Season 4 Episode 10

Xbox 360

Aired Sunday 11:00 PM Dec 04, 2005 on G4

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  • Collection of Xbox 360 Footage all in one episode.

    After watching G4's Countdown to Xbox 360, I was hoping that they would take all the Icons footage and make it into one episode. I'm so happy that they did. Watching the Icons footage in pieces and intermixed between other skits and "mini-episodes" from other shows, just didn't keep my attention. So now we have a compilation of this footage all nice and tidy in one episode.

    Microsoft has only a brief history in the console wars, but Icons provided a fitting summary. The best part of the episode for me, was the display of "what could have been" the Xbox 360 with all their hardware prototypes. The styrofoam doggy bag was funniest concept, but it was interesting to see how they took every idea they could and took those ideas to make a sleek looking console. The evolution of the controller was informative as well.

    The only thing the episode lacked was showing off the power supply. While it wasn't specifically mentioned in the episode, Adam Sessler did comment on the original release show that the plug-in is like a brick. This is one of the most interesting, as well as unpleasant looking, features of the new system. While it was surely dismissed for marketing, to me they should have shown the "complete" release system as opposed to just the console and the controller.

    Personally, I dislike Peter Moore's "vague" answers to the journalistic questions he usually gets in the industry. But I was surprised to see that he was quite informative for the interview he provided for this episode.

    The episode should be watched for anyone curious to how the concept of the Xbox 360 came about. While it is in no way a complete documentary (the show is only 30 minutes) it gives the viewer enough of what they need, at least for those who care about the history. But if you just want to play the console without knowing how it got here, you can go ahead and keep playing your Condemned or Call of Duty. For those who really like the history of the video gaming industry, yeah you'd want to watch this one.
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