I'm In The Band

Season 1 Episode 4

Annoying Arlene

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 01, 2010 on Disney XD
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When Tripp finds out that Arelene, an annoying classmate, has a record producer for a father, he takes her out on a date in order to help out the band. However, a new Iron Weasel demo called "Annoying Arlene" accidentally falls into her hands. It's now up to the guys to get the CD back before anyone hears it.moreless

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      • Derek: That's a great title for a song, "Annoying Alene". Reminds me of a song I wrote called "Ugly Mugly". By the way, never go out with a girl who's name is Mugly.

      • (at the Roca's house)
        Bianca: Tripp?
        Tripp: Bianca, what are you doing here?
        Bianca: I stay here. The Rocas are my host family, I'm an exchange student.
        Tripp: And they didn't exchange Arlene for you? What a waste of an opportunity.
        Bianca: They sent Arlene to Spain. Spain sent her back.

      • (Tripp and Izzy find out Barry Roca is Arlene's dad)
        Izzy: He's produced a bunch of hits, right?
        Tripp: And apparently one giant miss.

      • Mr. Roca: Honey, you left your retainer in my car again. Do you now how embarrassing it is to drive Bon Jovi to lunch and watch him pull a retainer out from under him?
        Arlene: Bon Jovi sat on my retainer? (put the retainer in her mouth) Mmmm...Bon Jovi butt!
        Mr. Roca: You disgust me. (Arlene looks a her dad) Oh not you Sweetie, (pointing to his bluetooth) it's your mother.

      • Tripp: Why is Barry Roca with Annoying Arlene?
        Izzy: Must be her dad, her name is Roca.
        Tripp: It is? I thought it was "Arlene". Annoying Arlene.
        Izzy: By the way...Sweaty Steve, first name not "sweaty".

      • Derek: I once told a girl that I couldn't go out with her because I had a date with a hotter girl...That's when I learned that girls can't handle the truth.

      • Tripp: We just told a huge record producer that his daughter is hugely annoying, now we're hugely dead!
        Derek: Relax kid, maybe he won't realize the song is about his daughter.
        Tripp: The song is called "Annoying Arlene".
        Ash: So what? The guys wrote once wrote a song called "Dumb Ash" and it wasn't about me, right?
        Burger: (awkwardly) No.
        Derek: Not at all.

      • (Tripp is on a date with Arlene at her father's house)
        Tripp: Wow Arlene, Your dad's place is amazing. Cool telescope, I wonder if I can see my house from... (looks through telescope) Is that my bedroom?
        Arlene: Oh, I just want to keep you safe. There's a lot of weirdos out there.
        Tripp: (sarcastically) Yeah, out there.

      • Derek: There's no "I" in "Iron Weasel".
        Tripp: Yes there is.
        Derek: Well, there's no "We" in "Iron Weasel".
        Tripp: Yes there is!

      • Ash: (while wearing a suit of armor) Hey, check it out. I'm an antique robot!

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