Idaten Jump

TV Tokyo (ended 2006)





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  • If you’re open minded enough to appreciate the Japanese culture references and the great jokes the translators throw in, this show turns out to be an more than decent. It's basically the Japanese sequel to plan 9 from outer space

    Each year, more and more people cry out for all things Japanese, more toys, anime, video games, and all else you can think of. The one thing that confuses me is when the networks get a hold of a show like "BO-BO-BO", that legitimately reflects Japanese culture, and the audiences shun it, and go back to worship violent ninja cartoons. Idaten Jump is another great example, its about bicycling, a popular activity in Japan, due to the high population density, but misunderstood here because a greater majority ride skateboards, and prefer sitting in the street under the hot California sun, while saying "Dude, Gnarly", instead of watching TV. The translators of this show are the real stars, they wrote all the great jokes featured in this show, and watered down the Japanese culture reference, so even stoners could understand, which is ok, because they replaced gibberish with jokes, and make fun of Britney spears, occasionally.