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Iggy Arbuckle

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Iggy, a young pig ranger and his best friend Jiggers, a beaver, have a big job protecting the nature preserve of Kookamunga. They enlist the help of their fellow furry residents of Mooseknuckle and end up finding themselves in all kinds of adventures.

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AIRED ON 11/21/2007

Season 1 : Episode 26

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  • Wow, don't you think 1.1 is a bit harsh?

    I must admit, when I first watched this show, I didn't see much in it. It just seemed like another typical CN show with a camping theme. Camp Lazlo was a much better effort, but this show really isn't that bad. It's not really that great, it's not a must-see, but it's really not as bad as the overall rating indicates. Yes, at first, I didn't know how to view this show. I didn't know whether to call it good, great, bad or just flat-out awful, and after giving it some other chances, I decided it was decent, above average.moreless
  • lametarded rubbish.

    This show must be targetted at five year olds and preschoolers, and even they must have some taste. This cgi animation series features a 'pig ranger' Iggy Arbuckle, his pal Jiggers the beaver, and some other furry critters from the small town of Moseknuckle, in the Kookamunga nature reserve. Sound lame? you got it. It's about as lame as lame can get, and even lamer is the lame plots, lame jokes, lame characters and lame excuse for knowledge that they possess. The plots are so unbelievable, the whole show is. The whole concept of the Kookamunga is stupid. That many ecosystems in one park with such cliche environments is weak. And it isn't even funny, the humour is worse than the enjoyment factor of Monster Warriors. This show is really really lame.moreless
  • Iggy Arbuckle is an overly hyper-active, obsessive-compulsive yet charamastic character. Together with his much more relaxed and somewhat lazy ally, Jiggers, they go on many wild adventures where you learn a thing or two about nature. Great for children!moreless

    Iggy Arbuckle is an overly hyper-active, obsessive-compulsive yet charamastic character. Together with his much more relaxed and somewhat lazy ally, Jiggers, they go on many wild adventures where you learn a thing or two about nature. Great for children!

    When Teletoon got its new line-up, I had little if any hope that their schedule would get better. For many years, the Teletoon schedule has been mediocre at best. (At least when compared to other years.)

    But one day, this show caught my attention. I ended up watching it and being drawn into their world. The personalities are dynamic and despite being somewhat exaggerated (moreso in their roles than their actual personalities), it's surprisingly realistic.

    Iggy Arbuckle is a loveable but overly ambitious 'Pig Ranger'. The group only really consists of him and Jiggers. But as we all know, Iggy is the authority on nature and the 'Kook' is his playground. His knowledgeable yet somewhat child-like delight he takes in daily life allows him to connect with kids in such a way that the kids might even realize that they're learning something. Heck, it's because of Iggy, I looked up what a narwhal is!

    The Kookamunga is a giant park (though unrealistic because of it's vast environments) that contains many different species of creatures. Of course, you can't have Iggy traveling all over the world to deal with trials and tribulations. But the concept is interesting that they'd have everything so close to home. (Or in this case... Mooseknuckle.)

    Jiggers is Iggy's best friend and confidant. He's not quite as ambitious as Iggy and would rather sit around doing a crossword puzzle or crafting divine wooden art pieces than run around the 'Kook' and deal with the pain-in-the-behind, Catfish Stu. But he does have the best intentions and his worry for Iggy is often evident despite his panicking over his own issues. Jiggers is also surprisingly resiliant.

    Kira is a girl from the city who often talks about it. While she enjoys getting back to nature; doing extreme sports (ie. rock climbing), photographing, checking out art or whatever is so her thing this week, she often misses the city. One of the biggest things she misses is the culture. She's realistic and pretty intelligent though sometimes, she can unknowingly become as ambitious as Iggy... although she's a lot more chilled about it.

    Zoop is a zen girl who is a vegetarian. She's calm, patient but still has her breaking point... like anyone would. While she caters to Stu, she doesn't ever really have to enjoy it and is often annoyed or offended by Stu's antics.

    Spiff is an anti-social basket case who would rather hang around garbage than most people. He seems to have issues fitting in but somehow, that doesn't seem to faze him at all. He does what he does and when he gets called on for help, he'd usually help out... especially if it involves taking out the trash.

    Catfish Stu is the antagonist of the series with a personal vendetta against Iggy. At least... it's personal when he's trying to make money and Iggy manages to foil his plots. Like most villains, money IS his main motivation for doing what he does... but not only is he inconsiderate of other characters... but of nature as well. (Which was an interest topic of discussion when his nature-loving - or at least flower-loving - mother made her first appearance in the series.) He is strangely unique and while his antics can get irritating, he manages to keep characters busy and make the show interesting. ("Of course our show also has baaad guys...")

    The characters manage to somehow get along (or at least tolerate each other) and the dynamics work out like a charm. The show has little plot and really, you can start from anywhere. It's mainly character driven and each episode will follow Iggy's adventure for whatever it entails... be it Iggy trying to save the vegetation, the animals, their habitates or part-taking in an art show.

    The main reason this show gets a nine is because it's good. It's amazing, I should say... but the writing in some of the episodes make it seem kind of fast-paced. I know the 'episodes' are really half-episodes and it can be difficult to execute an entire well-thought out story-line in 15 minutes... but I'd love to see an episode with a part one and two just to see what they'd do with it.

    Also, far be it for me to say... but some of the titles of the episodes... being based on puns, culture, slang or movie titles... kind of set me off before but I suppose that's just a personal issue.

    Great for kids. Charasmatic characters, lessons in each episode and a strong series I wouldn't mind seeing another season or a DVD to.

    - Tinker Jetmoreless
  • Just one word - BORING!!!!!!

    Title: neutral.

    Theme song: kinda good.

    Story: I watched only one episode, so I don't know much, but I think the story is that a ranger pig or something with the help of an annoying beaver is helping mother nature *yawn*...

    Art: just one word - TERRIBLE!!!!!! I think this show was made in flash, BTW. The art is really crapy too. But the most horrific thing of all this rubbish is the beaver! His EYE is THREE times LONGER than the other one!WTF??!! Was the creator of this annoying show was drunk or soething???!!!

    Characters: the main char. is a pig! If that isn't annoying already, you should know that his best friend is a fat beaver who has an eye problem (look above). The main badguy is a fish with legs, a mustache and a monobrow (I told you the creator was drunk) there is also a paranoic skunk, a chimpmunk Zoop and I have no idea what the other girl is (a rat?) Oh, almost forgot! For some retarded reason there is also a totem which can talk!

    Humour: nope, humour not found....

    In conclusion: this show S.U.X. the only good reason to watch this is to get some knowledge about mother nature (not that there is a lot of knowledge in this show, BTW)...moreless