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  • I am disgusted....

    All the camp mates attitude towards Amy is well out of line, I am totally disgusted that ITV have let all their bully tactics and attitudes go on for so long, in just plain wrong!
  • She's only 21 GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

    Is Amy only never have known and quite honestly who cares!!

    I am sick of hearing it... as if age excuses manners and hard work. At 21 I had a husband 2 children a job and a home to look I'm not superwoman or after praise it's just where I was and what I did at that age she needs all this sleep because she doesn't sleep because of her job and does her emails at night. Oh poor you, the hazzards of having a job you were able to choose and the beauty and figure to do it. How sad!!! Funny how you need all these cuddles off the men and the tears are so forced and there is no need for it because she is beautiful and could be the star of the show if she were only a team player!!!

    As for Lucy, a hard worker, team player loves her job and yet gets you lot calling her a bully, get real. The only bully is Matthew Wright standing over Rebecca shouting in her face telling her not to tell him what to do and then had her in tears. I note nothing was said to him about being a prize pillock and a BULLY!!

    Fantastic show thoughbI just love Joe and Rob, just sooooo funny xx
  • im a comner get me out of here??????????????????

    why dont you give the public a chance plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • give the public a chance

    why cant we have a public jungle,get sick of watching celebrities doing the show,we public might not be celebrities but sure can do just as good as them...me for one would love to have the chance to do the tasks..comon give the public there go,the celebrities give um a rest......
  • Prehaps ITVs biggest success in the modern age...

    You can't hide it - this show has many competitors. But unlike its competitors, it's unusual. Big Brother is always said to be "watching people live their lives". But this one is in the jungle, so that's that problem out the window already.

    And so what if we've never heard of any of the so-called celebrities, and what if I've never phoned in, it's always great to see some faces who always have something special about them - like the ability to present the weather, or just incredibly funny - bond.

    But the real stars for the show to me have to be Ant and Dec. They never fail to make me laugh with their jokes between clips.

    Keep it coming!
  • As good as reality TV gets

    I'm not really one for Reality TV, Big Brother I thought was just plain boring and annoying but I'm A Celbrity is so much better.

    The trials are obviously the best part of the show and are very entertaining e
    specially when Gillian McKeiths involved! There's more to the show than that though, this sees how celbrities (who we may or may not know) in a jungle and in a circumstance that they will have never been put in before. It is interesting to see how they react. From madness to extreme boredom to frustration, you see celebs go on an emotional rollercoaster.

    I also think it is important for ITV for get the balance right. For example, when Jordan was on it two years ago the focus was on here but the latest series offered insight to ALL the celebrities time in the jungle and it was a much better programme as a result.

    The presenting from Ant and Dec make the programme even more enjoyable and yes the jokes are terrible but they are funny and the cheery geordie lads make the programme what it is. Shame it's only on for three weeks though!
  • Such a simple format but such a popular show

    This show is now in its 9th season!!! A feat for any show, let alone a British one. And 9 series in the format is still generally the same... z list celebs having to eat awful creatures, have them crawl on them, starve day in day out and even worse... put up with each other. And yet its still good.

    If you look past the fact that you barley ever recognize any of the so called "celebrities" (usually made up of page 3 models (:S), recently sacked soap stars or has been singers who had 1 hit about 40 years ago) its still very entertaining. The bushtucker trails are so awful it is a joy to watch... I mean even now the eating trial does not fail to disgust. And there is plenty of other cool stuff that happens as well... the huge rebellion of 2003, the big breakup of arguements in 2007, the romance of Katie and Peter (and enough said there). And of course its presented by Ant and Dec. Who dosen't love these guys?? It is a definate that the show would not be the same without them.
  • I hate this show. I just don't find it interesting at all.

    So a bunch of random celebs go to a jungle and do lots of stupid challenges, moan at each other, people are voted off, and the show is stupid.

    Like Doctor Who, it's, for me, a show I just can't get into. Most challenges are unwatchable and totally gross, and the only thing that saves this from a 1 is the fact that Ant and Dec present it. They're still funny even on a show like this. So yeah, I'm not going to go into a long rant about how I hate it, but I just don't see the point. Like Big Brother (which is actually watchable) but this is much worse.

    So don't give me a million thumbs down for this..as it's my opinion. So I hope you've actually read this instead of automatically thumb-downing it because I'm saying something bad about this "fantastic" show.

    Grade: D-
  • I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, is about celebs who go in to the jungle for a while. Where they must test their will for survival, inorder for them to survive they are voted by viewers to go into a series of Bush Tucker Trials.

    I love watching I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, I think it's better than watching Celebrities in Celebrity Big Brother. I'm a Celebrity has been on the air since 25th of august 2002. In the end of each Series of I'm a Celeb one person is crowned King or Queen.

    In the 2007 Series of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here we've got, Christopher Biggins, Katie Hopkins, Gemma Atkinson, Janice Dickinson, Jason 'J' Brown, Lynne Franks, Rodney Marsh, Anna Ryder Richardson, Cerys Matthews, John Burton Race, Marc Bannerman and Malcolm McLaren.

    Marc Bannerman was first voted off, then it was Katie Hopkins then Lynne Franks, and Malcolm McLaren, who said he was going to be in it, decided to say no before the celebs went off for the jungle, he even had the Director of I'm a Celebrity asking him why. And in a few words short he said he was busy.
  • I shouldn't love it, but I do

    I first watched I'm a celeb.... last year. Before then, I thought it would be really boring like other reality trash such as big brother etc. but after watching it once I was addicted.

    I couldn't stop watching it and I was really sad when it was over. It's not the kind of thing I'm used to watching but I really enjoyed.

    It's not just about watching celebs getting really scared, you can also see them as normal people - as they really are, rather than what the media makes them out to be.

    Only problem - and it's a big problem - I can't stand Ant and Dec. They are so cheesy, and rehearsed and fake. When you see them being natural they're really cool and funny, but they're not like that normally. I'm a celeb... should get new presenters and then it will be an even bigger success.
  • great

    its very entertaining and very funny cant w8t till the next one wont miss a episode the best reality show i have watched hope to see more celebrities making fools of them selves and doing the most fun trials and ant and dec make it even funnier so please hurry up and get im a celebrity get me out of here back on please x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x kay x x x x
  • Surprisingly entertaining

    Thankfully,I'm a celebrity isn't like all reality shows.You may think that that first,but they add in these games called 'Bush Tucker Trails',when the pampered celebrity has to go through a task,they are always making a big deal of it,sometimes you think they're overeacting but also these trails can make you cringe.
    But this was actually my idea of a good reality show.Aload of celebrities being dumped in the Australian rainforest,having to deal with the venomous snakes,tarantulas and crocodiles.Depite the fact they're surrounded my hundreds of people coming to they're aid whnever they need it.What's alot.
  • I\'m a celebrity get me outta here was so good this year, i love when Ant & Dec host things the pair of them are great, great to watch on telly and you always know you will have a laugh when watching them.

    I think last years (2006) I’m a celebrity get me outta here was well good im so glad matt won it, I liked most of the people that was in there, there was only a few I couldn’t stand, one year tho I would love to see Ant & Dec go in there I bet that would be so funny, I think the funniest moment ever on the show was dean’s live Bush Tucker trial that was so funny I laughed so much I has pains lol.
  • The best reality TV series EVER!!!

    One of the funniest and the most interesting reality tv series EVER!!! Put in some celebrities (most of who we actually have heard of) and see them live in the Australian jungle for like 2 months.

    They have to earn their food by completing tasks and get extra goodies by winning a celebrity chest. Of course there are fights when you live in an environment with about 10 people because there are always a wide range of charaters.

    Also, the show is presented by Ant and Dec who are the best TV duo in the world. They are hilarious and make the show, almost mostly what it is!
  • The Best Reality TV show.

    I love I'm A celiberaty.It is the 3 greatest weeks ever when I just get to Sit down and watch it every night.It really is very Funny.None of the Celebs are usually very Big,But that's the point u really get to know them.You are Guaranteed that at least one person each year will be Very,very Funny.this years example is David Gest.He is Actually the Funniest Man I have ever seen in my Life.No Exageration.He was just so Funny.Comon Vaginica Semen.That's just funny man.I really enjoyed this season specially i think it was hillarius.I love Ant and Dec too.They have the Best job in The World but Fair play to them They are very Funny aswell.I definitly reccomend it.
  • wohoh im well happy with who won!!!

    I admit i thought that Jason or David would win but I have been a bit of a matt worshipper this season so was very happy that he won- lets just hope that this leads him and the three fianlist on to a brighter future! Matt looked genually surprised by the fact that he had one and i'm sure some of the public couldn't believe it either - considering he himself admitted that he went on this show to promote his album. well we laughed with them, cried with them and laughed at the sheer unbelievable stories that David Gest told!

    I'm a celebrity get me out of here !!

    This show is excellent.

    There celebrities in there are so funny to watch, you would hardly watch a series of how celebrities really act under pressure, like real crying, arguments and so on and so forth.

    The bush tucker trials are excellent, the things they come up with are so random what will they think of next .

    I think its fair that they get treated like normal NON famous people because they realize what its like with-out being able to pull money out off there pocket to make everything better and get what they want.

    ANT and DEC

    They are hilarious they make me laugh all the time when they crack out a joke which they always do.

    The way they take the mick out of what the celebrities talk about and just little things they joke around about.

    Your sincerly Kandice ...
  • Im a Celeb get me out of here Now! Tolerated (only just)TPT and the other wet week in the last few series, BUT no way can I watch Brendan whatever his name, in the Forum on ITV2. Up posterior + not seeing daylight sounds about right.

    I'm sure ITV2 will be devastated to learn that they have lost one viewer for this "programme". If Brendan was included in the voting, I would take great pleasure in seeing him ousted and winging his way back to the antipodes. Please ITV2, listen to a liberated OAP who can use expletives herself, but cannot abide a nobody who thinks he is somebody, hogging a programme which is supposed to be a "forum" - if the participants can get a word in. Who is he, and where is he from? We wonder where they get the celebs from, but Brendan needs repatriating.
  • Junk

    Dont waste your time watching this. The only reason i decided to post this is because I was reading the paper and saw the 2007 line up and was thinking . Whos that, whos that, whos that, whos that ETC.. The only people i know is ex junkie jason donavan who didnt even have the guts to come to butlins last year and they made us watch peter bleeding andre. And someone from some band that won something (a female). If you want to watch no-bodys on tv trying to look cool and make it all over again then watch this. If you would rather watch something decent and entertaining then run down B&Q, but some paint, slap it on the wall and snuggle up in a duvet with your partner and watch it dry with a big bowl of popcorn.

    P.s the score would let me go low enougth to rate this show.
  • Scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape . . .

    That's the sound of the networks actually scraping the bottom of the barrel to pull this show out a place I dare not speak. I can imagine them (the producers) all huddled together, wringing their hands and saying, "Ok, how bout this. We put D-list celebrities in a Survivor like situation and make them compete for the approval of the admiring public.It'll boost our ratings and the D-listers will sign up in droves for the free publicity" Yeah-no. No one wants to follow the bathroom habits of Melissa Rivers. I don't care about A-list celebrities that much. This show was misplaced and obviously not well thought out.
  • I love this show.

    This show is fantastic. It gets better every year. I love watching the celebs do the bush tucker trials. I find that hilarious. Ant and Dec make the show even better. I think they are really funny presenters. Personally I think that it would be good if Ant and Dec have to do a bush tucker trial one year.
  • This is a reality show set in the Australian Jungle.

    Ant and Dec host this reality show and provide funny quips inbetween clips of that day in the jungle. A bunch of "celbs" are put into the jungle where they have to survive on a diet of rice and beans. They also have to earn their food and the viewers choose who they want to do the task that day. There are 10 stars up for grabs and they usually have to do something horrible in order to get the stars. My favourite bushtucker trial, even though its the most revolting is the one were they get a choice between a nice meal and a meal of insects among other things.
  • This is just brilliant. Going out of heli-copters, Its just as good as Dare-Devil!

    The 4th season was good. The show ended with love and joy of them. I loved this program as for 2 years i've wated for thois to come back on. They is no 5th. At least it's a good show were you can decide for things and it's placed in the Jungle!
  • Celebrities doing what they shoudl be doing, getting on their hands snd knees, entertaining us the proper way.

    Some of the series have been more successful than others, but you tend to forget about them quickly soom afterwards.
    The show has undoubtedly helped the carreers of Ant and Dec become ever more popualr than they ever were and helped them launch the Saturday night take away, were ratings fell because of Dr.Who.

    Anyhow, the main drawback of the show is that they never really contain celebrities, or not to begin with, then as thewy leave, they are shoved constantly tv so quickly that you get sick of them. Kerry Katona, the girl with the grisly accent and drink problem, she was on the other night but i didn't watch the rubbish.

    But the show is great, local man, to us i n Derbyshire, Paul Burrel really helped the show along and i really enjoyed ther pain and misery he had to endure to win gold stars for food.

    Lord Brocket in another series with Jordon was pure comedy as well, one of the best series, where jordon became ever more friendly with Peter Andre, now they're getting married.

    I hope the show comes back, i could never ge tired of the pain and misery the celebrities have to endure, but apparently it is cruel to throw bugs at people, again, a time when human rights laws are getting sick in the peoples minds.
  • Oh what fun, oh what joy.

    I adore this show, I wish it was on more often.

    Ant and Dec bounce off of each other with such ease, making tv watching more fun and excittment.

    This show at times can be dull and I spend more zapping through it until the parts with Ant and Dec in it, as there parts are mostly the most watchable.

    Some of the contestants need to spend a hell of a lot longer in there, that's for sure.
  • One of the better reality shows.

    I'm a Celebrity get me out of here is definately, in my opinion, one of the better reality tv shows out there. Lasting for only two weeks means that unlike Big Brother it doesn't seem to drag on endlessly and gives you that quick reality tv fix. I didn't really watch the first series much until near the end, but have watched religiously ever since.

    It's an unusual idea, dumping a group of celebrities into the middle of the jungle and then setting them different tasks to complete. It's also funny to see well known celebrities such as Jordan, Kerry Katona etc in basic surroundings without perfect hair and make-up.