Iggy Arbuckle

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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • When Iggy Met Jiggers/ One Fine Day
      When Iggy Met Jiggers: Iggy and Jiggers tell Kira the story about how they first met. One Fine Day: When Iggy finds out that he has nothing to do, he decides to have a day off, but doesn't know how. Now his friends must find a way to show Iggy how to enjoy a day off before he goes crazy.moreless
    • The Kindness Of Rangers/ Iggy's Family Tree
      The Kindness Of Rangers: Catfish Stu's mother comes to visit and askes Iggy and Jiggers to help her throw a huge surprise birthday party for him. But the two have trouble doing it as they are also trying to stop Catfish Stu from turing a huge field of orchids into a golf course. Iggy's Family Tree: Iggy finds out that a tree that has been in his family for years has oak droop and he and his friends try their best to cure the tree without hurting it.moreless
    • The Big Flap/ The Unsung Hero
      The Big Flap: Everyone in Mooseknuckle is getting ready for the big monarch butterfly migration that is going right through town. But then Iggy finds out that a huge wind storm is coming the same time as the butterflies and now he must find a way to steer them away from Mosseknuckle or else they will be blown away. The Unsung Hero: Zoop has always sang to a group of cacti that she has been taking care of for a long time because she believes that singing makes their needles grow faster. But when she gets a sore throat and can't sing at all, she asks Iggy and Jiggers to find a replacement singer for her.moreless
    • Scents and Sense-ability/ The Great Kookamunga Standoff
      Scents and Sense-ability:
      Iggy and Jiggers go all around the Kook looking for sweet smelling stuff to make into a perfume that they're going to give to Zoop for her birthday. But then the ferriet brothers hear about this and try to steal the perfume for Catfish Stu so he can sell it.

      The Great Kookamunga Standoff:
      Iggy and Jiggers decide to throw a party in celebration of the great harvest they're having. But they start to argue when they can't agree on what type of party it should be.moreless
    • Sticking Together/ Slow Gnus Day
      Sticking Together: Jiggers accidently handcuffs Iggy and Spiff together when a magic trick goes wrong. While they wait for the key to arrive, the two find it hard to work together because they both have different things to do. Slow Gnus Day: When a heard of wildebeests appear in Mooseknuckle, it's up to Iggy and Jiggers to lure them back to the grasslands where they belong.moreless
    • Oh Brother Where Art Thou?/ Ol' Trusty
      Oh Brother Where Art Thou?: While Iggy and Jiggers try to figure out why all the hippos in the Kook are getting sunburned, Zoop tries to find some good in Robear after he saves her life. Ol' Trusty: Catfish Stu starts selling a bunch of knock offs of Iggy's tool, Ol' Rusty. Iggy thinks that it's okay at first, but then he tries to get rid of the copies after he finds out that they become out of control when exposed to heat.moreless
    • Nature's Calling/ Honey, I Ate The Bug
      Nature's Calling: Barry, the famous film director, returns to the Kook and asks Iggy to help him get in touch with nature. But Iggy finds it hard to do because Barry just isn't interested in nature. He finds it even harder when Catfish Stu tries to convince Barry to help him turn the Kook into a spa. Honey, I Ate The Bug: When Jiggers believes that he ate Iggy's pet caterpillar Furry, he tries to find a replacement before Iggy finds out about it.moreless
    • Good Scavenger Hunting/ Mooseknuckle Unplugged
      Good Scavenger Hunting: Iggy and Catfish Stu go up against each other in a scavengeer hunt to find new items for the museum that Kira is making. Mooseknuckle Unplugged: After a short black out, the people of Mooseknuckle decide to go with "Green Energy" and think of new ways to create electricity.moreless
    • Pandamonium/ Ghost Of A Chance
      Pandamonium: Everyone decides to think of new tourist attractions for the Kook. But Iggy has trouble with it, because every idea he comes up with has already been done by somebody else. Ghost Of A Chance: After watching a scary movie, Iggy and Jiggers start to hear spooky noises and see stuff moving by itself and they start to believe that their house is haunted.moreless
    • Pig Coloured Glasses/ Art For Iggy's Sake
      Pig Coloured Glasses: Jiggers' nephew Chip comes to visit, but seems to be more interested in hanging out with Iggy instead of his uncle. Art For Iggy's Sake: Everyone in the Kook is getting ready for the art show being held in town, except for Iggy, who believes that he's no good at art.moreless
    • Resident Weevil/ Kook Kook Achoo
      Resident Weevil: A whole bunch of water hyacinths start to spred in Catfish Stu's lake, stealing all of it's oxygen. Iggy hires a group of weevils to get rid of them, but when the weevils finish eating the flowers, they're still hungry and that makes them mad. Kook Kook Achoo: After Jiggers finds out that he might be allergic to sawdust, he tries to find something that will keep his mind off wood.moreless
    • If Pigs Could Fly/ Xtreme Iggy
      If Pigs Could Fly: Iggy and Jiggers take care of a baby condor while searching for it's mother. But it starts to get hard when Iggy grows too attached to the condor. Xtreme Iggy: Iggy creates a new extreme sport where he slides down a huge hill with two toucans attached to his feet. When everyone sees it, Iggy gets hounded by a pack of extreme sports fans who want to see him do it again.moreless
    • Fair Is Ferret/ The Case Of The Messy Marauder
      Fair Is Ferret: After Iggy saves their lives three times in a row, the ferret brothers quit their job as Catfish Stu's henchmen to work for Iggy. Problem is, they're so used to being bad that they have a lot of trouble learning to be good. The Case Of The Messy Marauder: After reading a mystery novel, Iggy thinks that it would great to be a detective. He gets his chance when Zoop's house is robbed and he and Jiggers try figure out who the culprit is.moreless
    • The Tower Of Beaver/ A Bird In The Hoof
      The Tower Of Beaver: Iggy tries to train Zoop and Spiff to be voulnteer fire fighters, but has trouble doing it when the two won't stop arguing. Meanwhile, Jiggers and Kira try to build a look out tower, but get a little carried away with the design. A Bird In The Hoof: Iggy and Jiggers try to figure out what to do with a parrot they found that instead of repeating what you say mixes up the words to make it sound like an insult.moreless
    • Prince Of The Kookamunga/ Voyage To The Bottom Of The Lake
      Prince Of The Kookamunga: A young dog named Prince comes to visit the Kook and everyone admires his strengths. Especially Catfish Stu, who tries to convince Prince to take Iggy's job as keeper of the Kook. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Lake: Iggy and Jiggers discover that there is a old ship in the lake that was design to deliver cargo to the Kook. Catfish Stu hears this and goes down to the lake to find the ship, because he believes that the cargo is treasure.moreless
    • Whale Of A Tale/ Big Toe's Faux Paw
      Whale Of A Tale: Iggy claims that he saw a narwhal in Brain Freeze. When news of this gets out, Iggy is visited by a scientist named Sir Percy Nibblemore who claims that he wants to study the narwhal. But then Iggy finds out that Percy doesn't want to study the narwhal, he wants to capture it and put it in a zoo. Big Toe's Faux Paw: When Zoop finds a huge foot print in her garden, everyone believes that it was made by the legendary creature known as Big Toe and Catfish Stu starts a huge advertising campaign. While Jiggers believes that Big Toe is real, Iggy thinks that the whole thing is just another one of Catfish Stu's get rich quick schemes.moreless
    • Any Friend Of Yours/ Miner Misfortunes
      Any Friend Of Yours: Jiggers starts to hang out more with Kira when he finds out that they have a lot in common and Iggy starts to feel a bit left out. Miner Misfortunes: While working in the Mine All Mines, Iggy and Jiggers stumble onto a golden nugget. When Catfish Stu finds out about it, he hires a mining crew to dig out more gold. Fearing what this might do to the Kook, Iggy and the others try to make Catfish Stu change his mind by making him believe that the gold is cursed.moreless
    • Lights, Camera, Distraction/ Fish And Chip Off The Old Block
      Lights, Camera, Distraction: A famous film director comes to film a movie in the Kook but Iggy fears that it might cause damage to it and he tries to shut down the production. Fish And Chip Off The Old Block: Iggy hits himself in the head with a wooden sign and is knocked out cold. When he wakes up, he believes that Catfish Stu is his dad and Catfish Stu takes total advantage of it.moreless
    • The Fish Who Came To Dinner/ Courage Under Fur
      The Fish Who Came To Dinner: After being kicked out of his own house while a family of whopping cranes nest near it, Catfish Stu moves in with Iggy and Jiggers and that's when the trouble starts. Courage Under Fur: Zoop hypnotizes Jiggers into helping him overcome his fear of spiders. But it works too well and Jiggers becomes too fearless and starts doing dangerous stuff.moreless
    • The Way Of The Skunk/ I Fought The Laundromat
      The Way Of The Skunk:
      Iggy and Jiggers buy a garbage collecting robot to help Spiff with his job. Problem is, the robot does too good of a job and Spiff thinks that they bought it to replace him so he leaves Mooseknuckle. But when Iggy and Jiggers tell him that the robot is out of control, getting rid of stuff that isn't garbage, Spiff knows that he's the only one who can stop it.

      I Fought The Laundromat:
      As far back as Iggy can remember, the geyser know as Old Reliable has erupted and has giving everyone clean laundry. But one day, the geyser doesn't erupt at all. So Iggy and Jiggers try to find out the problem and they find out that Catfish Stu has blocked the entrance to the geyser for the water to go through so everyone will start using the laundromat he just built.moreless
    • Paradise Found/ Luck Before You Leap
      Paradise Found: Iggy and Jiggers go on a quest to find the long lost city of the Kookamunga, not knowing that Catfish Stu is following them and is planning on turning the city into a big tourist attraction. Luck Before You Leap: After Iggy loses his good luck toothpick (Which he names Ozwald), he and Jiggers go on a huge search to find it.moreless
    • Yawny Come Lately/ Petition Impossible
      Yawny Come Lately: Yawny Yump-A-Lot day is upon the gang, the time of the year where they celebrate the great prankster, Yawny Yump-A-Lot, by pulling pranks on each other. But then the spirit of Yawny appears and tells everyone that he is fed up with how they celebrate him and says that if they don't give him a real tribute, he'll turn everyone into a totem pole. Petition Impossible: When Iggy and Jiggers find out that a construction crew is planning on building a highway right through Mooseknuckle, they start a petition and try to get two hundred signatures before the end of the day.moreless
    • Idle Worship/ There's Something About Berries
      Idle Worship: Iggy is very excited when his hero, Manly Boreman, comes for a visit. But then Iggy realizes that Manly has lost touch with nature and now he tries to help him get it back. There's Something About Berries: When Iggy sees that the blue birds are eating stuff they don't usually eat, he finds out that their main food, juniper berries, have been stolen. Iggy and the others find out that Catfish Stu stole the berries to make them as the main ingredient for his new restaurant and now they must find a way to get the berries back before the blue birds go hungry.moreless
    • The Beaver Who Would Be King/ I Am Iggy, Hear Me Snore
      The Beaver Who Would Be King: While going on a nature hike, Iggy and Jigger meet the lost warthog tribe who believe that Jiggers is their king. Now, they want him to grab a jewel they lost from Hiss Abyss, a huge canyon filled with poisonous snakes. I Am Iggy, Hear Me Snore: After busting his nose with his bird call, Iggy begins to snore really loudly when he sleeps. When he realizes that it's causing trouble for everyone in the Kookamunga, Iggy knows that he must figure out a way to stop it or he might have to leave the Kook.moreless
    • The Things We Do For Mud/ How Much Wood Could A Woodpecker Peck?
      The Things We Do For Mud: Catfish Stu tells Iggy and Jiggers that he wants to change his ways and become a pig ranger. Iggy and Jiggers make him do all the tests, not knowing that he's just doing it to figure out the secret location of Miracle Mud. How Much Wood Could A Woodpecker Peck?: Iggy and his friends try to stop a flock of woodpeckers from pecking away at The Great Bamzeani.moreless
    • Iggy Vs The Volcano/ A Dip In The Pole
      Iggy Vs The Volcano: While having a picnic on top of Mt. Kaboom, Iggy accidentally drops a bottle of hot sauce into it, which causes it to wake up. Now, Iggy and Jiggers must find a way to stop the volcano from erupting. A Dip In The Pole: Iggy and Jiggers go on a trip to Brain Freeze to prove to Catfish Stu that the famous explorer, Admiral Brrrrrd, had reached the Norse Pole. While there, they encounter a group of ninja polar bears who were hired by Catfish Stu to make sure they don't make it.moreless