Idiot Savants

MTV - Music Television (ended 1997)


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Idiot Savants

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This MTV game show from 1996 had four contestants compete in five shows for a grand prize. Monday through Thursday were normal rounds and Friday was the finals for the week. Each day there would be a prize for the winner but all four contestants would return the next day and their point totals reset to zero. After Friday's show the point totals from the week were added together and the winner received a grand prize.

The show won a Cable Ace Award in 1997 after it had already been cancelled.
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  • What other short-lived show won an award after it got cancelled?

    This show was only on the air for four months but in those four months it quickly gained an audience and won over critics but apparently that wasn't enough for MTV. Back in the late-90s MTV was still trying to figure out where they were going to fit into the new youth demographic, aptly titled the MTV Generation. There were shows focsuing on reinforcing family values and at the same time there were shows focusing on destroying family values. It was a strange and confusing time for cable television and MTV was at the forefront.

    Idiot Savants was a game show that poked fun at game shows while still giving late teens a chance to show off their smarts. The categories were hip and up-to-date and while it followed a Jeopardy type format it also broke the mold for the genre. Idiot Savants was one of those shows that caught your eye and you couldn't look away. The comedy, the intelligence, the pure wit and humor of the show really made it one of the few shows that I looked forward to as a teenager.

    When I recently rediscovered this show I was surprised to discover that it only aired for such a short period of time. I distinctly remember this show and could have sworn it ran for multiple seasons. Apparently not! I can't believe that there's so little information out there about Savants. Personally I found it a monumental change of pace for the music channel and really did a great job of breaking up the reality shows and edgy cartoons showed on the channel at the time. I, for one, wish they'd either release this on DVD or perhaps give us few fans a chance to see it again late at night or something. There's a real catalog of shows that could gain an audience again if the execs gave them a chance, maybe one day we'll see them again. Maybe not, but hey, a guy can hope, right?moreless