Icons - Season 2

G4 (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Dungeons and Dragons
    Back in the day it was all text-based and you couldn't rely too much on the Dungeon Master since he was your roommate and had a practical joke streak. With games like Ultima and Bard's Tale, the real world role playing easily translated into video games. And with the controversy of parents thinking any incarnation of these games are "dangerous", Dungeons and Dragons' games continue to be successful.moreless
  • Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy
    Episode 21
    From the first Final Fantasy to X-2 and beyond, get the story behind one of the most successful and longest running franchises in gaming history. With interviews from the likes of Hironobu Sakaguchi, Tetsuya Nomura, and Nobuo Uematsu, find out about Final Fantasy's rise from its humble beginnings to its stratospheric heights.moreless
  • Yuji Naka
    Yuji Naka
    Episode 20
    Yuji Naka began his career at Sega as a teenager. Girl's Garden, F-16 Fighting Falcon and Phantasy Star earned him critical praise and fan appreciation. But it was the introduction of Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991 for the Genesis that solidified his place as one of the most creative forces in the game industry. Sonic competed head-to-head with Nintendo's Mario for nearly a decade until the failure of Sega's last hardware system, the Dreamcast in 2001. Now, Mr. Naka brings his memorable characters to all platforms. In 2002, he was awarded with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by his peers at the 2nd Annual Game Developers Conference.moreless
  • Mega Man
    Mega Man
    Episode 19
    In 1987, Dr. Light created a robot to fight for justice against the evil Dr. Wily. Today, he still fights the good fight in the many sequels created from that first game. Icons takes a look back with creator Keiji Inafune, at the robot who steals his enemies powers and likes to wear blue, Mega Man.moreless
  • Onimusha Halloween 03
    While Resident Evil was a hit series, Capcom pushed the evelope with Keiji Inafune's Onimusha series. The first game was the first million-unit seller for the PlayStation 2 and set records in both sales and production costs. Get the history behind this spectacular franchise.
  • Naughty Dog
    Naughty Dog
    Episode 17
    In 1986 two sixteen year old friends start a company together to make money to buy games. Now, almost twenty years later, people are saving to buy their games. We'll follow the steps that took Naughty Dog from just another upstart company to one of the most respected development companies in the world.moreless
  • Mario
    Episode 16
    We'll follow the Italian pipe-cleaner as he climbs the ladder of success from a bit part to a global celebrity. With over twenty years of gaming experience and six of the top ten best-selling games of all time, this little plumber is a true Icon in every sense of the word.moreless
  • Games In The Military
    From Battlezone to Operation Flashpoint, we take a look at gaming in the Military. Find out what happens when a civilian game becomes a military training tool and get a look at how some training tools become games.
  • The Crash
    The Crash
    Episode 14
    The video game industry was riding high. Games and consoles were producing revenue that many predicted would continue to grow in the future. Then something happened. Arcades disappeared, companies went under, people stopped buying and spending the quarters. Icons revisits a time when the video game industry looked like it was going to fade away.moreless
  • PC Gaming
    PC Gaming
    Episode 13
    Its beginnings were humble, but soon the personal computer would become one of the greatest gaming platforms of all time. Join us as we follow the rise of PC gaming from the early days of text adventures in Ziploc bags to the latest in 3D accelerated first-person shooters.
  • Warren Spector
    Warren Spector
    Episode 12
    In an industry ripe with derivative sequels Warren Spector's games have consistently given players new ways to play. From his days at Origin working on the Ultima and Wing Commander series, through his time helming the Ion Storm Austin team, Warren has struggled to see his games made the way he and his amazing teams envisioned them.moreless
  • Red Storm
    Red Storm
    Episode 11
    What happens when Tom Clancy meets up with a former British submarine Commander? Videogame history. Gear up, it's time to learn about how a small game developer in Raleigh North Carolina changed the face of first-person shooters with games like Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon.
  • LucasArts
    Episode 10
    From Ball Blazer to Grim Fandango, we give you a tour of the one and only, LucasArts. Find out how they got their start with games like Rescue on Fractalus, and get the story behind some of their key games like X-Wing and Dark Forces.
  • The History Of E3
    The History Of E3
    Episode 9
    It's where we see the games for the first time. It's a celebration of gaming and a testing ground for game companies. We take a look behind the spectacle and bring you the history of E3.
  • Arcade
    Episode 8
    In it's dark lit areas we felt safe enough to spend many quarters. Icons takes a look at the industry where most of the recent generation's gamers grew up in - the Arcade. We follow the sudden rise and the questionable fall of the industry and we try to predict the future of the arcade.moreless
  • Xbox
    Episode 7
    How does a console go from an idea to your living room? Join us as we follow the path the Xbox team took. Learn how a failed game led a young designer to become the voice that would push Microsoft into the video game arena, then hear from the team that started the system and find out what they think about it now. This is the story of how a great idea can change the way we play.moreless
  • The Legend Of Zelda
    Icons brings you the story behind a boy named Link, a princess named Zelda, and one of the most loved gaming series of all time. Join Shigeru Miyamoto, and Eiji Aonuma for a look back at the creation of The Legend of Zelda franchise.
  • Intellivision
    Episode 5
    We take an in-depth look at the Intellivision. Get the true story behind how they began, the world's first console war, and who won. With interviews from people who were there, we show you what happened to Intellivision and where it is today.
  • Yu Suzuki
    Yu Suzuki
    Episode 4
    founding father of gaming, Yu Suzuki's every step revolutionized the way we play games. Watch as we follow the ups and downs of the Michelangelo of game design, from the success of Virtua Fighter to the struggle to bring Shenmue to life.
  • Unreal
    Episode 3
    We get the lowdown from Cliffy B and show you the true story behind the creation and rise of the Unreal series. From the first Unreal to Unreal 2, see how one beautiful first-person shooter spawned a legendary franchise.
  • Game Music
    Game Music
    Episode 2
    We sit down with Tommy Tallarico, George Sanger (AKA "The Fat Man"), Clint Bajakian, Masaya Matsuura, Scott Gershin and other music makers to get their stories and learn about the history of music in gaming.
  • Atari
    Episode 1
    It was one of the most succesful and companies in the video gaming indusry. Everyone knew the name and it's unique logo and people today still recall the fun they had playing it console. But as the wildness began and the money was spent, it began a downward spiral that lead to the eventual crash of the once successful company. Tonight, Icons looks at the rise and fall and the current resurgence of Atari.moreless