Season 5 Episode 8

Shepard Fairey

Aired Sunday 11:00 PM Aug 12, 2006 on G4

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  • Better than I expected.

    I was wondering just how Icons could pick to do a story on some guy who goes around vandalizing streets by putting up stickers and graffiti of Andre the Giant, but I was impressed the way they handled it. It actually was an interesting show. Plus, they had more than just the guy's freinds talking, they got Henry Rollins to comment on Fairey's counter culture choice.

    The show gave some additional insight to the man who is behind all those stickers and images with wrestler Andre the Giant's picture plastered over the words "Obey". While I did have a little background in the area, the show provided those extra tid-bits of history and perspected need to fully understand and respect Fairey's work. Icons did a fine job with this episode.