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  • Woah!

    This show is the best show of this century provided this century is only less than a decade old. This show is great to watch they should make a board game out of it because you have to use your brain if you don't you're screwed to the wall. My family and I love this show because we love to watch the contestants lose their minds trying to think of a certain persons IDENTITY. Though sometimes the answers are a given for example Hugh Hefner's Girlfriend, it took they guy 5 minutes to pick the right one I mean really you don't watch The Girls Next Door. Get with it man.
  • B-O-R-I-N-G!

    This show premiered in December and right off I knew it wasn't going wasn't going to be good. First of all, the host should go back to his magic roots. The way he says "is that your identity?" and throws his hand forwards and back with his index finger and thumb together. He's just plain and simple horrible! Now for the show itself, wayyyyyy to easy. The show was on for 2 days, and someone had beaten it already. Then it came back a few weeks ago and again the first night back someone beat the show. Gameshows are more fun when the contestants lose sometimes, constantly seeing them win is boring. Let's just say I won't be wasting my time on this show and I recomment no one else does either.
  • Seems a little too easy

    I personally enjoyed this show when it aired for that small span of time. It was interesting how correct you can be on first impressions alone. Although I thought this show was a little too easy to figure out. They might be sending a lot of people home with a lot of money. They definetely need to increase the difficulty level.

    I think they should have some episodes that are all girls or all guys, that would be really interesting. It would also be interesting to have an all celebrity episode and have some strange identities to solve, that would be really difficult to solve even though you know the people. I am excited for this show to come back on!
  • Good show, but it needs to improve.

    This is just another one of NBC's decent gameshows. However, it is way too easy for the contestants. After the third episode the top prize has been won already. There should be more than twelve people, or at least people that are at least harder to identify. OTherwise its a really good game show, that I watched after Deal or no Deal on Monday. The first two contestants did fair and had me nervous of the risks they took. I can't wait for it to premiere again in March. Hopefully it will get better ratings than the premiere week, so it can last long.
  • I don't get it

    I like the online game but the show was boring i did not care for it at all they take to many breaks way to many breaks and the game it self was a little boring and dull and the host was bad at his job. I like Deal or NO Deal and 1 vs 100 I like those game shows and their host are good at being a gameshow host but this gameshow host is a bad gameshow host and if the player wins that is the hole show that is mostly what i have to say about this show.
  • I herd this show is coming back in march. Well anyway, yes this show has class and style and is very good. And the host I give him a thumbs up. I can't wait when they come out with Identity the PC game. This show is very good for a rookie show LOL.

    It seams like every new game show that they come out with is similar but not copycats of each other. I wish that they can boost up the stakes to one million dollars for a while at least forever like all the other game shows. I like this show as same as all the other game shows that are on NBC. So I wish NBC good luck and the same for 1 vs. 100 , Deal or no Deal, Identity.
  • Best game show on TV!

    My family loved this show & watched every episode. The host isn't attractive, but he grew on us & we ended up liking him. The concept of the show was fascinating & exciting & involved each person watching to guess their identity. Please try showing it again, it was our current favorite show!
  • Potentially interesting show. Needs faster pace.

    Illusionist-host Penn of magic act Penn & Teller fame is the biggest problem with this show. Obnoxious does not begin to describe him.

    Also, the pace is just too slow. The program runs an hour and it could easily be done in 30 minutes.

    The waiting for the \"strangers\" to say yes or no to the contestants guessing their identities is unbearbly long.

    The potential is there but a new host and new pacing are needed if this one\'s going to be around for any length of time.
  • Identity was a great Game Show.

    Identity, To me Identity was a great game show to watch. The idea of trying to guess which person is what by looking about them. The one thing i didn't like was the bilt up suspence for no apperate reason. Probably to waist some time. All in all Identity seemed to be a great show but sadley never found an audience.
  • This was Just bad.

    The only good thing about this show is the online game and that is it. The host is not anygood. It takes to long to get threw one person. 2 many breaks way 2 many breaks and plus it is boring zzzzzzzzzz. gameshows a need to be a little funny and this is not funny it is just boring. The only way i would watch this is if thir was nothing else on that is most likey will will will never happen happen
    well I guess that is all i have to say about this lame show the NBC did the end
  • A gameshow were contestants try to determine a person's profession or outstanding characteristic based solely on their apperance.

    Before the first show actually aired I was quite excited to see this show. I thought there was a little more to it than the simple trivia shows or the very terrible Deal or No Deal which takes as much skill as a game of Chutes and Ladders. But once the show began I realized that the first few people whose identity the contestant was to guess were completely obvious. A rabbi, a sumo wrestler, famous people. Once again we have a game show which takes no talent, no brains, and has no originality. My recommendation is to watch this if there is nothing else on, or just to see if you can guess the people quicker than the person who actually gets money for it.
  • What's with the hatin'?

    I don't know why you guys don't like this. Yeah, the start of each episode is a little lame, but it's actually a cool game. Compared to thoughts-be-damned Deal or no Deal, this at least requires incite that's not just trivia based. Plus, this game is totally fun to play along with. Watch it with a few people, it's way more fun than watching it alone. The biggest problem with the show is that they stretch it out to the point of absurdity with commercials and it's easy to tell what's going to happen based on the timing. Still, worth watching. I hope they bring it back.
  • Guess what someone does by what?

    I would like to know who thought of this. I am not sure I have ever tried to watch a game show I thought was worse. The goofy host tries to make it exciting by going to commercials when it is time to see how well a contestant did with a plain old guess. Bad is not the word. I feel sorry for the people who come on this because it will be something people will talk about forever. Man remember the time you were on the worst game show ever? What got into you? Your educated and everything. I bet the kids dont call anymore huh?
  • Horrible show and horrible concept.

    This show basicly forces the contestant to sterotype each 'stranger' into finding their identity. This is the message they're sending across to viewers? It just shows how ignorant the creators are, and the main idea/concept is just horrible. Now to talk about Jenn Pillete.. I didn't know this guy was still alive! He doesn't even qualify as a celebrity so how is it possible that they casted him as a host? Its clear no outside interest was put in this show. I've also noticed that they've begun airing this show everyday.. I am guessing they're trying to get the ratings up. But I think they should just cancel it and make everyone happy.
  • Easiest way to get rich, show is horrible!

    This show is unoriginal and boring. It\'s not challenging at all. All of the people are obvious to what it is they do and people get so dramatic as if they aren\'t sure they picked them right. I would love an easy half million, put me on the show!Don\'t have anything else to say so I will fill in the rest with letters for my minimum 100 word count. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • The host sucks! The delay in finding out the answer is too long. He is worst than Regis Philban. If they get a new host, I will continue to watch it!

    The host sucks! The delay in finding out the answer is too long. He is worst than Regis Philban. If they get a new host, I will continue to watch it! This guy doesn't have a professional presence and his voice gets under my skin! No wonder the ratings suck. And if he would cut that pony tail that he has, that might be a start. So, to fill out this section, This Host needs to go and fast! It might also help if there was another prize slot, ie one million dollar question. Perhaps that will happen in the near future.
  • With some improvement it could be good.

    Luckily, this is better than "Deal or No Deal". The basic premise is you have to pick out strangers and gues who they are, kinda like "To Tell The Truth" that was on a while ago where you find which person is the real one. The problem with Identity is that Penn lacks the likability and charisma to host well [as does Howie Mandell] and the prize is to small for the game. But it is fun to guess along and I suspect that fine tuning can fix the show up.
  • The host is not funny or exciting. Bad host. The idea of the show is good but it drags and drags. Very very slow. No excitment and get lost in the boring slow parts. Need to move it along and get new host.

    The show is based on a good idea that could keep us interested. The host is draws no interest and is not a good game show host. Not funny, not exciting, not pleasant to even look at. Then it drags on and on. LOTS of long moments of silence waiting for choices to be made, identities to be reveiled. I went and got a drink, came back and they still had not moved on at all. I was interested in the show but it bored me silly.
  • Talk About a total lack of material and over abuse of the viewer.

    How many times do i have to listen to te announcer repeat the amount the person is going to win? After the 5th time i am sure we all get the Idea. And how many times do we have have him ask the subjects if that is there identy. The first 2 times is alright. then we go to commercial and then he has to ask again. And the pregnant pauses while we wait for the person to respond to the question being asked. Get some material or speed it up and involve the audience. We can\'t even see all the ppl in question regularly so that we ourselves can make our own decisions at home. And the constant repetitive rant of \" mr so and so... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. is... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... that.. ... ... ... ... your ... ... .... ..... identity?????????????\" Makes the commercials that occur every 6 minutes worth while.

    Change the format or ditch the show.
  • This show is a little off the wall but so far I'm loving it.

    Identity is an interesting game show. 12 different and sometimes a little bizarre traits are listed and the contestant has to put them with 12 strangers without them saying a word. Some are very obvious, like the Sumo Wrestler in the first episode but it soon gets very difficult to figure out who goes with what trait.

    In the first episode they had a celebrity guest Eve Plumb and you had to figure out what trait went with her. I really hope they have more celebrities on in the future it really makes it interesting.

    My only problem is I'm not a Penn and Teller fan so I would prefer another host but I really do like this show and will continue to watch it.
  • Yawn! It's so obnoxiously average. I expect it'll go the way of Celebrity Cooking Showdown and be cancelled soon.

    Just because you stick an a b-list celebrity on a gameshow and throw it on NBC for a week doesn't make it the next Deal Or No Deal. Didn't NBC learn there lesson with Celebrity Cooking Showdown??? Well, this show is so boring. I don't see how there will be an variety. I get it he has to find the 12 people and sort who they are I watched the first episode. That host has done some other stuff I recongnize him but he's notorious for foul language which he can't do on a local station and I feel like someone put a big piece of duct tape on this guys mouth. He wasn't funny at all the first episode. It seems so tired this show so average so trivial. I like Deal Or No Deal alot. I don't like this. I actually liked the idea and I was excited to give it a shot. It doesn't have oomph! Game shows they have this sprinkle of magic all of the good ones Wheel Of Fourtune, Price is Right they have attention-grabbing magic that keeps you glued to the set. I didn't care if the guy won the cash or not. And that's a problem. It seemed to be a good concept but maybe as just like a one-episode like sweeps month special. But a series? This guy was a bad pick it's like putting the band KISS in a church on sunday morning. Bad show, change the channel I gave to a fair shot but it was a great disappointment. I was actually excited. What a great idea I thought. Too bad :(
  • Brand new game show.

    Well decided to give this new show a chance on Monday night. I was pleasantly surprised. It is fairly decent.

    It is an interesting premise. Take 12 strangers and try to figure out who is who based only on appearance. Who is the rodeo clown? Who is the cowboy? Who is a novelist? etc.

    I like shows like this over Deal or No Deal. There is a certain amount of skill involved in this and 1 vs 100. Deal or No Deal involves ZERO skill. It is just randomly opening briefcases. Wow.. that is soooo hard.

    The show has an interesting premise. I\'ll stick with it for a while.
  • Nothing special

    I wouldn't say Identity is a bad show, but it certainly isn't the best game show in town. It is definitely morse interesting than Deal or No Deal in the sense that there is actually something for the audience to do. Penn is a fine host, not great though. I think this show will get boring pretty quick, but I also thought Deal or No Deal would get boring quick to people yet somehow it is still around. I am sure this one will be around for a little while. I like how they can get one wrong and keep going. Some of the things are really hard and even the panel of experts had it wrong for the first contestant. I will watch this show if there isn't anything else on, but I certainly won't go out of my way to watch it.
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