If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now

FOX Premiered Sep 01, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • I bet it's going to be really good

    I have not watched it yet cause i dont think they launched in the U.K i bet its really good since zac efron is init he is really talented and cuteeeeeeeeee nywayz i cant wait im dying to watch it. Not fair that only the people in U.S
    can watch it. why cant people in the U.K watch it at the same time.Goshhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • the shows about a bunch of different ppl who come to LA for different reasons. cody meets some of the of ppl moving here and.. it\\\'s just great! check it out on YouTube if you haven\\\'t seen it!

    Wow this show is sooooooo funny and hillarious! I was laughing so hard! Plus Zac Efron is in it and he\\\'s so cute!!! Every scene with him in it is soooo hillarious! Cody (Zac efron) and Sherry (his mom in the show) are soooo funny together! If you haven\\\'t seen it you MUST check it out on youtube.com. It\\\'s the best show ever! Cody gets a little crush on a girl named Amy who sets out to find her real mom... since she was adopted. Twice. lol. Some business guy is forced out of his home sonce his wife has cheating, and some hobo looking guy(who was keeping all his money, and he seems to be rich, in a birdcage) came to LA because his trailer fell off of a cliff. I mean, i t\\\'s just the awesomest! I really wanna see another episode!
  • I think this will be a grat show and is it going to be on Fox or FX

    Good Great i Haven\'T Seen It But It Looks Great! i think it\'ll be a great geat great great great great great great great great great great great show! I hope it is on Fox not FX some please tell me if its on FOX and FX cause i dont have cable and i really want to see this show really really really really really really badly~!!!!!! I think its a must see show i saw 84 pictures on zefron.com about this show really looks good and definetly funny!!! Must see show 92 words i have written i am now done!!!!
  • Very different people all find reasons to move to a temporary apartment complex in California. The comedy follows the lives of these people and their hilarious struggles.

    I just saw the pilot for this show and it was one of the first shows I've seen that actually had me On The Floor Laughing. Literally. It was amazing. Jennifer Coolidge and Zac Efron are an amazing comedy team...and this show also rocks just because Zac's in it! haha but really its the funniest show EVER..I was in tears. Hopefully it gets picked up soon...
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