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  • Who wouldn't want a porno filmed in their bathroom, a necrophiliac neighbor, or a dead body in the hot water tank? Moz is the quintessential chubby hero. Nicki, Moz' girlfriend, has a very active sex life with everyone but Moz. Great comedy.

    I started watching this only recently. I never knew it existed. I'm totally hooked. I told my sister about it, and now she is hooked. Is the guy in the water tank really dead? Will the Christian dude get together with Nicki's airhead friend? Inquiring minds want to know.

    This really is the funniest show on television to date.

    Whoever did the casting is a genius. I haven't seen one character that isn't interesting. I'm also very impressed with the writing. The writers must choke with laughter while putting this together. There really hasn't been anything this good since Monty Python.

    I hope this show remains a hit for a long time. Warning: may cause bladder control problems from hysterical laughter
  • Moz and Niki live in an apartment where he makes a living dealing pot and hash.There are many unusual characters coming and going.Jenny is the young blonde portrayed as an airhead who sits others' children and forgets the sex of the babies she cares for

    Watch this and laugh incredulously. There is Cartoon Head, the villain who had a mouse face mask glued to his head. There is a crooked cop who brings by "evidence" for Moz to sell. There is Psycho Paul, as well as the guy who is "on probation" and his sister. Oh, there are neighbors, too. Good music can be found. I found the british group "Spearmint" by Googling the lyrics of an excellent song in season 4. Moz's girlfriend gets pregnant and it turns out there are three possible fathers. Reverend Fist makes appearances in later seasons. One of the neighbors is found to be a necrophiliac before she becomes Cartoon Head's girlfriend.
  • Strange mix of pot-comedy and true-crime parody...

    Tho the show starts off kinda slow, w/ too much slant toward the "pot comedy" route... Soon the surrealistic characters take more of a center stage and the show becomes a kinda mix tween Tarentino and Kevin Smith.

    A more violent "Spaced" and darker "Trailer Park Boys", Ideal's cast of outlandish characters outshine either in the area of pure originality... A psychotic hitman w/ a rabbit mask, a comically "intense" Rival turned gang-leader, a hyperactive brother who runs a pirate radio station from the cupboard, and the worlds worst Constable are just a few of note.

    The bizarre twists and complicated interpersonal relationships really make this show shine in the niche genre and make it appealing to more then just the "typical" audience of such shows.
  • Ideal is a stroke of comic genius however, if you haven't had the pleasure of meeting the stero-typical pot dealer, or are not stoned at time of watching, then this programme may not meet your approval!

    Johnny Vegas plays pretty much the same character you expect he is in real life; a lazy, layabout, stoner type who leaves his flat only when he absolutely has to. Johnny plays Moz, a small time cannabis dealer and from his flat in Manchester we meet his customers Kuldip, Brian, Jenny, Colin, Carmel and China, his frequent weed supplier 'PC' a local law enforcement officer, his girlfriend Nicki, his brother Troy and his somewhat dangerous acquaintances Psycho Paul and Cartoon Head. Each week this comedy sitcom tells us what's been going on in Moz's flat (and more recently the flat next-door), murder, jealousy, suspense, mystery, sex, drugs, all with a wacky comedy front. Funny supporting characters in Brian and his many boyfriends with matching outfits, Jenny the dim-witted teen and of course Cartoon Head with his permanently afixed mouse mask - how exactly does he speak on the phone?!

    It's reported to have been said by the shows creator Graham Duff that Ideal is not supposed to be about dealing weed but about how the common interest the characters lives share means that Moz appears to have many friends however he only sees small snippets of their lives. Hmm... me thinks not!

    Ideal has many characters all roaming in and out of Moz's flat, when you are a weed dealer that is exactly what life is like. All these people, who you only half know, wander into your house like they're your best friend. They help themselves to drinks, eat your biscuits, and hang out at your house longer than they are welcome because they have nowhere else to go. Ideal is a perfect re-creation of a weed dealers life, but I'm sure the shows creators and producers already know this!!

    I love this show, it's very funny, it has a funky soundtrack and Moz is an absolutely perfect character for Johnny Vegas. If you liked him in 'Sex Lives Of The Potato Men' then Im sure you'll enjoy watching his antics as Moz.
  • I.Deal. Just great, if not for... limited tastes... Indoor shooting. Low production cost. A proof of what wit, spirit, determination and opportunity -shot in the UK, remember- can take form into, without any real TV Show budget

    If you know anything about film or show production
    you got to love this one.
    If you don't but have a real sense of humour, intelligence and a few other qualities as a person, you will love this one.
    IF you 're looking for magic, explosions, fancy clothes and malls on a show: Do not watch this! This is a Manchester situated lovable hash dealer, dealing
    only in hash and "Liz's face" bills.
    He is sensitive, bit of a "weakling" if not just a pacifist.
    He is mugged by his competitor "at screwdriver point".
    Ingenious characters, his ex, ...nah not gonna spoil it, his customers: unbelievable, but best of all perhaps, his source! What a credit to his kind. What a guy!
    Anyway, if you 're not a Friends and Lost guy,
    you gonna love it.
    Bravo for the team, Graham Duff mostly. A real testament to the fact that substance overcomes form.
    An excellent use of low resources, with wit, humour, a true comedy, a black comedy. No farce here.
    Good performance by everyone involved.
    Love it!
    If English isn't your native language and even if it is for some, get some subs with it!