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Ichigo 100%

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Literally means strawberry 100%, Manaka Junpei wants to be a film director. His dreams come true when a girl with strawberry panties fall from the sky. In the accident, Manaka got to see a glimpse of this girl. He spots that she dropped her notebook. Turns out, she is the "ugly" girl, Aya Tojo, in his school who wants to be a writer for movies. Each fate intervenes as these two meet and the other mistakes with other women like Tsukasa Nishino who he mistakes as Aya and his fate becomes one with her instead. This is a great anime with a lot of humor and delight. From his manga, Mizuki Kawashita has made an excellent manga that transformed into an excellent anime
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  • I have not finished the series yet but so far it is fantastic!

    Am I wrong or does tv.com have way too many episodes listed?! They have like 31 episodes but there were not that many. I believe that there are only 13 or 14 episodes in the series and I am pretty confident that I am right. I do not know why this website has 31 freaking episodes listed but that cannot be correct! Please, someone check that out, it needs to be fixed. So now to the review. This series is very good. I am glued to the screen when I watch this show. I feel like the main character (that guy) because he loves movies and has a dream to make movies. Also, we both are very boring and are not good with girls. Our major difference is that he actually gets girls!! Haha!!! He is not good with girls but he still gets them? Why can't I? Anyway, the girls in this series are gorgeous! I really like the characters and the girls are not evil like the real world girls. I would love to be part of the imaginary world of Ichigo 100%!!!!! If you have not watched this series then please do!moreless
  • Romance/commedy/harem based on a popular manga. In junior high, Junpei witnesses a girl he doesn't recognise seemly fall from the sky. He sees her strawberry print panties and falls in love with her...but he doesn't know who she is.moreless

    Based on the manga by Kawash!ta Mizuki, Ichigo 100% is a fun and playful romance commedy incorperating elements of School Life, Harem, and plenty of panties. Now, while I did enjoy this anime, I will say that is a major step down from the very long and detailed manga. The anime takes a more light-hearted and easy-going approach. Unfortunately, the anime is very short and most of the details that made the manga deeply relevent and suprisingly dark are left out. Similarly, all the subtext about regret, fear, and relationship dynamics are also left out. The additive effect is that the anime is somewhat hollow, an empty shell compared to the original artwork and storyline. The anime also lacks the hidden Seinen undercurrent of the manga. Now, having said all that, the Ichigo 100% anime was enjoyable, perhaps more so than it should have been given my disappointment, because it is saved by very good dialogue, superior animation, and a fun and flirty plot. The plot is very simple: Manaka Jumpei sees a girl's strawberry print panties and falls in love with her. Unfortunetly, he doesn't know who she is. Thinking that she must be the most popular girl in school, he takes a chance and confesses to Nishino - who, of course, is the wrong girl. Other girls enter his life as he finishes junion high and goes on into high school. He genuinely likes the three main female protagonist - the girly and feminine Nishino, the shy and talented Aya, and the tomboyish and flirty Satsuki. However, despite his effection and attration to the three girls, Junpei is indicisive and unable to develop a relationship with any of them. All and all, Ichigo is a cute, fun anime for fans school life romance. Short, predictable, and mild, it is still a fun watch none the less. I very strongly recomend the manga.moreless
  • Ignore the rest

    Even when i lived in japan this was weird but i also enjoyed it greatly. If you can get over the ending then you will find it an enjoyable experiance as the characters are subtle and the story is fast paced. what i would give to be in his postion you don't want to know!. The story is well written and the girls are beautiful so i cannot really say anything bad about it except the cliffhanger of an ending really got to me but i emplore you to over look it.moreless
  • Another Shuffle Ripp off

    This Anime is very disappointing, because it doesn't complete the whole story line? It leaves you into a cliff hanger! He chooses the herione for a movie? WHO ACTUALLY CARES? then they end it. I mean what is up with that? Who does he choose? What does he do when he finishes high school? What is going on in here? This anime gave me quite a fustration, because on how the ending was although i like most of the parts of this anime. Besides that i think its just a bunch of fillers and a bunch of crap laying on the corner of my room. However i really like how they introduce the characters into the anime, i was actually excited when they introduce the characters :D. Anyways i wouldn't recommend you to watch this anime because you will be disappointed by how it ends. Althought i would suggest you to read the ichigo 100% Manga first, the manga covers up everything and if you are a really big fan of Ichigo 100% and has alot of time on your hands. By all means watch this anime ;Pmoreless
  • How cool it is to be surrounded by so many a pretty and cute girls all falling for you one way or another, during your teenage years? Well this is the life a Manaka Junpei. However, all is not as rosy as it seems.moreless

    It's another one of those fantasy stories of how a shy teenage guy, struggling with adolescent and girls, well in this case fetish of strawberry panties.

    Only in Japan where you'll get schoolgirls wearing such mini skirts to school and with every wind blow, you can hear squeals of laughter and a river blood gushes through Japan into the Pacific Ocean. What I would give to have it here in my home country too. Hehe

    In the beginning, the idea of watching strawberry panties was appealing, however, after a couple of episode, the story gets old very quickly. Junpei's indecisiveness tends to get on your nerve after awhile. But then again, whoever is in his shoes wouldn't? If you really really really have that much time to kill, then by all means this is an anime for you!moreless
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