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Sunday 9:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Jun 17, 2007 Between Seasons





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  • arts burke

    Art Burke 's clear lack of vocabulary is OFFENSIVE!!!! GET RID OF HIM. Seriously, can the man not string 3 words together without dropping an F-bomb? It's irritating, unnecessary & does nothing to improve ratings. To the other drivers erst, good on you for being able exercise some restraint despite the stressful & dangerous job you do.
  • What about the plow truck drivers the first ones through the real danger like come on people they are driving down safely plowed roads

    Rainbow truckers association throw down harder then these guys like come on Lisa is your most hard core dude .
  • Tod Dewey

    You need to get rid of him. He is the most self centered person ever on the show. He boost about how he is the best trucker when in fact when the going got ruff and you needed the finest driver it was Lisa you called on. Alex also carried two of the extra large loads and to his one. Tell him to watch the show and the proof is in the pudding. When ever he comes on I have to fast foward. Please get rid of him. Or put him in his place. He is the only smug selfcentered person on the show.
  • irritating comments

    PLEASE- get rid of that stupid guy making the stupid comments about what your watching on the show. It's very irritating and distracting.
  • Not as fond of show as before

    Just saw show is back on, and I'm still watching, but it's more fractured now. Now there's Polar, and Hugh, and Darrell's company, and it appears Alex is off somewhere else entirely. I like Alex and would like to see him more. I don't like Darrell and am sorry to see that Lisa has gone with him.
  • Show is now boring

    This show was Fantastic! the first few seasons. But, since then I am loosing interest more and more each year. I keep watching because of a couple of drivers that I like but the locations have not been near as interesting as the first couple of seasons were.
  • this show is starting to get stupid

    Has anyone noticed that they show the tires in one shot and they have chains on and in the next shot the chains are gone. Or they get stuck and they say It is -40 outside but yet when they get out of the truck 99% of the time you cant see their breath,,, they say there is 4 foot snowdrifts but yet when they show them its more like a foot it that and they say No one has been on this road before so they will be breaking the trail but yet there is tired track in front them and the road is pretty packed down or they show whats in front of them and you can see trucks or the van in the shoot of them.

  • Ice Road Truck Show !

    I would love to that ! I just need more info on the audions & who to speak to ! ?
  • IRT needs to end

    This season of IRT is terrible. Hugh is now believing the hype that he is the road king. He is running a business with what look like poorly maintained t Half the problems one guy is having is because of the truck, not huis fault. I suppose that's all for effectrucks, and with him and Vlad out who IS maintaining the fleet? Just how many more times can we stand to hear "If the truck goes Ive also noticed what look like different loads on the trucks in long shots, the editor needs to watch what hes doing.

    Sorry but its ran its course.
  • for Ice Road Truckers tv show

    The show is still great , a great season full of surprises, hope the fella who got the battery burns is doing great , very scary ! My best wishes for all to be safe , Love this show, hope it is kept on ! Be safe You All !Thanks for all the truckers and all they do ! :)
  • WOW!!

    I Like A Lot Of Truckers I Hope There Will Be A Season 7

    Alex Still With Manitoulin

    Lisa Kelly & Maya Sieber Back With Carlile
  • WOW!!

    they are crazy. Thank God for them b/c if it wasn't for them no one would get their supplies to live off of.
  • Ice road Truckers has become too fake

    Ok, so I always knew they exagerated the suspense a little bit, but this latest season is just ridiculous. History must think its viewers are idiots. It used to be about REAL truck drivers expressing REAl opinions, now there are so many times where a response sounds scripted and instead of getting to know the characters and hearing them the focus has become on constant non-stop dramatic moments.
  • I Still Like The Show

    I still like the show other than the drama.I Still watch the show and have all ways wonder what the guys listen to on the radio up there in Alaska.I`m just curious what other good stations these guys listen to on there long journey`s across the state of Alaska? Because its the most beautiful state in our loving country in the United States Of America.
  • sandiehnc

    We used to love Ice Road Truckers. Not so much anymore! Why did you have to bring idiots on and get rid of the girls. There is to much testosterone and to much fighting. PLEASE bring Lisa and Mya back!
  • Best of the Best!

    i have a Class A licence,I know how hard it is to drive on Normal roads.I Know Truckers that have 25+ years driving under their belts that would NEVER do what they do! Alex and " Polar Bear,"The Best of the Best!!
  • It's all about Lisa Kelly

    Bring back Lisa Kelly, she was the only reason to watch the show. Duh.
  • bigdude4866067

    Irt is a good show but the clowns such as yemm-porkchop-are to much.They are both complete idiots.Porkchop reminds me of a imbreed-brain dead something.I would hate to see how he lives in the lower 48.I guess a pig sti would fit.Why would you put this thing on a road for in the first place.And yemm is another brain dead.I like watching the show but when I see these clowns oh well.And this jack jesse should not have any senroity he quit and came back there for he lost it all and should have to start from the bottem.Who is he on his knees for?
  • Daryl is a A$$ hole

    Jack jessey has been working for the company for like 10 years and Daryls all pist off because Jack got the Haul back load. What a A$$ hole. So Dayrl thinks he should get the best loads and haul backs because....? exactly dickhead. this is your first year so please explain why you should of got the haul back instead of someone whos been there for 10 years! And then when you do get a haul back because somone had a Faimly emergency you dont even care. What really shows your true colors is when you did get the haul back you said its Karma because jack stole your original haul back. Well im glad some poor guys family emergency made you happy you A$$s hole! I totaly lost all respect for you. So if Reno gets hurt and you need to go home why should anyone care? and who names there kid Reno anyways. Your a real piece of crap dude!

  • brake repair

    the mechanic who fixed the brake can on last night's show failer to remove the cage bolt. the maxi brakes would not work with in still instaled
  • it looks hard but not hard enough

    it does look hard but for the money its quite good i think a few thousand dollars for a few hundred miles. it must be very scary on the ice, with it cracking and giving with every extra ton it takes. the temperture up there is just freezing in one episode it was -40 and a guy jumped out his truck in a t shirt that must of frozon him. i just wish i could drive the road once that would be good enough for me. the don't sleep at all i need at least ten hours sleep a day haha.
  • Time for a change up. Less frequency and number of episodes that appear in one day.

    This is one of those shows that should have ended after the first season. History Channel is one of my favorites and they usually knock em out of the park with cool and interesting shows but this one bores me to death. Sorta up there with Deadliest Catch. At least if you have a fan base don't run it all day long and make the rest of us suffer. Change up your programming jeez. What is this the 3rd season? How bout a show about truckers in general having to drive through the craziest of traffic like Atlanta and the other commuters who have no respect for them and throw in some true stories of crazy accidents etc. At least you could change it up every week with different stories and cities.
  • It can be interesting for a while, but then you realize that it's an attempt catch some of Deadliest Catch's glory.

    I find it interesting that this show premiered when in did. For a while, we were stuck with ridiculous reality T.V. shows and mildly interesting documentary. But when Deadliest Catch premiered on The Discovery Channel all of that changed. The History Channel seemed desperate to capitalize on the Reality-Documentary shows that show deadly jobs. Thus we get Ice Road Truckers. Being a huge fan of Deadliest Catch, I thought this would be interesting and I gave it a try. No matter what, I just couldn't get into. Though the work is certainly dangerous, most of the show is just plain boring. Eventually something exciting happens, but afterwards we find ourselves back to the monotonous grind. Maybe this just isn't my cup o' tea, but I just can't recommend this show.
  • It's a great show!

    I've been watching this show since the first episode in season one. I find the facts so interesting. I had never heard of such a thing as ice roads before this aired. With all the serious bull going on in my life now, I find it refreshing to watch something I don't have to concentrate to hard on. Even though it's pretty simple to follow along, this show has still captured my attention, and kept it, (which is hard to do!) The possible danger, and the fact that they allow us to see them on a semi-personal level makes the show. I watch it religously every Sunday now! Something about big burly men does it for me, lmao......
  • Interesting to watch, but need to take it with a grain of salt, as the situations are mostly staged for dramatic effect.

    I agree with DieselCowboy. I didn't know that the people used in the Canadian part of the show had been kicked off, but two are now on the Alaska part of the show. Don't know if Hugh Roland is as big an ass as he is portrayed, hope not! Most of the situations are staged for dramatic effect. While I will agree that it takes some Arctic Driving and Arctic Survival knowledge to drive the Dalton Hwy, it is no where near as bad as depicted. I helped build the Alaska Pipeline, and drove the Haul Road (now called the Dalton) as a teamster. I like the show because it brings back fond memories of the best job I ever had, and the best place I ever lived. But I have to laugh at some of the so called situations they dream up. Interesting yes. Reality no.
  • what a load, of bull that is. history should get there facts strait, i hauled heavy equipment to the mines for 8 years. now I build and maintain the ice road.

    i would like every one to know that the drivers on this show are no longer driving the ice road to the mines because they where kicked off from to many safty and securety infractions. the ice road is what you make of it yourself if yor not prepaired and dont know what your doing you will have problems. i have hauled loads up to 200,000lbs to diavik, bhp, and debeers mins for 8 years and never had problems being stuck on portages, my truck breaking down, feul or air lines freezing up, or goin threw the ice. i have had my share of problems dont get me wrong, i have been stranded on the ice or portages due to weather (3 times) but alwys caried 3 days minimum of food with me, candles heat packs, small propane torches and heater, large propane tiger torch and a full set of arctic clothes and boots rated to -100c. i insulated all the water lines to keep antifreeze (engine coolant) from freezing, made sure my air tanks where free of water and mosture, which was tuff cause i always hauled from edmonton alberta the climate change ranged 60 degres some times, plus uesd lots of methol alcohol in the air tanks and lines to keep them from freezing. insulated my power steering lines to keep oil flowing better and lines from breaking,lots of feul conditioner, water and degelling additive to keep feul frm gelling and freezing. always had new tires to start out the winter and 2 high quality sets of tire chains usually custom made of 5/16 chain. had external frost filters on my air breathers to keep frost and snow out of the air fillters so the engine wouldnt starve for air. i ran a 97 w900l kenworth always kept in tip top shape which i used till 2006 on the ice road which was the worst year ever for ice thickness i was one of the last trucks out, loaded at 130,000lbs on 17 inches of ice i was stranded on a portage for 3 days because of a blowout on a lake, maintaince bridged the blowout with rig mats and froze them in so we could cross and get out, we drove 15ft away from open water (i was with 6 other trucks). now i run a grader opening the road and maintaining it, we usualy start just after christmas. we first start with profiling with a tracked amphib. vehicle with raidar tha penatrates the ice for thickness. we start opening with snow cats and light plow trucks(16 inches of ice min to start opening) when we reach 24 inches i can use the grader, all equipment has singers (long steel poles that stick out of the sides and front rear) so that if we break through the ice they hopefuly hit the ice and distribute the weigh and keep from sinking or give us operators enuff time to jump from the cab, we also are required to wear life jackets while we are opening the road. we use pumps and water canons to flood the ice 24hrs a day only stopping for shift change, we work 12hr shifts 7 days a week for three weeks then have a week off. we fly in to camp from yellowknife nt by helocopter, i myself live in edmonton ab so i fly from edmonton to yellowknife. we freeze the portages (little bits of land between lakes,95% of the road is on lakes its about 350 miles long) with water and snow using graders, drags and water trucks which we usualy have at least have one break trough the ice once a year but they load close to shore so waters not that deep but gives the driver a little scare but i can usualy drag them out with the grader. we open the road to trucks with half loads at 38 inches of ice full loads at 48 inches (road opend this year jan 26). its march 2nd and as of now 4000 loads cross the road and we pulled alot of trucks out of snow banks over portages and just in general broke down due to saftey (tired drivers asleep at wheel and speed) poor equipment an inexperianced drivers. now this is one of the most dangerous jobs in the word and just facts it is the longest ice road in the world. but the ice is good and thick it should be a good year. if u have any coments or questions feel free to email me or just tell me to shut up lol.
  • A little educational and a big reality series. It sure got The History Channel HUGE RATINGS I think.

    Coming from The History Channel, you know it has to have some Educational, Documentary, or Informational Value to it. But this time, it isn't based on anything in the United States. This time, it is in the Fridged Canadian Northwest Territories.

    I did not get hooked on this series until the Second or Third Episode. I liked it especially due to the humor of Hugh and "His Gang", as well as Alex.

    It states that the Tradition of Making Runs over the Frozen Lakes north of Yellowknife, NT has been going since the 1930s, as large Metals Deposits were found in the Area in the Northwest Territores. It is not still going just for Metals, but now Minerals.

    Many Drivers Come from Around The World to take the Challenge every season, and not just foreigners come, Locals as well. Also Young Drivers, like T.J. and Jay do it.

    Now, that is a little information if you have not seen it just yet. I Gave this series a 10 Out Of 10. I like watching it. I especially liked the Young Guys, as well as Hugh and Alex. Very Great Series, Great Job!
  • Probably the best show on TV.

    I dont like reality shows. But this is a good show about semis and things I like. My favorite driver is TJ. Jay is my second favorite, but I like them all except Hugh. Hugh is nothing but a jerk. I also like how they have to take big loads to the minds in Canada. It also entertaining when they cuss back and fourth at eachother on the CB radio. Its basically a great show. I dont see how you cant like it. The only time its bad is when a truck falls throught the ice and that hasnt happened yet. So if you like trucks like me. This is a show for you. 10/10.
  • I'm not a big fan of reality shows and to me there all a waste of time but once in awhile we get a show that doesn't don't follow wannabe talentless actors actresses or singers.

    Only two come to mind Ice Road Truckers being one and Deadliest Catch being the other.

    Now why do I hate all other reality shows and not the above two.

    Quiet simply X Factor, American Idol, Big Brother, and all the rest of these pointless programs try and make some gormless talentless no mark into an over night singing or TV show sensation with disastrous results, Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch show these men and women put there lives in danger everyday of the week just to earn a living for there family, they don't get anything easy and are not set up for life at the end of the series, they work until they either retire or illness and/or death make them stop.
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