I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! (UK)

Season 1 Episode 1

The Beginning

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Aug 25, 2002 on ITV

Episode Recap

It's 5am in the Australian outback, Ant & Dec come live from the camp to give us a "tour" of where the Celebrities might stay for the next two weeks; Self-styled 'British Battleaxe' Christine Hamilton, ex boxer & DJ Nigel Benn, comedienne Rhona Cameron, model Nell McAndrew, actor and singer Darren Day, 'Paranormalist' Uri Gellar, IT girl Tara Palmer Tomkinson and veteran DJ Tony Blackburn are the recruits - with no idea what lies ahead.
Ant & Dec explain the format of the show; For the first week, the public vote which of the celebrities will take part in the "Bush Tucker" competition. This is an event, which involves the celebrities being voted to do it. The public will decide who that person is. In the second week, the public are then voting who they want OUT of the jungle. Leaving the final two. The public then vote who they want to win - and be crowned The King, or Queen, Of The Jungle.
Tara faces some doubts before leaving. Since having a fear of snakes since she was 3, Paul McKenna the legendary hypnotist, hypnotises the once screaming Tara, into having a 9-foot python wrapped around her neck. Tara thanks Paul where she says she can sleep now, during the night.
The Celebrities are then taught basic survival techniques - including orienteering, emergency treatment of snake bites and wearing the proper clothes. Rhona jokes how she came half way round the world just for a pair of red trousers. Christine exclaims her delight of the trousers.
Ant & Dec talk about the first Bush Tucker competition. One voted celebrity, will take a shower. But with a difference. Instead of water, they will be showered in insects. Millipedes, Cockroaches, leeches and maggots. In succeeding, our celebrities will be showered in treats. Failing, and they will live on basic rations - a cup of rice and beans a day.
Tara is horrified, and can sense she will be the voted celebrity to do this competition.
The first sight of friction in the group has been stirred even before the game had started. During their training orienteering, appointed leader of the men's team, Uri, faces difficulties with Nigel, who tries to take charge. The men end up walking in circles, while the womens team arrive to the treasure first.
Nigel blames the others on their failure. Rhona and Tony have doubts about the challenge ahead but agree to stick it out, as it's for charity.
Friends and Families of the Celebrities then talk about how they feel their loved ones will cope. Nell's friend has predicted trouble between Nigel and her, but Nell dismisses this and says they will both help each other with the exercises.
Ant & Dec finish off the night with the numbers to vote for who the public want to see covered in insects in the challenge. 15p from every call or text message goes to that Celebrity's charity.
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