I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

Weekdays 8:00 PM on NBC Premiered Feb 01, 2003 In Season


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  • Wait!...there's more than the outdated TV.com summary would indicate!...

    What a steaming heap of 2009 horse pucky! I sat aghast at this (trust me it was force-fed) broadcast, and the collection of...I am bereft of adjectives here...who populate this "cast".
    I hope they are paying this Spencer creep a pile-'o-money, because he just shot his non-existant career all to hell. Its called type-casting and he will SOOOO qualify after this one! And I don't care that this nonsense is scripted and he just gets to play the loser. Oh wait, he can share that designation with his beloved and equally vacuous bim...uh, sorry...wife (who says hell is in the after life??!!)

    And then there is Janice Dickinson? Or Steven Baldwin? And what caused Lou Diamond Phillips to go slumming? But then I do have to laugh, because like Spencer, I too would have to Google the rest of them. If I cared...but like the premise of this show...there is no point.