Iketeru Futari

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 1999)



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Iketeru Futari

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Iketeru Futari - 16 Episodes - Comedy, Romance (May contain sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence)...

The story revolves around Keisuke Saji, who is just like any other normal teenage boy that has raging hormones and he is infatuated by a girl Koizumi Akira who appears to him and all hate men in fact. While most guys take Koizumi's cold shoulder as a hint, Keisuke Saji pursues head-on without having rejection phase him. Throw in Saji's childhood friend Yuki and you have a great romantic comedy.


Opening Theme: "Fall In YOU" by Yuki Kimura
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    16-year old Keisuke Saji loves to fantasize about young beautiful women. He hopes to land the object of his affection, Koizumi Akira. However, Koizumi hates Saji (as well as all men) to the point of assault. While most guys take Koizumi's cold shoulder as a hint, Saji pursues head-on without having rejection faze him.

    [edit] Characters * KEISUKE SAJI

    Saji is a 16-year old high school guy with spiky hair who loves everything about women. When the young and cute Koizumi came into school, Saji made it his mission to get Koizumi into bed with him and not give up. His lecherous actions on Koizumi are unintentional or on purpose. Despite getting beat up by Koizumi multiple times, Saji is never giving up his dream. * KOIZUMI AKIRA

    Koizumi is a young girl with blue hair and red eyes. Her looks and figure has the guys in school turning their heads, including Saji. However, Koizumi expresses her rejections from the proposals of the boys by physically assaulting them. Out of all the guys she met, Saji is her favorite target to take her frustrations out on. * YUKI UMEMIYA

    Yuki is Saji's busty childhood friend and somewhat an unintentional rival to Koizumi. Yuki has grown well-proportioned and shapely. However, her charm and body have no effect on the guys as incredibly they want Koizumi instead. Throughout the series Yuki finds ways of putting her toweirng breasts on Keisuke's face. Towards the end of the series her nerves get the better of her and she repeatedly tries to seduce Keisuke, eventually succeeding with the help of her enormous breasts. * RYOKO ARIGASE

    One of Koizumi's friends, Ryoko has long purple hair. * MAKI AMAKASU

    Another of Koizumi's friends, Maki has brown hair either short or in pigtails.moreless