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Identity (2007)

NBC (ended 2007)


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Identity (2007)

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Join Penn Jillette of the legendary magician/comedian pair Penn & Teller as he hosts this exciting new competition. Contestants must match up the 12 correct identities to 12 total strangers, but they must be careful not to judge a book by its cover because looks can be deceiving! Each correctly identified identity results in an increased cash prize for the contestant, with a grand prize of $500,000 for matching up all 12 identities.

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    • Woah!

      This show is the best show of this century provided this century is only less than a decade old. This show is great to watch they should make a board game out of it because you have to use your brain if you don't you're screwed to the wall. My family and I love this show because we love to watch the contestants lose their minds trying to think of a certain persons IDENTITY. Though sometimes the answers are a given for example Hugh Hefner's Girlfriend, it took they guy 5 minutes to pick the right one I mean really you don't watch The Girls Next Door. Get with it man.moreless
    • B-O-R-I-N-G!

      This show premiered in December and right off I knew it wasn't going wasn't going to be good. First of all, the host should go back to his magic roots. The way he says "is that your identity?" and throws his hand forwards and back with his index finger and thumb together. He's just plain and simple horrible! Now for the show itself, wayyyyyy to easy. The show was on for 2 days, and someone had beaten it already. Then it came back a few weeks ago and again the first night back someone beat the show. Gameshows are more fun when the contestants lose sometimes, constantly seeing them win is boring. Let's just say I won't be wasting my time on this show and I recomment no one else does either.moreless
    • Seems a little too easy

      I personally enjoyed this show when it aired for that small span of time. It was interesting how correct you can be on first impressions alone. Although I thought this show was a little too easy to figure out. They might be sending a lot of people home with a lot of money. They definetely need to increase the difficulty level.

      I think they should have some episodes that are all girls or all guys, that would be really interesting. It would also be interesting to have an all celebrity episode and have some strange identities to solve, that would be really difficult to solve even though you know the people. I am excited for this show to come back on!moreless
    • Good show, but it needs to improve.

      This is just another one of NBC's decent gameshows. However, it is way too easy for the contestants. After the third episode the top prize has been won already. There should be more than twelve people, or at least people that are at least harder to identify. OTherwise its a really good game show, that I watched after Deal or no Deal on Monday. The first two contestants did fair and had me nervous of the risks they took. I can't wait for it to premiere again in March. Hopefully it will get better ratings than the premiere week, so it can last long.moreless
    • I don't get it

      I like the online game but the show was boring i did not care for it at all they take to many breaks way to many breaks and the game it self was a little boring and dull and the host was bad at his job. I like Deal or NO Deal and 1 vs 100 I like those game shows and their host are good at being a gameshow host but this gameshow host is a bad gameshow host and if the player wins that is the hole show that is mostly what i have to say about this show.moreless

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