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  • The funniest TV show ever written!

    Ah-haaaaa... do you want to smell my cheese?... Bangkok ladyboys... getting caught by the Police with the traffic cone... Cone-an the Barbarian... falling asleep at the bar... getting trapped by the dead cow... Buck Rogers toilet... you mentalist... handing out the Terry's chocolate orange... the boys are back in the barracks... absolute genius!
    Alan Partridge, the failed TV presenter â€" Steve Coogan's finest comic creation by a country mile â€" no matter how naive, ignorant or down right obnoxious he is, you just can't help but laugh at the situations he gets himself into. I laughed so hard at times that I couldn't breath properly. Please, please, please do one more series Steve?
  • Underated and understated

    This show is absolutely unbelievable, I could seriously watch it for hours. I sat down by myself and watched every single episode and it was worth it. I almost cried at the bit where Alan is outside re-enacting James Bond whilst everyone is inside watching the World's Strongest Man.

    This definitely has to be the best of British comedy, Steve Coogan plays Alan Partridge perfectly, and himself and the writers do a brilliant job. They've created a completely believable character that everyone must have in their life, I know that I do. It's that guy who thinks he's amazing, when really he's just awkward and nobody really likes him.

    Haha, I'm smiling just thinking about it.
  • My first comedy favorite.

    I'm Alan Partridge is such a funny show. It's full of hilarious scenarios in witch Alan finds himself in, and struggles to get out of. The show's casting is brilliant and Steve is at his best in this short lived, but brilliant comedy classic. The show centres around a former TV personality, who now runs a slot on a local radio station, but secretly wants to be back on the box. Alan says what he likes, does what he likes, and basically offends allot of people on the way. That's why I love him. This show should definitely come back for a 3rd series, after Coogans's performance in the brilliant Curb Your Enthusiasm and Sunshine, he proved he act in any situation, as well as create sublime comedy shows.
  • I was watching re-run's of this fantastic show when i thought i'd give my view's on A.P

    This series is without doubt the best comedy television I have ever watched, purely because it has so many moments where no matter how hard you try you cant seem to keep the laughter inside. Its jokes are cleverly done, whilst at the same time there are some blatant slapstick moments (for instance where he gets a dead cow dropped on his head by a group of farmers).

    The best performance is without doubt by Steve Coogan as Alan himself but there are so many loveable characters from Susan and Sophie the hotel receptionists to Dave Clifton the hilarious try-hard DJ not forgetting Alans P.A. Lynn and Michael his bestest friend.

    In my own opinion great comedy comes from making people laugh at things and situations that maybe they shouldn't. This is probably the finest example of great comedy for the late 90's. Alan Partridges says and does things without fully thinking them through. He mainly insults others but the great thing about it is that we don't laugh with him but we laugh at him.
  • Half Hour British comedy following the life of a former sports broadcaster and chat show host.

    I must first state that my score for this series is for the brilliant series 1 which was produced back in 1997. Before UK's The Office and the career of Ricky Gervais there was another brilliant performer with an hilarious and ground breaking show. In a similar way that Larry David did with Curb Your Enthusiasm, Coogan's Alan Partridge creation is a horrible, selfish and unlikeable character you just can't get enough of. Through this character and series Coogan proved that he is the UK master of 'cringe' humour, and his comic style and sensibility to my way of thinking has been a major influence on everyone from Ricky Gervais in the UK to Rove and Hamish Blake in Australia. In fact, as an Australian, it upsets me to see that Steve Coogan has so far not really taken off outside of the UK. It's unfair to compare but when you see how the US has embraced Ricky Gervais, you just get the feeling that Coogan's career could have been far more successful than it currently is. Having said that, in fairness Coogan has made several questionable movie career choices in a bid to be received by a broader market. There is talk of an Alan Partridge movie being co-penned by Screenwriter, Playwright and former Knowing Me Knowing You writer Patrick Marber. Fingers crossed that it's as great as this magnificent series.
  • Oooh Lady boy!

    Alan Partridge is about a washed up tv presenter turned radio dj that thinks he's still top dog yet ends up begging the BBC for a second series of his show. As per usual Steve Coogan plays a great role, everything he's involved in turns to gold (well except Saxondale... that was quite disapointing). Alan is the steriotypical brittish tory who's character blends brilliantly with the other characters. My favourite being Michael the racist, geordie, ex-soldier who works in the hotel and later in the second series works in the petrol station. I will always remember this programme for the drink combination "Lady boy" me and my friends have since endulged in the gin + tonic, pint and baileys combo.... Oooh Lady boy!
  • very funny

    steve coogan plays alan partridge in this very funny comedy. i remeber first seeing all of the first 6 episodes in one night on uktv gold on a special alan partridge night. i then went and bought the dvd. a very funny comedy which is sometimes painfull to watch, great stuff.
  • The series of I'm Alan Partridge charts the trials of the main character Alan Partridge in his attempts to get back on TV

    In my opinion the character of Alan Partridge is by far one of Steve Coogans best creations. The series follows Alan Partridge , once a host of his very own television talk show, now works the graveyard shift on his local radio station 'Radio Norwich'. Living permanently in a Travel Tavern the show charts the trials he faces as his production company 'Pear Tree Productions' goes down the pan and his attempts to get back on television with a second series of his talk show. Although if you have watched the Knowing Me, Knowing You shows you gain extra information about the background of where the series is coming from and Alans relationship with some characters, I disagree with other reviewers that it is difficult to understand some of the jokes and reasonings behind Alans actions if you haven't watched them. It is extremely well written and they can be easily watched on their own merit.

    The second series shows alan living in a static home next to the construction of his new home. This time round we see Alan attempting to set up a company called 'Apache'. With the return of the best regular characters, Lynne and Michael his friend that was once an employee at the travel tavern that now works in a local petrol station, this series is just as smart and funny as the first series.

    Both are very easy to watch and I personally never get tired of them, the only criticism of the show is the laughter track used. I'm generally not a fan of comedies with laughter tracks, though maybe the show needs it, either way a fantastic comedy from another comic genius.
  • Alan is trying to get a second series of his TV chat show.

    A continuation of the saga that is Steve Coogan's alter-ego, Alan Partidge. To fully understand this series, I suggest you watch "The Day Today", but more so you must watch "Knowing Me, Knowing You With Alan Partidge" as well as the Christmas special "Knowing Me, Knowing Yule..." or else you run the risk of empty laughs with no background. The short version is Alan had a painfully horrible chat show on BBC, and hoped for a second series. After punching the Chief Commissioning Editor of BBC Television during the Christmas special, his hopes were dim. The following two series, "I'm Alan Partidge" are all about Alan after the fact. During this time he is mostly milking his previous notoriety, however brief and unsubstantial it was, and finds odd jobs promoting/endorsing various products, as well as having a stable working position on local radio.

    If you do not see the previous series, it is a bit difficult to get used to Alan immediately and may have some cringe-worthy effects. However, if you have seen him being rude to his guests, you'll be used to this and will keep you laughing all the time. The fact that he is such a bastard to people, yet doesn't always get the last laugh, makes it all the more funny, and he can even evoke sympathy.

    Love him or hate him, he is highly quotable with your friends, and sticks in your mind. Sometimes witty, sometimes stupid, but always entertaining, this is a groundbreaking series as only the British can do. It is a definite kin to Blackadder and The Office.

    (Sidenote: why is it that the American idea of a good show is one that can be dragged out for 9+ seasons at 20+ episodes per season? The three above mentioned series have mastered the art of brevity!)
  • A hilarious comedy, although a bit painful to watch.

    Put quite bluntly, Alan Partridge is a ... well, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put that word in, but it begins in "b". A petty man, who is totally out of touch with everything. A man who thinks that "Oh, I've been working like a Japanese prisoner-of-war, but a happy one." has a place in polite conversation.

    He is, as the title suggests, the main character - the show revolves mostly around him trying to get back into television - and the comedy will leave you laughing and groaning. It's often hard to remember that Alan Partridge is actually a character, not a real person, and you feel embarassed to be associating yourself with him by watching his show.

    Nevertheless, it is very entertaining (although you can't watch too much in one sitting) - although the second series is significantly worse than the first.
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