Idaten Jump

TV Tokyo (ended 2006)





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  • It may not be fast cars, but they sure as hell are fast bikes.

    One day, top Mountain Bike Racer Sho Yamato, and his friends Kakeru Sakamaki and Makoto Shido were racing against a team named Team Shark Tooth. During the race, a black cloud appeared from the ground, and sucked them into another world, the X-Zone. In the X-Zone, people race MTBs in giant race tracks in attempt to win emblems from each other. Legend has it that anyone who collects 10 Gold Emblems can return back to the real world.

    It's true, this show is highly underappreciated. At first when I watched it, I was wondering who the hell came up with such a stupid idea. But after watching a few episodes, and after the story started progressing, I started to enjoy it. There are a few lame jokes here and there, and some of the voice casting can get annoying, but all in all, this show is pretty good. The animation is great, there are many interesting characters, and the races are always fun to watch.