I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

Season 1 Episode 15

Episode 15

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2003 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Episode 15
The first hour of the 2-hour finale began with a recap of the first 15 days of the celebs in camp. As Day 15 began, Melissa Rivers, relieved that Bruce Jenner had been voted off, announced to the other 2 remaining celebs (Stuttering John Melendez and Cris Judd) that she had set her sights on being the last celeb standing in the jungle.
Cris Judd and Stuttering John Melendez then participated in the day's celebrity chest hunt but found the chest chained to a tree. However, the key to unlock the chest was locked to a hanging rope while the key to unlock the key to the chest was tied to another hanging rope. While one celeb (Stuttering John) had to remain seated on the chest at all times, the other celeb (Cris) had to figure out a way to unlock the keys without breaking the ropes. Realizing they must swing the ropes together to unlock the keys, John instructed Cris, who successfully unlocked the key to the chest. After answering the question of the day, the celebs were then rewarded with eggs, coffee, milk and sugar.
The 3 remaining celebs then learned that in order to receive their last dinner in the jungle, they would all have to take part in individual Bushtucker trials, where they would compete against each other. The celeb would earned the most stars would earn a fully prepared meal, the celeb would earned the second most stars would earn an unprepared meal and the celeb who earned the least stars would earn nothing- and have to subsist on only rice and beans. However, if all 3 celebs earned all 5 stars, they would all receive fully prepared meals. The celebs were then given the option to choose between the three words ROLL, REACH or WALK.
Stuttering John Melendez who chose the world ROLL faced the Bushtrucker trial first and had 3 minutes to cross a rolling beam over a snake-and-eel-infested river and grab 5 hanging stars. After quickly falling in the river, John rebounded and, luckily, when he grabbed his first star, another star came down too before falling in the river again. Then with timing running out, John returned to the beam and reached for two more stars and pulled down the third star as well, thus earning all 5 stars.
Then, Cris Judd who chose the word REACH faced his Bushtucker trial, in which he had 1 minute to transfer 5 eels from one tank to another. Although it sounded easy, Cris quickly discovered the eels were quite slippery and difficult to manage. After Cris transferred all 5 eels from the 1st tank to the 2nd with one second to spare, it was discovered that two eels had jumped out of the second tank and, thus, Cris only earned 3 stars.
Finally, Melissa Rivers who chose the world WALK faced her Bushtucker trial, which involved letting 10 insects walk over her while she stood on a podium. Melissa had 5 minutes to get 5 out of 10 stick insects to climb from her feet to the top of her hat. As it was the insects' nature to climb to the highest point, the trial wasn't very difficult for Melissa, who earned all 5 stars.
A review of the celebs' most entertaining moments in camp, was followed by clips of embarrassing confessions made by the celebs, including a revelation by Stuttering John Melendez that, at the age of 12, he got his penis stuck in his zipper, and by Alana Stewart, who confessed to having been arrested for shoplifting as a teenager. Then a clip was shown of Cris Judd revealing to his two remaining celebs intimate details of his marriage to ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez, including an encounter at Chanel where he and J.-Lo had to be rescued by police after they were surrounded by paparazzi.
As the first hour concluded, host John Lehr announced which of the 3 remaining celebs would be leaving next. Unfortunately, for Stuttering John Melendez, he received the least amount of votes and had to leave camp immediately.
The second hour began with an interview with newly ejected celeb Stuttering John, who revealed that his worst moments (aside from Bruce Jenner's stories) were the fighting among the other celebs over food. John also revealed that he refused to particpate in the celebs' threatened walk-out and would have stayed until the end no matter what. After a reunion with his wife, Stuttering John left the jungle.
More campside revelations about Cris Judd's marriage to J.-Lo were revealed such as his admission that he knew he loved J.-Lo the minute he met her; how J.-Lo personally chose him as her dancer by picking his headshot out of several others; his walk with J.-Lo down the streets of Spain, in which he held her hand as she continued burping; his first kiss with J.-Lo in London; how Jennifer flew her entire family to Los Angeles so she could spend New Year's 2001 with Cris and the revelation that J.-Lo told Cris she loved him first.
After the previously ejected celebs offered their opinions of the last 2 remaining celebs, host John Lehr then separately interviewed the remaining 2 contestants- Melissa Rivers and Cris Judd. Melissa revealed that she chose to do the show because she was inspired by her son and wanted to prove that she could put her money where her mouth is. Melissa also revealed that she had two goals at the beginning of the show: 1) to be the last remaining female celeb and 2) to ultimately be crowned "Queen of the Jungle."
Cris Judd, meanwhile, revealed that he felt very comfortable in the jungle and could go on for 2 more weeks. Cris also admitted that he still has feelings for his ex-wife Jennifer, but his jungle experience hadn't changed him one bit as he's still the same person he always was.
Recaps were then shown of all the friendships made in the celeb camp, including Tyson Beckford & Cris Judd; Downtown Julie Brown & Stuttering John Melendez; Maria Conchita Alonso & Alana Stewart and Robin Leach & Tyson Beckford.
Host John Lehr then brought back the 8 previously ejected celebs to the jungle for the LIVE announcement of who would be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle- Cris Judd or Melissa Rivers. Ultimately, Cris Judd was crowned "King of the Jungle" and earned 1/2 a million dollars for his charity, Make A Wish Foundation. In his final interview, Cris revealed he had fun in the jungle and made long-lasting connections with all his fellow celebrity campers. The newly crowned King of the Jungle (along with the other celebs) got himself out of the jungle and returned to his life of luxury.moreless

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John Lehr

John Lehr


Robin Leach

Robin Leach

Himself [1st Voted Off]

Maria Conchita Alonso

Maria Conchita Alonso

Herself [3rd Voted Off]

Downtown Julie Brown

Downtown Julie Brown

Herself [6th Voted Off]

Nikki Schieler Ziering

Nikki Schieler Ziering

Herself [4th Voted Off]

Melissa Rivers

Melissa Rivers

Herself [Runner-Up]

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (0)

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Host John Lehr: Cris Judd, you ARE King of the Jungle!

    • Robin Leach (about Cris Judd): He's one of those people that you want to throw your arms around and protect and, at the same time, when you throw your arms around him, you want him to love you back.

    • Alana Stewart (answering why she thinks Melissa Rivers is one of the last two remaining celebs): I'm not sure why she's still there other than the rumor that her mother bought a phone bank for her.

    • Stuttering John Melendez (trying to cheer up Cris Judd with a song after Cris's last Bushtucker trial): Here I am with Cris Judd, right now he's acting like a dud. He's mad at what happened at the trial, I wish Cris would just give me a smile.

    • Host John Lehr (to Stuttering John Melendez after his REACH Bushtucker trial): I haven't seen extension like that since Michael Jordan.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Celebrity Chest #11
      Celebrity Participants: Cris Judd and Stuttering John Melendez
      Question of the Day: Which celebrity does Nikki Ziering say she could see herself falling in love with because "he's such a doll"- A) Stutteing John or B) Cris Judd?
      Correct Answer: Stuttering John
      Prize: Eggs, coffee, milk and sugar.

    • Bushtucker Trial #17: Leaf Mimic Walk
      Description: One celeb must stand on a plaform while 10 leaf mimics (insects) are placed on his or her feet. The celeb will then have 10 minutes to get 5 of the leaf mimics to climb to the top of his or her hat.
      Celebrity Participant: Melissa Rivers
      Stars earned: 5 out of 5

    • Bushtucker Trial #16: Ye Old Eel Transfer
      Description: One celeb has one minute to transfer five eels from one tank to another.
      Celebrity Participant: Cris Judd
      Stars earned: 3 out of 5

    • Bushtucker Trial #15: Spinning Stars
      Description: One celeb has three minutes to grab up to five stars while standing on a spinning log over a pool of water with snakes and eels.
      Celebrity Participant: Stuttering John Melendez
      Stars earned: 5 out of 5

    • Winner: Cris Judd (who was crowned "King of the Jungle" by earning the most amount of votes on Tuesday night)
      Runner-up: Melissa Rivers
      Celebrity Voted Off: Stuttering John Melendez (who became the eight celebrity voted off earlier in the episode)