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I am glad that IRT went back to filming OFF dalton!

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    The dalton and all the complete crap that went with it, like the BORING scenes where the drivers had to go through a bunch of crap to convince DOT officers not to give them a ticket, made me sick. the dalton was OK, but the crap they had to go through with carlille trucking would make me not want to work there either.

    I am glad hugh got off of carlille trucking. It seems they were so tight with regulations, it just made for a very boring show.

    He is back in season 5 where he needs to be....on an actual ice road with WATER....not pavement under it!

    By the way, does anyone know why they took off the usual "living on the edge" heme by Areosmith and replaced it with a stupid guitar solo of the same song? I would assume that they had the rights to use that song in the first place when they made the show. So why the change in themes? Seems very lame!

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