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Iljimae is a Korean drama television series that originally aired from May to June 2008. Iljimae (Lee Jun Ki) is a uncouth gangster by day, but by night he robs the corrupt and gives to the poor. At the scene of each robbery, Iljimae leaves a painting of a branch of red plum blossoms known as "mae hwa". By day, Iljimae is known by Gyeom, son of Lee Won Ho who was a member of the secret organization known as Cheonwoohoe. Lee Won Ho was killed by the king who is also the leader of the Cheonwoohoe when Gyeom was a child. The king does this because of a prophecy claiming that Lee Won Ho's house would produce a great man. The shock of his father's murder leaves Gyeom stricken with amnesia. He is then adopted by a former thief named Soe Dol (Lee Moon Sik) and renamed Yong. Gyeom begins to regain his memory and decides to search for his sister. However, as soon as he finds her she is sentenced to death and executed. This leads Geom to adopt the persona of Iljimae in a search for his sister's murderer. As Iljimae robs more and more of the rich to find his sister's killer, he becomes a hero among the people. They come to realize that Gyeom was the great man to rise from the house of Lee Won Ho and he fulfills the prophecy.moreless

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AIRED ON 1/8/2010

Season 1 : Episode 20

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Swashbucklers, Sword & Sorcery, Murder & Mayhem, Thrillers