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  • Iconoclasts is a reality based documentary type where celebrities express their views on their industry and life in general.

    Sundance is a great channel make no doubt it. They show foreign films, great foreign films in fact, they play independent films. In short, they do what IFC does but they have even a bigger list of movies and documentaries than IFC.

    Sundance used to be a free channel back in the day but now you probably don't get it as it's mixed with a premium channel. Anyways, Iconoclasts is a great show.

    It's a hybrid of a reality show and a documentary rolled into one with a couple of the biggest stars, musicians and directors ever. What I liked about the show is that it's real. It's not phony. The stuff the celebrities pour about themselves is very intimate, believable, and is different from what they would say on regular tv where you know they are reading of something they or someone has written for themselves.

    Take for example, The Quentin Tarantino/Fiona Apple episode. Quentin takes a lot of shots at the movie industry. He also talks about life about his passion for movies. He jokingly admits how Samuel Fuller thought his movies like "Reservoir Dogs" were junk..this is Samuel Fuller!!! An alleged good director criticizing one of the best upcoming directors ever. Fiona bares herself for the camera. She and Quentin have a nice exchange about the phonyness of hollywood while Fiona talks about having to make up a normal image for the music industry.

    We see the outburst she makes during one of the MTV awards where she says a lot of things are bs and it's best to just be yourself. Anyways, it's stuff like this that makes Iconoclasts intriguing and worth. You get the celebrities basically unplugged.

    Isabella Rossellini's episode was another of my favorite. Isabella in her time was one of the most beautiful stars ever. She has aged gracefully but recounts many of the phony aspects in the modeling industry (as she used to model).

    Iconoclasts is a unique show. I think if you are looking for something different, real and unscripted this is a show worth watching.