Ice Loves Coco - Season 2

E! (ended 2013)


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Episode Guide

  • Baby Got Puppies
    Episode 10
    Ice and Coco have dreams of moving into their custom-built home in New Jersey--but a delay on building permits has set the construction back weeks. However, that doesn't stop Coco from telling the real estate broker to spread the word that their penthouse is up for sale. Then, Spartacus' girlfriend goes into labor and delivers Ice and Coco a litter of puppies, and the stress of their lives disappears--at least until Coco has to make a trip to the doctor's.moreless
  • Baby Got Hawaii
    Episode 9
    After eleven years of marriage, Ice is finally taking charge and planning his and Coco's anniversary vacation. To celebrate their milestone, Ice plans a romantic getaway to Hawaii where he was stationed with the army. Plus, he's keeping Coco completely in the dark about all of their plans--but her wishlist for activities on the island isn't entirely on his agenda.moreless
  • Baby Got Sundance
    Episode 8
    Ice is thrilled when his documentary film gets accepted into the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. But there's one catch--he has to edit his colossal three-hour hip-hop flick down to a mere two hours, and that means making some painful editing decisions. When it's time to fly to Utah for the big premiere, the usually cool Ice is shaking in his boots! See if his movie shines--or bombs! Meanwhile, Coco has some of her own movie news to share--but it comes at a price.moreless
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    With little-to-no warning, Ice and Coco are surprised to learn that Coco's sister Kristy wants them to become her children's godparents and take part in their baptism ceremony she's planning in Arizona. Although Ice is no stranger to raising kids, he's never been tasked with the role of godfather--and both he and Coco are unsure whether they're prepared to take on such a big responsibility.moreless
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    Coco gets her acting break when the casting director for "Law and Order: SVU" personally asks her to appear on the show as a sexy character named Venus. But the pressure is on to nail the part, especially when she finds out she'll be kissing someone else in front of Ice. Plus, Coco thinks it's time for her dog Spartacus to start a family, so she goes on a search to find the perfect doggy match. Will she find puppy love for Spartacus?moreless
  • For the past 11 years, Ice and Coco have never spent more than 24 hours apart from one another--but when Coco's sister Kristy asks for her help with a fashion show in Arizona the same weekend that Ice gets booked for a gig in Atlantic City, the couple realize the day has finally come where they won't physically be together for an extended period of time. Coco assures Ice she has everything sorted out for him to be on his own. However, Ice quickly learns how much stuff she handles for him on a daily basis--and it's not long before he feels helpless without his other half.moreless
  • 3/11/12
    In "Baby Got Backseat Driver" from the second season of the E! channel show "Ice Loves Coco," rapper Ice-T attempts to go on a diet with his wife, Coco, but has difficulty matching her discipline. Meanwhile, Coco decides to give a driving lesson to her publicist, Soulgee, and finds herself feeling maternal.moreless
  • 3/4/12
    Ice-T has been working hard all week, and all he wants to do is relax with his wife, Coco. He proposes a trip to their home in Miami, where they can escape the demands of their high-profile lifestyle and take time to recharge. However, Ice is not betting on the trouble caused by social media.moreless
  • 2/20/12
    Ice-T and his wife, Coco Austin, decide it is time to go searching for a new home. However, as they visit different houses and seek the perfect setting for domestic bliss, the two realize that they do not agree on some key issues. Meanwhile, Coco's publicist has to overcome some personal issues when Coco invites her best friend over.moreless
  • 2/19/12

    Coco thinks she might be pregnant. She visits her doctor and receives disturbing news.