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I wonder if the idiot that left alex got fired?

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    [1]Sep 1, 2011
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    I wonder if that absolute IDIOT that left alex on the adigun pass in season 3 episode 7 when there was a severe snowstorm got fired? He was SUPPOSED to be the GUIDE for Alex until he got used to going on the road, but instead the stupid idiot got mad at Alex because he was not used to putting chains on his tires and instead of helping him the idiot just leaves him! Right at the bottom of adiguns pass that was closed because a snowstorm came in and caused a whiteout. Which is hard for even a seasoned veteran of the road, much less a rookie.

    You know I may not be a trucker anymore if I did this, but if that was me I would go and find that old coot and knock him to the ground! That is LIFE AND DEATH out there on adigun pass and Alex has barely made three trips on it. And THIS FOOL wants to leave him there? Again, I may not be a trucker anymore but I would sure enough find that guy and beat the living CRAP out of him. Then maybe the NEXT time he took out a rookie, he would not leave them there on the side of the road like an absolute idiot!

    Again, this is NOT like leaving him on a highway where there is help, there was none for miles and they were supposed to stay together. I hope that idiot got fired! If Carlille trucking takes saftey as seriously as they preach, they need to make an example out of that old coot!

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    I'm almost positive that part was scripted. If it was real, the driver training Alex would most certainly have been fired and definitely would have been held responsible had anything happened to Alex.
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