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AIRED ON 12/7/2011

Season 2 : Episode 20

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The show follows Tripp Campbell as he helps his favorite 80's rock band, Iron Weasel, make a comeback. Looks like bringing the band back to stardom may be harder than it seems!
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  • Get out of my house!!!

    This show is terrible.

    Trent is the only normal character on the show. everyone else on the show is either crazy, an idiot or an asshole

    why would anyone let 3 fourty-year old guys live in their home. mess up the place, break everything and not even pay rent.

    I also hate Izzy. She is sooooo useless. There was even an episode about why she is soooo useless and even after that episode, she was still useless.moreless
  • Eh...

    Didnt watch it much but they ended airing the show at all in like 2011
  • Actually, A Solid Disney Sitcom

    I'm In The Band is really the only modern Disney sitcom I will accept as "good". One will assume that it's because I have a knack for rock music, but really it's because it has very clever moments in it. I enjoy the three members of the band, Derek, Burger, and Ash, as they have some really comedic lines in the show, especially Ash, who looks like he's oblivious to whatever situation the characters are put in. Also, Tripp and Izzy are *gasp* likable teen characters. They aren't bratty, they're not really in a situation where they come across as unlikable, and they play their parts very well. Unfortunately, what brings this show to a 7.5 for me is because none of the positive aspects of this show can escape it from the boring sitcom cliche where several unfunny gags and lines are thrown ad nauseum. However, I will dismiss it this time due to the fact that the interactions between Derek, Burger, and Ash are hysterical and left me with some good laughs. There's even a recurring character named Charles who is also hilarious, and unlike Crazy Steve from Drake and Josh and Truman from Kicking It, is not even offensive to me, and comes across as a clever child whom the band despises. Sorry if I may be a little bit rambly, but, I do think this is memorable. Overall, I'm In The Band was a great series, and Disney should've kept this show going, not Kicking It or Jessie.moreless

    i absolutely love the boys from IM IN THE BAND. My favorite ones are DEREK JUPITER & ASH. i like Burger BUT ABSOLUTELY LOVE DEREK AND ASH. Those boys get into alot of trouble. keep up the great work boys.
  • In The Words Of Adam West...WHAT?!

    Lol i just dont understand how this made it on the air. Seriously im literally laughing out loud right now just thinking of how bad it is lol. What the heck?! Why is this kids mom so stupid? I feel like she just doesnt have a brain because she is so dopey! What mom would let her son hang out with a bunch of old guys AND let them live in her house. And i KNOW they dont pay rent and they are always ruining everything, and they are just dirty looking. This show is so unrealistic, I know this is disney but one of the kids "friends" would have tried to hook up with his SINGLE mother by now in real life. And what the heck is that girl with the awful hairline supposed to be? She was the main characters best friend at the beginning of the series but now its like she just comes in whenever she has something rude to say or when she tries to display her "talent" with music, which is obviously just a way for her to kick start her cliche disney music career. What is this show even trying to teach? You can only become cool and successful if you hang out with people twice your age? Or that its not cool to actually socialize and have friends at school so you have to make sure you have some old guys show up and do something that will probably cause the rest of the day to just be totally messed up. This show is dumb...moreless

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