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Are they trying to scare the viewers that come from warmer climates

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    [1]Jun 24, 2009
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    -So i have watched a few episodes of this series and i have come to the conclusion they try and make the temperature seem alot worse than it really is. "-41 degrees farenheit is practically the same in celcius, and up here in alberta canada we still have to go to school when its that cold, the last thing we are thinking about is death,when you see temperatures that low every year for weeks on end the only thing you worry about is if your car will start or not.

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    [2]Jun 28, 2009
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    They're just trying to make the point that those temperatures ARE freaken cold to be out in. Most of us can agree on that, regardless of where we live. Kids that go to school when it's that cold out aren't standing outside for a lengthy amount of time trying to put chains on their truck tires, and everything else that goes along with preparing to drive one of those vehicles in negative forty-one degree temperatures. NOR are they sitting in a big rig with minimum heating, and driving for hours on end on those narrow, up and down, curvy death-roads. One false move and they're stranded out there alone in that cold. I see your point, really I do, but the cold is just one aspect that adds to the unpleasantness of everything else involved in that hazardous business. They just want to make the viewers aware of that. Maybe so some stupid git doesn't go up there thinking it's a piece of cake.
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    Yes, it can be cold in the Arctic. But those that live there know how to deal with it. I lived and worked in Alaska for years, and loved it. I helped build the pipeline, and drove the Haul Road (now called the Dalton Hwy) as a Teamster. The show is fun for me to watch, as I miss Alaska, and look back at working on the Pipeline as one of the most fun times of my life, and it brings back memories. But, like all so called "Reality Shows", it is more fiction than fact. Most of the situations are staged, for dramatic effect. Yes, it can be treacherous, and knowledge of Arctic Driving Techniques and survival skills are a necessity, but it is no where near as bad as depicted. I guess they have to do this to make it "Interesting" to the mass audience, but it is not strictly "reality". For instance, at the end of the last episode, the announcer said that "the Ice Road Season is almost over, so there is a rush to make deliveries". Well, the Dalton Hwy is open year round, and of course is safer to drive in the summer than in the winter. I still enjoy watching for nostalgia sake, but some of the phony drama is a put-off. Les
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