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Best Series

What has been the best series so far?

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    What has been your favourite series so far and why?

    In order from least to most (For me), Three, One, Two and Four. I rate series two higher than series one because of the introduction to Stemroach. But I chose series four as my favourite becase I feel it has just worked constinatly through out, and it appears they have finally killed off the Nicki and Moz relationship, which I hope sticks because it was getting old. Choosing to do the past was genius, the mystrey of fist has been gripping, the gang war between Stemroach and the Tri-ads have really pushed Craigy, Physco Paul and Cartoon Head as charchters, and finally the realtionship between Judith and CH has been totaly surreal, its like something out of a gangster movie that has took way too much acid

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    one was my favorite. i laughed so hard through every episode. its still funny, just not as funny as it used to be. and The Past was an excellent episode!
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