Ice-T's Rap School

VH1 (ended 2006)


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  • Attend Rap school, and you'll learn a thing or two.

    Reality television is a double-edged sword. For every show that documents real people overcoming adversity and growing closer together, there are five shows that reward back-stabbing, attention whoring or just plain whoring. The best parts of reality tv are assembled in Ice-T’s rap school; a fish out of water premise with challenges and weekly rewards and even a little bit of personal growth and lessons learned. Now in case that sounded too mushy, to quote the man himself “rap school’s in session, shut up!”. If you’ve ever heard any of his trail-blazing hip-hop or seen Law & Order: Special Victims Unit you know how bad-ass Ice-T is. I don’t think any of the 8th Grader’s from New York’s prestigious York Prep school had, however. Ice waltzes into York Prep and proceeds to try and do the impossible, teach these kids rap, rhyme, fashion, and maybe even self confidence, hard work, leadership, and not to judge a book by it’s cover. The transition from privilidged, well-mannered prep school to rappers isn’t easy. They are a mixed group of eighth graders with different personalities. There’s Dodge, so old-school he likes pinstripes and Buddy Holly, whiney Leir, cocky Sam, stutterer Phil, shy Mary, in the midst of her parent’s divorce, bossy Sophia and quiet Arielle and Erin. During the first episode, Ice lets the kids dress up in rapper’s clothes and takes them to the south Bronx, Sophia freaks that she’ll be shot in the south Bronx, but once they get there and take some lessons from Grandmaster Melle Mel a.k.a. Flash ( of “the message” fame), she realizes what it’s really like where the other half lives. Ice brings in Rapper friends like Common, MC Lyte, DJ Premeire and in the final episode, Public Enemy, the kids find their own skills, talents and strengths. Each week Ice-T gives a few new challenges to the crew, first comes finding the beat (harder than you’d think), spinning records, dancing and writning your own rhymes as well as free style. At the end of every week of challenges, the kid who tried the worked the hardest or made the most improvements receives the “golden mike” to wear around their neck. Ice can be as tough a teacher as you’d expect him to be, like the time Leir complains about not enjoying the group and Ice-T tells him to either commit hole-heartedly or just leave, but he also knows when to give a kid a few encouraging words or a hug.
  • This show is about rapper Ice-T trying to teach 8 prep students how to rap.

    This show is so cool! Ice-T really went for a longshot this time with kids learning how to rap. It's a really funny show also. I think it reminds me of Gene Simmons rock school but better because I'm into rap. I definately can't wait to see the rest of the episodes and watch what happens. They are gonna get to open for Public Enemy which has rapper Flavor Flav in it! How amazing would that be? I think Dodge is sweet cause he has good rapping skills. This show will be a great show for kids to learn how to step out of their comfort zone.