I'm Famous and Frightened

Season 1 Episode 1

I'm Famous And Frightened - (Live) Night One

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 2004 on Living

Episode Recap

Tim Vincent introduces the first episode in a new series where eight celebrities will have to spend a weekend at a haunted castle.

Tim introduces the first seven celebrities at Chillingham castle in Nothumberland. They are Cheryl Baker, Keith Chegwin, Terry Nutkins, Gary Bushall, Lindsey Dawn McKenzie, Linda Robson and Toby Anstis.

One of the celebrities has to walk down a dark drive alone to meet the eighth celebrity Julie Goodyear.

Ian Lawman is on hand to help guide the celebrities through paranormal experiances. The celebrities have to stay the night alone in the castle. Julie Goodyear feels a connection to some one from the other side. One of the celebrities has to spend the entire night alone.