IFC's Greg the Bunny

IFC Premiered Jan 01, 2005 Unknown




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Bunnie Hall
      Bunnie Hall
      Episode 1

      In a parody of "Annie Hall", Greg falls in love with a lobster.

    • BunnyHall / Wacky Wednesday
      "Bunnie Hall" Greg falls for a beautiful (live) lobster; will he be able to find love amid neurosis? "Wacky Wednesday" In this parody of "Being John Malkovich," Greg buys a magical Aztec dog skull from a curio shop in Chinatown.
    • The 13th Step
      The 13th Step
      Episode 4

      In a parody of "Barton Fink", Warren obsesses over calling his wife from a hotel room.

    • You Know, For Kids! / The 13th Step
      "You Know, For Kids!" Greg and Warren attempt to defraud IFC by staging an inept kidnapping plot. Tragically, one puppet meets his fate at the bottom of a wood-chipper. "The 13th Step" Warren goes on a bender at the Carter hotel. The Ape comes face to face with his inner demons and attempts suicide.moreless
    • Blah / The Addiction
      "Blah" Greg runs into his idol, puppet actor Frederick "Count" Blah. He befriends the washed-up vampire and gives him a part on the show. Unfortunately, the Count repays this favor by emptying the medicine cabinet and stealing everything he can find. "The Addiction" After watching vampire movie, "The Addiction", Greg becomes convinced he's been bitten by a vampire.moreless
    • Sleazy Rider
      Sleazy Rider
      Episode 2

      In an homage to Easy Rider, Greg and Warren hit the road in the search of the real America.

    • Dead Puppet Storage

      The Count, Warren and Greg do their best to recreate scenes from Pulp Fiction.

    • The Godpappy / Sleazy Rider
      "The Godpappy" Violent and gripping, this homage to The Godfather, featuring Count Blah as the Don, Warren the Ape as Tom Hagen, Gary the Bunny as Sonny, Marc Grass as Solazzo and Greg the Bunny as Michael. "Sleazy Rider" Greg, Warren and crew are tired of working for 'the man' and hit the road in search of real America.moreless
    • 2001-1 Space & Stuff

      Warren and Greg are on a mission to Jupiter in this homage to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    • Plush: Behind the Seams / The Passion of the Easter Bunny
      "Plush: Behind the Seams" A rockumentary on Greg and Warren's band Plush, one of the few all puppet pop groups. "The Passion of the Easter Bunny" Greg decides to direct and star in a biblical epic motion picture.
    • Blah
      Episode 7

      Greg bumps into his idol Count Blahand gives him a part on the show.

    • You Know, for Kids!

      The Coen Brother's films are homaged whenGreg and Warren try to defraud IFC with an inept attempt at kidnapping.

    • The Addiction
      The Addiction
      Episode 9
      Greg embarks on a paranoid romp after viewing The Addiction -- a horror film about modern-day vampires. It's a classic case of puppet hypochondria as Greg avoids sunlight, drinks the blood of a cat and convinces the show's director to eat live insects.
    • Dead Puppet Storage / Naturally Sewn Killers
      "Dead Puppet Storage" A behind-the-scenes look as the crew struggle to shoot Warren, Blah and Greg applying their lauded acting talents to perform their favorite Pulp Fiction scenes. "Naturally Sewn Killers" Warren snaps, pulling Greg with him, as he launches into a maniacal Natural Born Killers spree. After knocking off Spencer and Sean, they take it to the IFC offices, picking off executives one by one.moreless
    • The Blues She Is My Friend

      Warren and Greg are locked up in prison in this black-and-white sendoff to the film "Down by Law".

    • 2001-1: Space-N-Stuff / Martian Serum 7 From Mars
      "2001-1: Space-N-Stuff" This ambitious homage to Stanley Kubrick features Greg and Warren in a bizarre exploration of the infinite featuring a stocked liquor cabinet, some off-screen aliens and a giant monolith. "Martian Serum 7 From Mars" Greg seeks to make a short film about his idol, the great Count Blah. What follows is a sketchy documentary about the Count and Countess and his long career in "Horror-Wood", including clips of past performances.moreless
    • Blue Velveteen / Daddyhood
      "Blue Velveteen" Greg suspects Warren of Wumpus' murder and decides to use his boy detective skills to investigate in a spoof of David Lynch films namely Blue Velvet, as well as his Twin Peaks series. "Daddyhood" This loving tribute features Greg the Bunny as a lonely father to a baby potato. Featuring the creepiest mutant baby you ever saw on a puppet show, as well as a fantasy girl trapped inside a vacuum cleaner.moreless
    • Sex, Button Eyes and a Video Ape

      In an homage to "Auto Focus", Warren plays a video technician adamant on making Greg and Seth Green's Public Service Announcement more adult.

    • Martian Serum 7 from Mars

      In the style of "Ed Wood", Greg plays a filmmaker attempting to make a short film about his idol Count Blah.

    • Naturally Sewn Killers

      Greg is forced to come along when Warren snaps and starts a rampage in the style of "Natural Born Killers".

    • Daddyhood
      Episode 13

      Greg finds himself the father of a screaming potato-baby in this tribute to "Eraserhead".

    • The Godpappy
      The Godpappy
      Episode 12

      The Greg the Bunny cast plays various characters from the film "The Godfather" with Count Blah as the Don.

  • Season 2