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  • Episode 15
    Episode 15
    Episode 15
    The first hour of the 2-hour finale began with a recap of the first 15 days of the celebs in camp. As Day 15 began, Melissa Rivers, relieved that Bruce Jenner had been voted off, announced to the other 2 remaining celebs (Stuttering John Melendez and Cris Judd) that she had set her sights on being the last celeb standing in the jungle.
    Cris Judd and Stuttering John Melendez then participated in the day's celebrity chest hunt but found the chest chained to a tree. However, the key to unlock the chest was locked to a hanging rope while the key to unlock the key to the chest was tied to another hanging rope. While one celeb (Stuttering John) had to remain seated on the chest at all times, the other celeb (Cris) had to figure out a way to unlock the keys without breaking the ropes. Realizing they must swing the ropes together to unlock the keys, John instructed Cris, who successfully unlocked the key to the chest. After answering the question of the day, the celebs were then rewarded with eggs, coffee, milk and sugar.
    The 3 remaining celebs then learned that in order to receive their last dinner in the jungle, they would all have to take part in individual Bushtucker trials, where they would compete against each other. The celeb would earned the most stars would earn a fully prepared meal, the celeb would earned the second most stars would earn an unprepared meal and the celeb who earned the least stars would earn nothing- and have to subsist on only rice and beans. However, if all 3 celebs earned all 5 stars, they would all receive fully prepared meals. The celebs were then given the option to choose between the three words ROLL, REACH or WALK.
    Stuttering John Melendez who chose the world ROLL faced the Bushtrucker trial first and had 3 minutes to cross a rolling beam over a snake-and-eel-infested river and grab 5 hanging stars. After quickly falling in the river, John rebounded and, luckily, when he grabbed his first star, another star came down too before falling in the river again. Then with timing running out, John returned to the beam and reached for two more stars and pulled down the third star as well, thus earning all 5 stars.
    Then, Cris Judd who chose the word REACH faced his Bushtucker trial, in which he had 1 minute to transfer 5 eels from one tank to another. Although it sounded easy, Cris quickly discovered the eels were quite slippery and difficult to manage. After Cris transferred all 5 eels from the 1st tank to the 2nd with one second to spare, it was discovered that two eels had jumped out of the second tank and, thus, Cris only earned 3 stars.
    Finally, Melissa Rivers who chose the world WALK faced her Bushtucker trial, which involved letting 10 insects walk over her while she stood on a podium. Melissa had 5 minutes to get 5 out of 10 stick insects to climb from her feet to the top of her hat. As it was the insects' nature to climb to the highest point, the trial wasn't very difficult for Melissa, who earned all 5 stars.
    A review of the celebs' most entertaining moments in camp, was followed by clips of embarrassing confessions made by the celebs, including a revelation by Stuttering John Melendez that, at the age of 12, he got his penis stuck in his zipper, and by Alana Stewart, who confessed to having been arrested for shoplifting as a teenager. Then a clip was shown of Cris Judd revealing to his two remaining celebs intimate details of his marriage to ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez, including an encounter at Chanel where he and J.-Lo had to be rescued by police after they were surrounded by paparazzi.
    As the first hour concluded, host John Lehr announced which of the 3 remaining celebs would be leaving next. Unfortunately, for Stuttering John Melendez, he received the least amount of votes and had to leave camp immediately.
    The second hour began with an interview with newly ejected celeb Stuttering John, who revealed that his worst moments (aside from Bruce Jenner's stories) were the fighting among the other celebs over food. John also revealed that he refused to particpate in the celebs' threatened walk-out and would have stayed until the end no matter what. After a reunion with his wife, Stuttering John left the jungle.
    More campside revelations about Cris Judd's marriage to J.-Lo were revealed such as his admission that he knew he loved J.-Lo the minute he met her; how J.-Lo personally chose him as her dancer by picking his headshot out of several others; his walk with J.-Lo down the streets of Spain, in which he held her hand as she continued burping; his first kiss with J.-Lo in London; how Jennifer flew her entire family to Los Angeles so she could spend New Year's 2001 with Cris and the revelation that J.-Lo told Cris she loved him first.
    After the previously ejected celebs offered their opinions of the last 2 remaining celebs, host John Lehr then separately interviewed the remaining 2 contestants- Melissa Rivers and Cris Judd. Melissa revealed that she chose to do the show because she was inspired by her son and wanted to prove that she could put her money where her mouth is. Melissa also revealed that she had two goals at the beginning of the show: 1) to be the last remaining female celeb and 2) to ultimately be crowned "Queen of the Jungle."
    Cris Judd, meanwhile, revealed that he felt very comfortable in the jungle and could go on for 2 more weeks. Cris also admitted that he still has feelings for his ex-wife Jennifer, but his jungle experience hadn't changed him one bit as he's still the same person he always was.
    Recaps were then shown of all the friendships made in the celeb camp, including Tyson Beckford & Cris Judd; Downtown Julie Brown & Stuttering John Melendez; Maria Conchita Alonso & Alana Stewart and Robin Leach & Tyson Beckford.
    Host John Lehr then brought back the 8 previously ejected celebs to the jungle for the LIVE announcement of who would be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle- Cris Judd or Melissa Rivers. Ultimately, Cris Judd was crowned "King of the Jungle" and earned 1/2 a million dollars for his charity, Make A Wish Foundation. In his final interview, Cris revealed he had fun in the jungle and made long-lasting connections with all his fellow celebrity campers. The newly crowned King of the Jungle (along with the other celebs) got himself out of the jungle and returned to his life of luxury.moreless
  • Night 14
    Night 14
    Episode 14
  • Night 14 - Finale
    Night 14 - Finale
    Episode 14   
    The finale is here and the celebrities will find out who will be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle!
  • Episode 14
    Episode 14
    Episode 14
    As Day 14 began, Stuttering John Melendez was hit hard by Downtown Julie Brown's departure, while, back at her hotel, Julie revealed she hadn't made any real relationships with any of her fellow celebs except Stuttering John.
    Bruce Jenner and Melissa Rivers took part in the celebrity chest hunt and took a long trek through the jungle, where at one point, they had to put on helmets and water boots and climb down a river. Their took them in a full circle back to camp- without the chest- until Melissa realized they missed a marker and went back and found the chest. Unfortunately, the celebs answered the question of the day incorrectly and were rewarded with a menu from Spago's restaurant as their booby prize.
    Before taking place in the final Bushtucker trial, Stuttering John Melendez opened up to his fellow celebs about his stuttering problem, which had afflicted him since childhood. An anxious John then took part in his 2nd Bushtucker trial in which he had to wade through a swamp, filled with snakes and eels, to retrieve 4 stars hidden within 8 different lockboxes. However, the boxes all contained a surprise- some had no stars, while the ones with stars contained live eels. After his trial (in which he only managed to earn 2 stars), John was down on himself and the other celebs tried to cheer him up.
    Throughout the show, the celebs stated why they thought he or she should be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle- and why they thought their fellows celebs shouldn't be. The celebs then had to pair up and take part in a crayfish challenge, but Melissa Rivers became upset when it appeared (to her) that no one wanted to be her partner because she was the last remaining female celeb. After Cris Judd and Melissa beat Bruce Jenner and Stuttering John Melendez by capturing two live crayfish, Melissa felt slighted when the men congratulated each other but ignored her. A hurt Melissa announced she was "done" but later rebounded and explained why her feelings got hurt. Stuttering John Melendez, however, was suspicious of Melissa's tears, thinking she was, perhaps, playing to the audience in an attempt to gain enough sympathy votes to be crowned Queen of the Jungle.
    After dinner, the celebs participated in a quiz to determine how well they got to know their fellow celebs. Bruce Jenner, however, seemed somewhat upset when Stuttering John Melendez was only able to answer one question correctly about him. The celebs were then rewarded with a prize for participating in the quiz- a "Bruce Jenner Decathalon Game" from Parker Brothers. John, however, didn't seem that enthusiastic to be playing Bruce's boardgame and accused Cris Judd of kissing up to Bruce when Cris asked Bruce for his own copy of the game.
    The action then shifted LIVE as host John Lehr announced that former Olympic champion Bruce Jenner would NOT be crowned "King of the Jungle" as he received the least amount of votes from the previous night and would be leaving camp. After saying goodbye to his fellow celebs, Bruce described to John Lerh how, as a motivational speaker, he had to motivate himself at his lowest point in the jungle in order to persevere during a rainstorm. After an emotional taped message from his wife, Bruce left the jungle and returned to his life of luxury as the 3 remaining celebs congratulated each other on making the final 3. Tune in tomorrow to the 2-HOUR SERIES FINALE to find out which of the remaining 3 celebs (Cris Judd, Stuttering John Melendez or Melissa Rivers) will be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle!!moreless
  • Night 13
    Night 13
    Episode 13
    The last remaining star will be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle, winning the largest share of the prize for donation.
  • Episode 13
    Episode 13
    Episode 13
  • Night 12
    Night 12
    Episode 12
    The celebrities with the lowest amount of 'Save the Fave' votes will duke it out to stay in the competition.
  • Episode 12
    Episode 12
    Episode 12
    The first hour of this 2-HOUR Episode was mostly recaps of the celebs' first 11 days in the jungle (with new footage added). Some of the new footage included scenes of the celebs sharing their bad habits around camp; Tyson Beckford and Cris Judd pulling practical jokes on their fellow celebs; and a contrast between the celebs' interviews before they came to camp (in which they described their individual strengths) and how they did or didn't live up to these strenths during their time at camp.
    Before the first hour was over, host John Lehr interviewed LIVE the first two ousted celebs, Robin Leach and Alana Stewart. Robin revealed he had taking cooking lessons before arriving in Australia, which helped him in his role of camp chef. Robin was then joined by Alana Stewart, whom he hadn't spoken to since leaving camp. They both stated they bore no ill will towards each other, despite their differences in camp.
    The second hour picked on Day 12 of the celeb camp, as the celebs were depressed by the departure of Nikki Schieler Ziering. Back at her hotel, a refreshed and beautified Nikki stated she adored her fellow celebs and only had the nicest things to say about them.
    Stuttering John Melendez and Cris Judd then created a "fart dance" as John danced to the fart noises Cris made using an Aboriginal horn. Later, John faced peril in the jungle while collecting firewood with Cris. Alerted by a sound man, John realized a venomous spider was crawling on his chest, which spooked John, who dropped the firewood and shook off the spider. While the incident proved frightening to John, Cris couldn't help but laugh at John's predicament.
    Bruce Jenner volunteered for his 2nd Buschtucker trial and proved a champ when he earned all 6 stars for his fellow celebs. His trial: catching stars while being showered by oil, worms, crickets, beatles cockroaches and turkey feathers. When the trial was over, Bruce was covered with insects and feathers but decided not wash off right then and there. A filthy Bruce returned to camp to show the other celebs what he had done for them. However, Tyson became resentful when the other celebs congratulated Bruce on his trial. Tyson still maintained that his trial was harder and privately accused the others celebs of being jealous of him(??).
    The celebs then had some fun when they were given a videocamera and allowed to film themselves. Stuttering John Melendez did his best impression of "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin while capturing the other celebs on camera. However, the celebs got a nasty surprise when the meals Bruce Jenner won during that day's Bushtucker trial arrived- two unplucked dead chickens, with head and feet attached. After plucking and cutting the chicken, though, the celebs cooked at ate the birds.
    Later, Tyson got into it with Downtown Julie Brown when he accused her of snapping at him. However, Stuttering John Melendez observed that the snapping was mutual between Tyson and Julie and not as one-sided as Tyson seemed to think. Tyson still cried that the others didn't thank him after his failed Bushtucker trial, but Stuttering John Melendez and Downtown Julie Brown didn't think his complaints had any merit.
    After dinner, the celebs got another surprise- letters from their loved ones back home. However, not every celeb was especially happy after their letters were read. Melissa Rivers appeared upset that her famous mother seemed to criticize her, even in jest, and confided in Downtown Julie Brown that her mother is always critical of her. Meanwhile, after an emotional letter from Stuttering John Melendez's wife was read, Cris Judd, reflected on his own love life and wondered if he'd ever find true love again.
    The action shifted LIVE as host John Lehr announced that Tyson Beckford would be the next celeb to leave. After Tyson bid adieu to his fellow celebs, he told John Lehr he had no trouble surviving the jungle elements- surviving his fellow was the hardest. After a recap of Tyson's memorable moments at camp, he denied any future romance with fellow ousted celeb Nikki Schieler Ziering. Tyson was then surprised with a LIVE reunion with another ousted celeb, his new buddy Robin Leach. The remaining celebs, meanwhile, were shocked by Tyson's unexpected departure. Tune in tomorrow when a sixth celeb will be voted off!moreless
  • Night 11
    Night 11
    Episode 11
    The celebrities with the lowest amount of 'Save the Fave' votes will duke it out to stay in the competition.
  • Episode 11
    Episode 11
    Episode 11
    As Day 11 began, Bruce Jenner was elected camp leader for the 2nd time. Although the celebs were familiar to his leadership style, some found him hard to take, such as Stuttering John Melendez, who fell asleep during Bruce's pep speech, which had been given numerous times before. Under Bruce's leadership, the celebs tried their best to prepare for an upcoming storm, but when the storm finally hit the camp, the celebs scrambled to keep the fire lit and Bruce Jenner's nice-guy facade began to crack.
    After the storm, Melissa Rivers decided to bare all and pulled off her wet shirt while wearing just a bra. Melissa cried that no man would want to date her after seeing her unkempt condition on TV. However, Melissa pointed out that all the celebs, with the exception of Nikki Schieler Ziering, looked pretty bad. Nikki, meanwhile, shared with Downtown Julie Brown the power of being pretty, as she uses her looks and body to get what she wants.
    Downtown Julie Brown and Stuttering John Melendez took part in the celebrity chest hunt, which was made all too easy by strategically placed red arrows pointing them in the right direction. However, the hard part was bringing the chest back to camp, as the chest was weighed down by its contents and extremely heavy. After being unable to carry it, Julie and John literally dragged it back to camp, where the celebs failed to answer the question of the day and were rewarded with the booby prize- a copy of Robin Leach's cookbook.
    While on the celebrity chest hunt, Stuttering John Melendez and Downtown Julie Brown dished the dirt on their fellow celebs, revealing how close Bruce Jenner came to slugging Alana Stewart after she repeatedly asked how to boil water; how Nikki Schieler Ziering constantly manipulates others to help her out and how Tyson Beckford has 2 sides to his personality- a sweet nice guy and an "egomaniacal psychopath."
    The celebs (with the exception of Tyson Beckford) all voted for Tyson Beckford to take part in the next Bushtucker trial, as he was the only remaining celeb who had not yet faced a trial. For his trial, Tyson had to swim in a rain forest pool and collect 7 stars from 7 different tubes which contained some "company," according to host John Lehr. Tyson scored 2 stars from the first 2 tubes, which contained a booby-trap of ballons and fake rubber snakes, however, Tyson got freaked on the third tube when he was confronted by a live python and he threw 2 of his stars away in a panic and only earned 1 star before his time ran out. Afterwards, Tyson raised ire in his fellow celebs when he claimed his trial was the hardest yet. However, his complaints fell on deaf ears with Downtown Julie Brown, who herself faced 3 trials in a row, Nikki Schieler Ziering (who faced the croc pit) and Stuttering John Melendez.
    As Tyson only scored 1 star, the celebs had to split one meal and were pretty hungry at dinnertime. Tensions ran high between Bruce Jenner and Stuttering John Melendez after Bruce asked John what college he attended. It seems Bruce had asked John that question approximately 5-6 times that week but didn't pay attention or remember his response, which irritated John. Bruce, on the other hand, was irritated by John's sarcasm, but the two men quickly cleared the air.
    The action shifted LIVE as host John Lehr announced that "Jungle Barbie" Nikki Schieler Ziering scored the least amount of votes from the previous night and would be leaving camp immediately. After saying goodbye to her fellow celebs, Nikki was interviewed by host John Lehr and described her experience as "grueling, miserable, scary." But the hardest part of her experience, according to Nikki, was putting up with the yelling and screaming of her other celebs. After a review of various clips showing how Nikki managed to look her best, despite her jungle surroundings, Nikki admitted to smuggling in sunscreen, a comb and a brush into camp to keep up her appearance. Nikki then denied any romance was brewing between her and fellow celeb Tyson Beckford. After a reunion with his sister, Nikki left the jungle and returned to her life of luxury. Tune in tomorrow for a Special 2-Hour Episode when a sixth person will be voted off!!moreless
  • Night 10
    Night 10
    Episode 10
    The celebrities find out which celebrity America voted to save in the competition, and which two will be going home.
  • Episode 10
    Episode 10
    Episode 10
    As Day 10 began, the celebs dealt with Alana Stewart's departure by dividing up her belongings. However, when they found an avocado hidden under her bed, the celebs suspected Alana of hording smuggled food. Meanwhile, back at her hotel, Alana reflected on her jungle experience, while denying she smuggled food into camp.
    Meanwhile, Nikki Schieler Ziering stirred up controversy amongst her fellow celebs when Tyson Beckford blabbed she had used the celeb's limited supply of drinking water to wash her hair. For her punishment, Nikki had to boil water all day. Although Nikki and Tyson cleared the air regarding his scolding, they later got into it again after Nikki made a suggestion about a log that Tyson and Cris Judd used to carve Robin Leach's initials. Tyson declared the log was off-limits to the other celebs, who wanted to carve their initials into it as well. Luckily, Tyson and Nikki straightened out their disagreements.
    Melissa Rivers and Tyson Beckford took part in the celebrity chest hunt but found the chest tied up high in a tree. To get the chest down, Tyson had to throw rocks at a bull's eye, which would then release the chest. After a few unsuccessful throws, Tyson managed to release the chest but, when they could not entirely remove the rope, they decided to burn it off. After the celebs answered correctly the question of the day, they were rewarded with dough, which they used to make "jungle bread."
    Cris Judd took part in the next Bushtucker trial, where he had one minute to retrieve 8 dinner stars from a tank full of eels. The catch- he had to use only his teeth. Fortunately, Cris was able to get all 8 stars within the alloted time frame.
    Later, both Tyson Beckford and Melissa Rivers opened up to the other celebs about personal tragedies in their lives. Tyson revealed how he didn't speak for a year after the death of his brother, who was killed during a robbery attempt. Melissa, meanwhile, revealed painful details of her later father's suicide.
    Stuttering John Melendez and Downtown Julie Brown were amazed at Bruce Jenner's constant storytelling, especially when his stories dragged on and went off on tangents. However, Bruce seemed clueless to his biggest mistake- constantly mentionining Ben Affleck (the current fiancé of Cris Judd's ex-wife Jennifer Lopez) around Cris. Cris, on the other hand, revealed an embarrassing story of his Chippendales days. Then, to lighten up the mood, Tyson Beckford streaked naked throughout camp!
    The action shifted LIVE as host John Lehr announced Maria Conchita Alonso would be the next celeb to leave camp. Maria , however, seemed happy to leave and explained it was harder for her to survive her fellow celebs than the jungle elements. After a quick recap of Maria's memorable moments, Maria happily returned to civilization. Tune in tomorrow, when a fourth celeb is voted off camp!!moreless
  • Episode 9
    Episode 9
    Episode 9
    As Day 9 began, Robin Leach's departure left the camp in shock as the other celebs were sad to see him go first. Hardest hit by Robin's departure was Melissa Rivers and Tyson Beckford. Alana Stewart, however, seemed relieved by his ouster because she didn't want to be the first to go and because she felt he was too bossy. Alana then chose Stuttering John Melendez as the camp leader of the day, as she wanted the day to be relaxed and didn't want control-freak Tyson Beckford in charge.
    Meanwhile, back at his hotel, Robin Leach offered the dish on his life at camp with his fellow celebs, where he dissed some (e.g., Alana Stewart) while praising others (e.g., Melissa Rivers, Cris Judd). Back at camp, Alana Stewart tried unsuccessfully to fill Robin Leach's role as the camp cook with disastrous results.
    Host John Lehr then instructed the celebs that they had to choose among them who would participate in the next Bushtucker trial (as the audience no longer voted for the trials). A willing Bruce Jenner gamely volunteered and had to climb his way up a series of waterfalls while retrieving 9 dinner stars along the way. Proving his Olympic abilitiy, Bruce scored all 9 stars with time to spare.
    Meanwhile, Downtown Julie Brown and Cris Judd searched for and quickly found the celebrity chest. However, the chest was chained up and the key to unlock the chain was tied up very high up a tree. To retrieve the key, Julie had to get into a harness while Cris, using a rope, raised her until she was high enough to reach it. After Julie nabbed the key, they took the chest back to camp where the celebs discussed the question of the day. However, learning the prize was fresh-baked browines, the celebs, led by Tyson, took to smelling the chest to determine the right answer and were successful in scoring the desserts.
    After dinner, the celebs discussed plastic surgery and Melissa Rivers offered info about her famous mother's nips and tucks. Stuttering John Melendez accused Bruce Jenner of being extremely vain, but Bruce then elicited laughter from the celebs when he passed gas. Tyson Beckford, meanwhile, faced danger when he found a snake that had invaded the celeb camp and security was called in to remove it. Snake hysteria took over the camp as Stuttering John Melendez revealed to Melissa Rivers that Tyson was afraid of snakes and had conspired with Cris Judd to nominate Bruce Jenner to take place in the rest of the Bushtucker trials.
    The action shifted LIVE as host John Lehr made his way to the celeb camp and revealed which celeb would be next to go. Not surprisingly, Alana Stewart received the least amount of votes and was extremely relieved to bid adieu to the celeb camp and return to her life of luxury. During an interview with host John Lehr, Alana discussed her infamous fight with Downtown Julie Brown (in which, she fantasized about punching her) and then reviewed clips of her memorables moments (such as facing down a possum). The other celebs, however, wasted no time in divying up Alana's possessions. Tune in tomorrow when a 3rd celeb will be voted off!moreless
  • Episode 8
    Episode 8
    Episode 8
    As Day 8 began, Melissa Rivers, in an odd move, handed over camp leadership to Alana Stewart. Melissa reasoned that since it was the last full day all 10 celebs would be together, it would be an easy day for Alana to be in charge. However, not everyone agreed with her choice, especially Robin Leach and Stuttering John Melendez who both had trouble taking orders from Alana and her lax attitude about doing any real work herself. Later, Alana stirred up a hornet's nest at lunch when she insisted on having more to eat than just lentil soup, but the other celebs quickly vetoed her authority.
    As the celebs would soon be voted off one by one, the men thought it wise to teach the women to fend for themselves (such as collecting firewood and tending to the fire), in case the men get voted off first. However, as Robin Leach discovered while lecturing the women, they didn't seem to heed his warning, as Melissa Rivers and Nikki Schieler Ziering nodded off while Maria Conchita Alonso and Alana Stewart quickly dismissed his instruction.
    However, it was Tyson's condescending lecture that sent the women, especially Alanna Stewart and Melissa Conchita Alonso, into an uproar. Maria quickly stood up to Tyson, who offered a half-hearted apology, while Alana cried tears after she assumed he was pointing the finger at her for not pulling her weight around camp.
    Later, Robin Leach blundered while trying to soothe a frazzled Downtown Julie Brown's nerves before she faced her third Bushtucker trial in a row- the snake pit. Julie cried that Robin just didn't get it- the trials WERE real and did cause pain, such as when she leeches bit her. Before her trial, Julie was instructed that the snakes could bite her and was warned to proceed slowly and back off if a snake seemed ready to attack. However, Julie proved her mettle in the snake pit by earning 7 out of 10 stars.
    At night, Nikki Schieler Ziering, per Tyson Beckford's instructions, tended to the fire but seemed oblivious to the sexual innuendos being made to her by the men. The celebs then lightened up and laughed while by doing impressions of their fellow celebs. Bruce Jenner imitated Alana Stewart; Robin Leach mimicked Stuttering John Melendez; Cris Judd did a dead-on impression of Tyson Beckford and Stuttering John Melendez perfectly copied Robin Leach (including accent).
    The action shifted LIVE as host John Lehr entered the celeb camp and announced which celeb received the LEAST amount of votes from the previous night and would therefore be leaving immediately. In a stunning announcement, John Lehr instructed Robin Leach to say his goodbyes to his fellow celebs as America decided he wasn't the one they wanted most to stay. John Lehr then interviewed Robin, who denied beig bossy at camp and stated his reason for doing the show in the first place- to shake-up life of comfort and prove he was up to the challenge. After a clip of Robin's most memorable moments on the show and a message from his friend Charo, Robin bid adieu to the Australian rain forest and enjoyed a glass of champagne. Tune in tomorrow to see which celeb is voted off next!!moreless
  • Episode 7
    Episode 7
    Episode 7
    The episode began with the a review of night 6. As a storm raged on, there was an uprising among the celebs, who were split on whether or not to bolt the show if producers didn't cave in to their demands. The next morning, on Day 7, Robin Leach handed over leadership of the camp to Melissa Rivers. As the sun came out, the celebs felt relieved that producers had given in to their demands. There was still plenty of tension, though, as Robin snapped at Nikki Schieler Ziering for sticking her personal fork into the community food (even though Nikki said Robin did the same thing minutes later). To lighten the mood around camp, Nikki gave facials to the other celebs, while Melissa Rivers encouraged Alana Stewart and Downtown Julie Brown to make peace. Meanwhile, it was learned that 2 days prior, Tyson Beckford had flew off the handle with producers, demanding to speak to his manager and attorney. Later, the other celebs debated whether Tyson had gone too far- with Alana Stewart, Bruce Jenner and Stuttering John Melendez agreeing that he did. But Tyson flat out refused to discuss his demanding behavior.
    Meanwhile, Bruce Jenner and Maria Conchita Alonso set off to find the day's celebrity chest with Bruce steering Maria in the wrong direction. Good thing she didn't listen to him as she single-handedly found the chest. Back at camp, the celebs answered the question of the day correctly and were rewarded with the chest's treasure- fire resistant oven mitts and a campfire toasting grill.
    To pass the time, Bruce hosted the "jungle Olympics," where Maria Conchita Alonso did a long jump, Tyson threw the shot put, Nikki did the limbo (a.ka. high/low-jump), Cris Judd ran a 500 meter relay from camp to the toilet without getting a roll of toilet paper wet, Stuttering John Melendez pole vaulted over Robin Leach, Downtown Julie Brown threw the javelin and Melissa Rivers did a 500 meter relay (which actually only consisted of her putting on her rain gear as fast as she could.)
    Meanwhile, Downtown Julie Brown was nervous about facing her second Bushtucker trial in a row, but was given support by Alana Stewart, of all people. Julie's trial left her in the dark jungle at night for 140 minutes. Fortunately, Julie was able to win 10 stars for her and her fellow celebs, after sticking candle wax in her ears to drown out all the scary jungle noises. Unfortunately, for Julie, at the end of the episode, host John Lehr announced that America chose her YET AGAIN to participate in the next (and final) Bushtucker trial- the snake pit. Julie looked down right upset and host John Lehr split after revealing the bad news, but not before encouraging viewers to vote for the celeb they most want to win the title of King or Queen of the Jungle. Tomorrow night the celeb who receives the lowest numbers of votes will be asked to leave camp. Tune in tomorrow!!moreless
  • Episode 6
    Episode 6
    Episode 6
    As Day 6 began, the celebs were pounded by rain, which flooded the camp and drenched their beds. Host John Lehr explained the celebs faced more rain in the last 4 days than Austalia usually has in a year. Robin Leach then nominated himself as camp leader of the day and quickly took charge, assiging chores to the other celebs. His main objective- to keep the camp clean. However, as the day wore on, the celebs went to the producers with a list of demands, such as a tarp, dry beds, clothes and towels, and threatened to walk out if their demands weren't met.
    Tyson Beckford and Nikki Schieler Ziering took part in the celebrity chest hunt and found the chest, despite the downpour. After bringing it back to camp, the celebs got the question of the day right and won towels, body scrubbers and massage oils. Meanwhile, Tyson Beckford complained that Bruce Jenner was trying to horn in on his tight friendship with Cris Judd by taking Cris's attention away at every opportunity. However, as Tyson explained, he didn't really care because he and Cris would still be hanging out once the show's over.
    Meanwhile, Downtown Julie Brown was irritated by Alana Stewart's constant whining. When she was chosen to take place in the next Bushtucker trial, Julie was glad to temporarily get away from Alana. However, once she faced her trial, it was a different story. To earn 10 dinner stars, Julie had to sit in a tank full of leaches, removing one star at 30 second intervals. After 5 minutes, however, Julie could no longer take the pain of the leeches (which she equated to bee stings) and got out of the tank. Julie won 5 stars but beat her intended goal of earning only 1 star.
    As the rain continued to pour, Robin Leach and Melissa Rivers went to the producers and threatened a walk out by all 10 celebrities. All the celebs then made their way to the Bush Telegraph confessional hut and demanded more food and dry clothes. However, talk of a walk out divided the camp as some celebs, such as Stuttering John Melendez, refused to go. After the celebs were provided with canopies for their beds and a crew came in to drain trenches around camp, Robin Leach still insisted the celebs walk out, with Melissa Rivers and Tyson Beckford siding by him. However, his attempted revolt failed when some of the other celebs- Bruce Jenner, Alana Stewart, Maria Conchita Alonso, Stuttering John Melendez and Cris Judd opted to stay.
    As the action resumed LIVE, it appeared that all 10 celebs had stayed (for at least 1 more day anyway). Host John Lehr then announced the results of last night's voting for the celeb who would take place in the next Bushtucker trial- spending a night in the pitch-black forest. And the unfortunate celeb chosen by America was Downtown Julie Brown for the second time in a row. John Lehr then encouraged viewers to vote for the celeb they most wanted to take place in the next Bushtucker trial, which would involved both "will and fortitude." Tune in tomorrow!!moreless
  • Night 5
    Night 5
    Episode 5
    TWO-HOURS! Find out who will be participating in the "Flash Flood" food challenge! And, will Heidi and Spencer return?
  • Episode 5
    Episode 5
    Episode 5
    The first hour of this 2-hour episode focused on meeting the celebrities, including testimonials from their famous family and friends. Viewers were also given a tour of the celebrity campsite by host John Lehr, as well as a presentation by a medical officer of the dangerous creatures the celebs could face- such as huntsman spiders, leeches and the poisonous brown tree snakes. There was also never before seen footage from the celeb's first four days at camp, such as embarrassing confessionals about their childhood, and interviews with the celebs before they arrived at camp as to what they were expecting.
    The second hour began with Day 5 at the celeb camp, which began with a break from the rain after four days. Although the sun provided relief to the celebs, some were still not pleased. Tyson Beckford, for one, was quickly tiring of being the camp hygienist, as well as fire keeper. The celebs then disagreed about which celebs were going to find the day's celebrity chest. Although Robin Leach and Alana Stewart were elected, Downtown Julie Brown thought it was a mistake to send the two weakest (and oldest) celebs off together. However, Robin and Alana did manage to find the chest, which was hidden above them in a tree, after circling around it for 30 minutes!! Unfortunately, the celebs answered the question incorrectly and were given the booby prize.
    The question of the day led to a bonding experience between Melissa Rivers and Nikki Schieler Ziering, who both shared personal breast implant stories. The men, meanwhile, engaged in a shaving party, where Robin Leach was given a fashionable goatee.
    Alana Stewart, meanwhile, was visibly shaken and started crying when host John Lehr announced America chose her to participate in the next Bushtucker trial. However, Alana showed no fear in her trial, which involved using only her teeth to remove the dinner stars from 10 different tanks, which included worms, beetles, leeches, cockroaches, spiders, rats and eels. But the one tank that proved most troubling was the last- which contained a moutain bushtail possum. Unfortunately for Alana, the possum sat atop the star so she tried to push it off with her head while the rodent hissed at her. Although Alana was game, the handlers decided she'd upset the creature and moved the star. Proceeding very slowly, Alana put her face in the tank and slowly retrieved the star, even though the possum continued to hiss. Alana surprsingly earned all 10 stars, a feat some of her fellow celebs didn't think she would do.
    Afterwards, Stuttering John Melendez did what he does best and asked the celebs some very direct questions, such as if Nikki Schieler Ziering had sex with Tyson Beckford (no, but she dreamt about it), if Cris Judd was pissed at J.-Lo (he was disappointed but not pissed) and if Bruce Jenner had a nose job (he did, 20 years ago).
    Later, the celebs created a flag with each celeb contributing their own personal mark. Then, what started out as a salsa dance lesson for Downtown Julie Brown by Cris Judd turned into a dance contest between all the celebs with Cris Judd and Melissa Rivers winning hands down. At night, the celebs feasted on the meal Alana had won- an unknown fish. However, they would soon find out, they had actually eaten crocodile. After that shocking discovery, the celebs were drenched by a rain storm as the rain returned.
    The action shifted LIVE as host John Lehr visited the celebs and announced which celeb would take place in the next Bushtucker trial, titled "Blood Sucking Leeches." Unfortunately for Downtown Julie Brown, America chose her and she will have to swim with leeches to earn dinner stars. John Lehr then encouraged viewers to vote for the celeb they most wanted to take place in the next Bushtucker trial- the snake pit! Tune in tomorrow!!moreless
  • Episode 4
    Episode 4
    Episode 4
    On Day 4, the celebs decided they'd had enough of the Downtown Julie Brown/Alana Stewart war and demanded peace between the two divas. After Alana apologized for her crude behavior, she and Julie hugged and made up. The celebs then focused their attention on Nikki Schieler Ziering, whom they felt deceived them with phony crocodile tears after her croc pit challenge. It seems the celebs learned that after her last Bushtucker trial, Nikki was joking and laughing the whole way back to camp and only turned on the waterworks when she returned to face the other celebs. The celebs, especially Robin Leach and Melissa Rivers who had confronted the producers over the challenge, felt they were manipulated by Nikki and confronted her about her honesty (or lack of it). Nikki's pleas of sincerity caused arguments among celebs, who, in the end, decided to get over it.
    Nikki then appointed Cris Judd as camp leader for the day, hoever, the celebs didn't show much respect for mild-mannered Cris, even after Tyson Beckford stepped in. Downtown Julie Brown, for one, found Cris's orders absurd, such as sweeping the steps when it's raining, and refused to capitulate to his demands and told him so. Not long after that poor Cris was hit on the head by a falling branch while describing his leadership troubles, but shook it off and was okay.
    Nikki Schieler Ziering then faced her second Bushtucker trial in a row titled "Down Under," where she was literally buried alive. While Nikki managed to stay under in the dark for 4 1/2 minutes, she screamed "Get Me Out of Here!" after imagining a non-existent snake was crawling on her. For her efforts, Nikki scored 4 meals for the celebs to share.
    Food, or lack of it, remained a big problem for the celebs, who hadn't had much to eat and were all constipated- despite eating prunes. To make matters worse, Bruce Jenner became "guardian of the toilet paper roll" when he demanded each celeb only use 4 sheets per wipe. Nikki, meanwhile, decided to shave her legs (against Tyson Beckford's advice) and the other celebs were astonished by her need to remain beautiful while they were downright dirty and unkempt.
    Bruce Jenner and Downtown Julie Brown went off to find the day's celebrity chest, with Bruce doing all the work while Julie tagged along. After Bruce single-handedly found the chest, the other celebs answered the daily question incorrect and were rewarded with the booby prize- a variety of wigs and silly outfits, which they had to use to put on a fashion show. Later, the celebs modeled their new duds, including the daring Robin Leach who went full out in drag and Stuttering John Melendez, who wore little more than a G-string.
    As the day wore on, the celebs felt homesick- for their loved ones and the comforts of their lifestyle. Camp leader Cris Judd finally won the respect of the other celebs when he made a chopping board for dinner. The celebs then loosened up after dinner, when they enjoyed 2 bottles of wine and started to act silly, especially Nikki and Tyson whose flirtations with each other increased. A tipsy Nikki even did a Marilyn Monroe impression for Stuttering John Melendez.
    The action shifted LIVE as host John Lehr revealed the results of the previous night's voting for which celeb would take place in the next Bushtucker trial. Luckily, Nikki was spared, but unluckily for spoiled Alana Stewart, America chose her to participate in "Bobbing for Stars," where she would use only her teeth to grab stars in containers of rats, maggots and other slimy creatures. John Lehr then encouraged viewers to vote for the celeb they most wanted to participate in the next Bushtucker trial- swimming with leeches. Tune in tomorrow!!moreless
  • Night 3
    Night 3
    Episode 3
    The drama never stops! Find out who's coming and who's leaving the jungle as the competition heats up!
  • Episode 3
    Episode 3
    Episode 3
    The morning of Day 3 began with, what host John Lehr, described as an "all-out war" between Downtown Julie Brown and Alana Stewart. The action began when Julie, still acting as camp leader from the previous day (before she adbicated to Nikki Schieler Ziering), called a camp meeting and scolded an anonymous celeb for peeing in the campsite during the night, near the pots and pans, rather using the toilet. However, the guilty culprit- Alana- felt Julie purposely fingered her to humiliate her. Thus, the sparks between the Julie vs. Alan feud began.
    Meanwhile, the men took in some male bonding. First, they constructed a gym out of campsite logs, demonstrating their strength as they literally bench-pressed logs. Then, the men went for dip in the pond where a surprised Robin Leach got to see all of Tyson Beckford (and I do mean all).
    That day's Buchtucker trial set off more controversy amongst the celebs as poor Nikki Schieler Ziering had to face the dreaded "croc pit." In a murky river, Nikki had to dig for 10 buried dinner stars. The stars were marked by buoys, however, in the river, were 5 live crocodiles of varying sizes (and a few snakes, too, as Nikki soon discovered). Nikki was instructed that two animal handlers, a medical staff and a safety guy with a tranquilizer gun were on hand to prevent her from getting hurt. She was also told she didn't have to participate in the trial. However, Nikki, terribly frightened and sobbing, jumped into the river to face the trial. However, as her time ran out, a terrified Nikki tried but did not successfully retrieve even one star. For her effort, however, producers rewarded her with one star.
    However, Nikki's terrifying predicament sent off a rebellion among the celebs after she returned to camp and told of her ordeal. The celebs banded together and decided the producers had crossed the line and elected Robin Leach and Melissa Rivers to talk to them. Melissa and Robin were informed by the producers that none of the celebs would ever truly be in danger during any of the trials, which were more about conquering their fears than exposing them to danger. However, Robin suggested the trials should challenge their minds rather than screw with them.
    Meanwhile, after Cris Judd and Melissa Rivers found the day's celebrity chest, the celebs answered the question of the day correctly (ignoring Alana Stewart, who guessed incorrectly but insisted she was right) and were rewarded with tea bags, cocoa and sugar.
    Then, Round 2 of the Julie vs. Alana battle began as Downtown Julie Brown and Alana had a row after Julie was cleaning the toilet while Alana wanted to use it. While the other celebs hoped the two women would talks things out, Julie just wanted Alana to leave her alone, something Alana could not do. After Alana repeatedly used profanity when speaking of Julie, Julie confronted her and threatened to get physical if she ever spoke about again in that manner. The other celebs immediately jumped into maintain the peace- but the war was on!!
    That night, after dinner arrived, the celebs got a visit from two aborigines, who came to share local culture with them. However, the celebs didn't know what to make of them and, at first, ignored them. Then, Bruce Jenner and Cris Judd joined in on an aboriginal dance and the aborigines departed, but not before scolding the celebs about not showing respect to people of the land. The aborigines, who had been routinely checking up on the oblivious celebs, announced they would be dropping by regularly to check up on them.
    Finally, as night fell, the Julie-Alana war heated up as the celebs sided with Downtown Julie Brown against Alana Stewart, as spoiled Alana was "not pulling her weight" around camp, according to Robin Leach. The celebs decided either Alana would have to go or isolate herself from the rest of the camp.
    The action then shifted LIVE as host John Lehr visited the celebs and announced which one of them was voted by America to take place in the next Bushtucker trial titled "Down Under." Unfortunately for Nikki Schieler Ziering, American chose her for the 2nd night in a row. Host John Lehr then encouraged viewers to vote for the celeb they wanted to partake in a Bushtucker trial, which is similar to bobbing for apples- but with maggots, rats and other creepy creatures instead. Tune in tomorrow!!moreless
  • Night 2
    Night 2
    Episode 2
    Major shake-ups are happening in the Costa Rican jungle as the celebrities compete to win your vote!
  • Episode 2
    Episode 2
    Episode 2
    On Day 2, the celebs woke up from their first night in the Australian rain forest, but faced the morning without luxuries or amenities, such as coffee or a hot shower. The celebs did find the bathing pool, where Nikki Schieler Ziering and Tyson Beckford stripped down and developed a mutual attraction for the other. Downtown Julie Brown was nominated as camp leader for the day as the celebs debated whether or not to boil the rain water. While hunting for firewood, Tyson Beckford and Cris Judd formed a tight friendship.
    Maria Conchita Alonso and Stuttering John Melendez took part in the first of what will be a daily event- the hidden celebrity chest hunt. However, as they didn't look at a compass before heading out, they immediately got lost and proceeded in the wrong direction. Just as Stuttering John was about to give up, Maria found the treasure chest and they brought it back to camp. To get the prize inside the chest, however, the celebs had to answer one question correctly. However, if they answered incorrectly, they'd get a "cruel joke." The question posed to the celebs- "Who is more likely to be unfaithful in marriage- men or women?" Fortunately for the celebs, they got the right answer (women) and won the prize- coffee, milk and sugar.
    Stuttering John Melendez (chosen via the Internet) had to take place in the second Bush-Tucker trial, which, unfortunately for him, combined two of his worst phobias- a fear of heights and a fear of bugs. For his trial, John (supported by a harness) had to climb a ladder against a tree and open five different globes containing spiders, flies, insects and bees and pull out 10 stars (which represented one meal for each celeb). Faced with a time limit, Stuttering John managed to capture 6 out of the 10 stars- but not before shrieking like a girl at the sight of the insects.
    Later, Robin Leach, the dutiful water collector, and Bruce Jenner, who worked wonders with string, combined their talents to use the string and ponchos to collect the rain water. Meanwhile, the attraction between Nikki Schielier Ziering and Tyson Beckford simmered as both bared all and Nikki lathered Tyson up. Then, spoiled Alana Stewart had a blow-out with camp leader, Downtown Julie Brown, after Alana tried to take Cris Judd's ration of chocolate and Julie scolded her. After dinner, however, the celebs chilled out as they entertained each other with humorous raps about their fellow celebs.
    Host John Lehr then appeared LIVE at the celeb camp and revealed the results of the previous night's telephone voting for which celeb would take place in the next Bush-Tucker trial- the crocodile pit! Unfortunately for Nikki Schieler Ziering, America chose her and she will face the croc pit in the next episode. Host John Lehr then encouraged viewers to vote for the celeb they wanted to take part in the next Bush-Tucker trial- being buried underground for several minutes!! Tune in tomorrow!moreless
  • Night 1
    Night 1
    Episode 1
    The celebrities have arrived and now compete to win your votes to stay in the jungle.
  • Episode 1
    Episode 1
    Episode 1
    The show began LIVE in the Australian rain forest as host John Lehr explained that, the previous day, 10 "celebrities" had been abandoned in the forest and forced to survive for 15 days. The action then shifted to tape of the previous day before the celebrities arrived at camp. It began at their hotel where the celebs where briefed on jungle skills by a survival guide. The women got squeamish at the sight of the spiders with which they'll be cohabitating and also by the grasshoppers that were proven to be edible, as Tyson Beckford and Cris Judd both demonstrated. The celebs then bid adieu to civilization as they were flown into the jungle and had to take a taxing trek to their camp.

    Unfortunately for 62 year-old Robin Leach, the hike proved troubling for him, as he kept falling down while huffing and puffing his way through the jungle. However, when they got to camp, Robin wasted no time in taking charge- despite the fact that he nominated Bruce Jenner as the camp leader for the day. Meanwhile, poor Nikki Schieler Ziering learned the meaning of "roughing it" the hard way when she had to use a toilet with almost no privacy. And while other celebs brought useful luxury items (such as rope and gloves), she brought beauty products(?!). As Stuttering John Melendez described, Nikki seemed more interested in her appearance than helping out at camp. However, the one celeb who did need help, was the clueless and spoiled Alana Stewart, who broke down in tears at the end of the very first day.

    As this was the first episode, the celebs had to decide amongst themselves which of them would take place in the first Bushtucker trial (an extreme challenge where they could earn meals for their campmates). Surprisingly, Melissa Rivers volunteered- but became pissed off when she realized the trials were meant to humiliate the celebs. For her trial, she had to pour 10 different containers of insects, worms and rats down an overly-sized pair of plastic see-through clown pants she was forced to wear. Melissa was given the opportunity at any time to quit by saying 8 magic words: "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" However, if she didn't complete the task, the celebs would be forced to subsist on only rice and beans for the night. Despite finding the experience humiliating, Melissa did the job and scored enough meals for the camp. And that was just the first day!!

    The action shifted back LIVE as host John Lehr had a nasty surprise for the celebs, the next celeb had already been chosen for the next night's Bushtucker trial. And the unlucky celeb (chosen via the Internet) to do some "jungle climbing" was Stuttering John Melendez. Host John Lehr then encouraged viewers to vote for the celeb they wanted to take part in the next Bushtucker trial- the crocodile pit! Tune in tomorrow!!moreless