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For the 2006 season, Icons focuses on popular cultural icons - The Emperors of Cool. Each week a new person or element of pop-culture is highlighted and gives viewers a history of that topic as well as behind the scenes biographical sights of the topic of focus. Seasons 1-4: The video game industry has a rich history that is mostly unknown to even serious gamers. Icons takes an episodic look at the history of the gaming industry through a documentary approach. Each episode provides the history of a topic, a game, or an individual which is considered to be "iconic" in the industry of gaming. Coverage includes interviews from those in the industry and those who report on it, as well as behind the scenes footage. Icons gives viewers a comprehensive retrospective on the history of video games. Renamed Game Makers after Season 5 began.
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  • This show used to talk about games so this is the review before it changed. ( Was Written Long Ago)

    Icons is a very interesting show that teached me about my favorite video game related things. I would learn about stuff from games I never knew before. They talked about Sonic, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Link, and etc. This is why I loved this show. The episodes were amazing. If you are a gamer and have access to G4 you should watch this show.

    They would go in deep with game makers and interview then and talk to people with great knowledge of what they are talking about. So, the show was very informative and interesting to watch. Watch it.moreless
  • Icons was a show telling you about the history of videogames. Now they are doing stuff that isn't even related to videogames.

    Icons is a show that tells you about the history of videogames. It's very informative. This is one of my favorite shows on G4.

    G4 was almost going to cancle this show. I didn't want them to take it off. They are now going to be showing new episodes.

    So from this review you are prabobly thinking why is this show going down hill. Let me explain. I was glad when they announced more new episodes. Now I am not. They are not even going to do anything on videogames anymore. Here is another show that G4 messed up.

    This show is great well the old episodes anyway. I think that they need to show the old ones more often.moreless
  • Great info on video games!

    If i had never watched this show mabey i would never know much about my favorite video games and game companies. Icons brings all of that and a double dose of amazment. I Just wish they wont change the category too pop culture. This show needs a 10/10. Thabnk you Icons.
  • This show is very helpful.

    This is an excellent show that states every detail possible to cover each and every topic featured. The episodes have good topics to discuss, and are amazing to hear about. This is my favorite show on G4, and I hope it makes more episodes in the future to speard more info about games and movies.
  • Icons is sorta like VH1 goes inside. It goes in and explains the history of something video-game related...

    Icons is sorta like VH1 goes inside. It goes in and explains the history of something video-game related... like pac-man! They'll always pick something popular and loved though instead of something boring like vh1 inside. But trust when I say they will keep you intrested. They made me love X-Box. Cool huh? I used to hate x-box until I heard the story behind it now I'm thinking good thoughts about buying one and trust me no one ever has been able to change my mind on x-box before icons. Icons is in fact a true icon.moreless