Season 4 Episode 3

Frank Miller

Aired Sunday 11:00 PM Mar 31, 2005 on G4

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  • And so begins the change in Icons' direction.

    In 2005, G4 slowly became less of a video game related network and one devoted to attracting the young male demographic. Unfortunately, this lead to the cancellation or revamping of G4 shows. Icons was one of them, but before they changed they tinkered with Icons to see if it would work. This would be the first episode of that tinkering. Granted only one episode in Icons' past wasn't game related (Mark Cuban), Frank Miller's episode was the true start of the non-video game format change. On the heels of the publicity of his movie adaptation of the comic Sin City, Icons takes a look at the life of Frank Miller. It was interesting to see a few bits of info on to where and how his life was as a younger child, but most of the episode was devoted to his work in comics. Problem with doing this is that most comic fans know it was Miller who revitalized Daredevil, gave us (and took away Elektra, and made Batman the Dark Knight he is today. So it was a retread of all that we already knew about him. It was hard to watch all the praise he was given by the Sin City cast as well, since it was jumbled together from interviews not from the Icons crew, but from generic "someone from G4" movie press interviews. They should have gotten more episode specific interviews. So the beginning of the Icons shift could had been done better. Miller deserves more than that. It was certainly something that die-hard fans will have recorded and placed in their library, regular fans will have seen it as redundant and those who didn't know him informative...but then again, who doesn't know Frank Miller?