If There Weren't any Blacks You'd Have To Invent Them



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  • Argument from Ignorance

    It is said that CBS television once planned to air a program about gun violence in America, did not, and still was inundated with letters by anti-gun control fanatics who claimed to have been outraged by what they "saw"

    The comments by Shirley O Shirley are a similar accomplishment in argument from ignorance. It really makes a lot of sense to actually see something before you review it. The play had nothing to do with lauding the accomplishments of African Americans, nor did it address African Americans at all. The story was shot in Britain and the story is set in Britain and in both productions had an all-white British cast. There are no "tokens" in it. All of this is elementary information to anyone who has seen either filmed version of the play.

    Midway through the play the officer observes that the private is his "black" in that he is someone he gets to dump on and abuse. Similarly, he argues, the sexton is the vicar's black in that he works him like a rented mule. An attractive nurse who is exploited terribly as a sex object by her doctor employer is the doctor's black. A flamboyantly gay man is everybody's black, and so on.

    Guessing what a film contains from what you guess the title means is kind and dishonest, to say the least.

    As it happens, I'd say the play is pretty good but far from great.
  • It must be time for another token show,to give the impression that discremination no longer exist. The constant white faces seen on TV tell a different story. The title sounds like phony admiration, and a sorry attempt at giving credit to people who have

    Just another attempt at making money from African American accomplishments, which African Americans will see little, or none of. Your progress in giving African Amricans opportunities to work in TV is far to slow, and calulated. If you\\\'re going to do the show, how about making them look black OK.