Season 4 Episode 8

George A. Romero

Aired Sunday 11:00 PM Oct 31, 2005 on G4

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  • Yeah, Zombies are cool, but why no video game references?

    Hard to say if this episode was for the "Living Dead" fans or for people unfamiliar with the series. The story of Romero is know by all his fans: Low budget cult classic lead to a series of films that ended with a film that everyone blamed the budget on, then he disappeared whor awhile only to make another film released thisy year.. So the bulk of Romero's fans will already know the things covered in the episode.

    As for me, I was hoping that there would be more story and footage of Romero's latest work "Land of the Dead." Unfortunately, we are left with a severed head and another that moves, a poster, and footage of the premiere. Instead, the movie concentrates heavily on the first film and briefy touches on his other three dead films. And there was only a mention of his other lesser known works.

    The episode, to me, was a hodgepodge of Romero's career that didn't fit together. Yeah, it was a Halloween episode so it fit, but on a gaming network you would think they would bring in at least some video game elements on a show about zombies. No "Resident Evil", no "House of the Dead", not even a mention of Stubbs. Granted the episode was about Romero, he's still a credit to the Horror gaming genre.

    I have no idea who this episode was written for, so I can't really figure out what they were doing. All I can say is that it didn't do it for me, and that some of the behind-the-scenes info on the other movies provided better information. I guess those unfamiliar with his work might have gotten something out of it. Just know that I don't vote average for the man that was covered, just the episode. Maybe they needed a bigger budget.
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