while Coco was growing up. Then they get to fulfill one of their dreams when they get a special reading from psychic James Van Praagh. Meanwhile, Coco starts taking salsa lessons, but Ice starts to get jealous of her sexy dance instructor.moreless
    • Baby Got Vows
      Episode 7
      Coco finally gets the wedding of her dreams when she and Ice renew their wedding vows in Los Angeles. But, Coco's wedding planning comes to a stand-still when she learns her very pregnant sister Christy can't fly to attend the wedding. Will Ice step in and save the big day? Then, feast your eyes on their fabulous reception at the swanky W Hotel with Archbishop Don "Magic" Juan in attendance!moreless
    • Baby Got Birth
      Episode 8
      Instead of going to Hawaii for their honeymoon, Ice and Coco check into the luxurious Montelucia resort in Arizona, so Coco can be near her very pregnant sister Kristy, who is ready to pop any day! Coco has a hard time relaxing because she is stressed out about the birth and spends her time reading books on delivering babies--and not enjoying her hubby's company. Can Ice help calm his wifey's nerves? Then, when Kristy finally goes into labor, will Coco make it to the hospital in time to witness the birth of her nephew?moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 3