I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

Season 1 Episode 14

Episode 14

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2003 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Episode 14
As Day 14 began, Stuttering John Melendez was hit hard by Downtown Julie Brown's departure, while, back at her hotel, Julie revealed she hadn't made any real relationships with any of her fellow celebs except Stuttering John.
Bruce Jenner and Melissa Rivers took part in the celebrity chest hunt and took a long trek through the jungle, where at one point, they had to put on helmets and water boots and climb down a river. Their took them in a full circle back to camp- without the chest- until Melissa realized they missed a marker and went back and found the chest. Unfortunately, the celebs answered the question of the day incorrectly and were rewarded with a menu from Spago's restaurant as their booby prize.
Before taking place in the final Bushtucker trial, Stuttering John Melendez opened up to his fellow celebs about his stuttering problem, which had afflicted him since childhood. An anxious John then took part in his 2nd Bushtucker trial in which he had to wade through a swamp, filled with snakes and eels, to retrieve 4 stars hidden within 8 different lockboxes. However, the boxes all contained a surprise- some had no stars, while the ones with stars contained live eels. After his trial (in which he only managed to earn 2 stars), John was down on himself and the other celebs tried to cheer him up.
Throughout the show, the celebs stated why they thought he or she should be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle- and why they thought their fellows celebs shouldn't be. The celebs then had to pair up and take part in a crayfish challenge, but Melissa Rivers became upset when it appeared (to her) that no one wanted to be her partner because she was the last remaining female celeb. After Cris Judd and Melissa beat Bruce Jenner and Stuttering John Melendez by capturing two live crayfish, Melissa felt slighted when the men congratulated each other but ignored her. A hurt Melissa announced she was "done" but later rebounded and explained why her feelings got hurt. Stuttering John Melendez, however, was suspicious of Melissa's tears, thinking she was, perhaps, playing to the audience in an attempt to gain enough sympathy votes to be crowned Queen of the Jungle.
After dinner, the celebs participated in a quiz to determine how well they got to know their fellow celebs. Bruce Jenner, however, seemed somewhat upset when Stuttering John Melendez was only able to answer one question correctly about him. The celebs were then rewarded with a prize for participating in the quiz- a "Bruce Jenner Decathalon Game" from Parker Brothers. John, however, didn't seem that enthusiastic to be playing Bruce's boardgame and accused Cris Judd of kissing up to Bruce when Cris asked Bruce for his own copy of the game.
The action then shifted LIVE as host John Lehr announced that former Olympic champion Bruce Jenner would NOT be crowned "King of the Jungle" as he received the least amount of votes from the previous night and would be leaving camp. After saying goodbye to his fellow celebs, Bruce described to John Lerh how, as a motivational speaker, he had to motivate himself at his lowest point in the jungle in order to persevere during a rainstorm. After an emotional taped message from his wife, Bruce left the jungle and returned to his life of luxury as the 3 remaining celebs congratulated each other on making the final 3. Tune in tomorrow to the 2-HOUR SERIES FINALE to find out which of the remaining 3 celebs (Cris Judd, Stuttering John Melendez or Melissa Rivers) will be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle!!moreless

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John Lehr

John Lehr


Robin Leach

Robin Leach

Himself [1st Voted Off]

Maria Conchita Alonso

Maria Conchita Alonso

Herself [3rd Voted Off]

Downtown Julie Brown

Downtown Julie Brown

Herself [6th Voted Off]

Nikki Schieler Ziering

Nikki Schieler Ziering

Herself [4th Voted Off]

Melissa Rivers

Melissa Rivers

Herself [Runner-Up]

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    • Celebrity Chest #10
      Celebrity Participants: Bruce Jenner and Melissa Rivers
      Question of the Day: Which celebrity announced yesterday they've recently been married for the third time- A) Drew Barrymore or B) Anthony Hopkins?
      Correct Answer: Anthony Hopkins
      Prize: Not revealed. (Unfortunately, the celebs answered the question incorrectly and were rewarded with the booby prize- a Spago's menu.)

    • Bushtucker Trial #14: Bush Jacuzzi
      Description: One celeb has 3 minutes to find 4 stars hidden within 8 different lockboxes in a snake and eel-filled swamp.
      Celebrity Participant: Stuttering John Melendez
      Stars earned: 2 out of 4

    • Celebrity Voted Off: Bruce Jenner (who earned the least amount of votes on Monday night)


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