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  • 9/4/13
    The finale episode revisits the lives of four birth moms during the first year after birth. Corinthia, Megan, and Alexa anxiously test the waters of their open adoptions, while Tory navigates being a mother of two.
  • Sonya / Kayla
    Episode 11
    Sonya's mother fears her daughter is being manipulated into placing her child by her boyfriend Michael. Kayla's volatile boyfriend Justin is opposed to adoption and wants to parent their baby, even if he has to do it without her support.
  • Alysia / Christina
    Episode 10
    Alysia fears the combination of her illness and a fourth child will be too big of a burden for her and her husband. Christina intends to place her baby with her sister and her sister's wife, but their mother's prejudice stands in the way.
  • Megan / Renee
    Episode 9
    Megan is a pregnant teen who believes she has to place her child for adoption in order to fulfill her hopes of a military career. Pregnant with twins, Renee considers adoption, but the scars of her past make the decision even more difficult.
  • Jeni / Cathleen
    Episode 8
    Jeni's 20 year old daughter just had a baby, and now Jeni is pregnant herself. Cathleen doesn't think she can handle a third child but her mother relentlessly tries to dissuade her.
  • Alyssa / Jennie
    Episode 7
    Alyssa conceived a baby for her best friend Crystal to adopt, but Crystal worries the adoption will ruin their friendship of twenty years. Afraid the baby's father will abandon her again, Jennie considers placing her third child up for adoption.
  • Thai / Maria
    Episode 6
    Trying to rebuild her life and regain custody of her son, Maria wonders if adoption will be the best choice for her unborn child. Thai struggles to understand why her boyfriend Adam doesn't want to parent their daughter.
  • Brittany / Alexa
    Episode 5
    Brittany is filled with tears and rage after her boyfriend protests the adoption, but then disappears with another woman. Alexa, an 18-year-old tomboy who got pregnant on graduation night, worries her open adoption agreement can't be trusted.
  • Amanda / Megan
    Episode 4
    Amanda is rebuilding her life after a history of drug addiction by placing her baby up for adoption in order to regain access to her two children. Carrying the little boy she's always wanted, Megan feels pressure from her parents to consider adoption.
  • Nadia / Corinthia
    Episode 3
    Nadia will be forced to parent her unborn baby if her ex-boyfriend -husband doesn't sign away his rights in time. Corinthia, who was abandoned by her own mother, fears giving up her child will cause history to repeat itself.
  • 6/20/13
    Tiffany Rose is afraid of raising a third child on her own because her new boyfriend does not want to keep the baby. Tiffany Savannah struggles in getting her stubborn ex-boyfriend to help her move on with her life by signing adoption papers.
  • Sharanda / Tory
    Episode 1
    Sharanda worries that her boyfriend’s fluctuating thoughts about placing their baby for adoption will cause a rift between them. Tory and her boyfriend butt heads over his unwavering decision to keep their baby.
  • Raising Baby
    Episode 1
    Oxygen's critically acclaimed breakthrough series "I'm Having Their Baby" tells the untold stories of pregnant women making the life-changing decision of whether or not they should place their babies for adoption. This special "Raising Baby" feature reconnects fans with 5 different families from Season 1 to see how this process has changed their lives.moreless
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