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If Only

ABC Family (ended 2006)


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If Only

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Samantha and her boyfriend Ian get into a huge fight after a small misunderstanding. She is then killed in a horrific crash. The next day Ian awakes to find her standing in front of him completely fine. So he vows to spend as much time with her as possible, and because he knows what's going to happen to her he can try and prevent her death, and this may be a little harder than he expected, because now everything that happened leading up to her death is now happening in reverse.
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  • The tragic love story of aspiring musician Samantha and her career-oriented boyfriend, Ian.

    The story here is one I think most people can relate to. Samantha, a loving and devoted girlfriend begins to feel left out when Ian, her significant other, puts all of his time and energy into work. As she moves from feeling overlooked to unwanted, Ian makes a few critical mistakes in their relationship, unable to put his priorities in persepective.

    The story progresses into a tragic race against time when Ian begins to re-live a dream he had in which Samantha ends up passing away. Desperate to erase any chance of that happening, he finds out just how much their relationship means to him.

    In the end we realize that Ian was willing to sacrifice anything for Samantha, and are left with the sentiment that, in a not-so perfect world, it could've been too late for them. Viewers walk away from the movie with a new sense of perspective on their loved ones place in their life. Though something about the movie is almost painfully cliche, it does provide a lot of valuable insight, and re-affirms that age old advice about appreciating what we have while it is still ours.moreless
  • "If Only" is about a girl named Samantha gets into a fight with her boyfriend, Ian, and dies in a car crash shortly after.

    This movie was so good! At the end, I cried so hard! It was the sadest movie I have ever seen! I loved how Ian tries his hardest to make that day the best day she has ever had. It showed how much he loved her. I thought that it was so cute how he had her sing at her graduation concert! She was really good and he helped her loose her fear. When I found out that he ends up dieing instead of her I was so shocked! At first I thought that she died again but when I saw Samantha I was like "NO!" even though I liked Sam, I didnt want Ian to die. This is one of my favorite movies.moreless
  • Samantha dies in a car crash after a fight with her boyfriend Ian!

    wow..I absolutely loved this movie. The acting is amazing and I also like the story. J.Love is a great sctress and Paul is nice too. I love that deja-vu part when he finally realized he can't do anything. After the crash he wakes up and she's still alive like nothing has happened and he's shocked at first but then really really happy. They are so cute together when they enjoy their last hours before the crash...again. This little house in the mountains is so beautiful and I loved The CONCERT soo much...Jennifer Love Hewitt has a great voice and I'm so happy she sung in this movie. "Take my heart back" is a really awesome song. When the concert's over he gices her this cute bracelet...and saves her but can't save himself and dies. Really a great movie!moreless
  • Sam (Jennifer Love Hewitt) was killed in a car crash after she had a fight with her boyfriend Ian (Paul Nicholls). Her death and the fight makes him realize how much she ment to him and the next day he gets a second chance to prove his love for her.moreless

    This is definatly my most favorite movie of all time. I give it two thumbs up. Sam was the perfect part for Jennifer Love Hewitt. I think that Ian shouldn't have died. My favorite part of the movie was the charm bracelet scene. I really wish I could find quotes for this movie though. Does anybody know where to find them? It is due out on DVD on May 6. I can't wait. Does anybody know where the "shack" scene (as my friend and I call it) was filmed? We thought it was in Edinburgh but turns out it wasn't...I HIGHLY recomend this movie to anybody who is a true romantic. It's a great movie to watch with the love of your life.moreless
  • If Only starts off with Sam (Jenifer Love Hewiet) and her boyfriend Ian who is to busy working to spend any time with her, But after Sam Is killed in A car crash Ian gets another chance to relive that day trying to prevent the car crash from happening.moreless

    I Thought The Movie was Great It Makes You Realize To Live Life To The Fullest and Enjoy Every Second With The one you love cause you never know when that person is going to be gone. I Thought Jenifer Love Hewiet Played The Perfect Part as Sam. Great Movie!