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I'm In The Band

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 15, 2010 on Disney XD
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Episode Summary

Arlene invites Tripp and Iron Weasel to her house and the band takes the invitation as an opportunity to impress Arlene's record-producing father and possibly receive a record deal.

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  • Good ol' Iron Weasel chaos that made me laugh.

    This was a very funny episode. Tripp hears from "Annoying" Arlene that hip-hop is dead, and Tripp gets Iron Weasel the gig of performing at the party celebrating it. Arlene's dad is a huge record producer, and the band might get a chance for a record deal. Unfortunately, the party turns out to be a funeral fir Arlene's dead cat named "Hip-Hop", and things get really crazy when Derek, Ash, and Burger show up. The script of this episode was very cleverly written, as Tripp and the band end up in one snafu after another, thinking that they might have been the ones that killed the cat, while not knowing what the memorial is really for, and Burger keeps getting electrocuted by his guitar (does this even happen in real life?). They were running around, hoping nobody sees the dead cat that might have ended up on one of the covered food trays. Mainly, the whole situation was just funny. And I also liked the song at the end, which re-worded as a song in memory of the cat. Apparently Derek is good at lyric-improvisation. Anyway, I hope to see another episode as funny as this one.moreless

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    • Arlene: (about her dead cat) I can't believe Hip-hop is dead, but Jazz is still alive.
      Mr. Roca: Well, turtles live longer sweetheart.

    • Arlene: ...A certain boy who's locker combination is Left 26, Right 8, Left 14, and jiggle of a handle.
      Tripp: ...So that's why my gym shorts keep disappearing.

    • Ash: I already have a groupie! He comes every day, brings me letters, he brings me packages...
      Tripp: Ash, that's not a groupie, that's the mailman.
      Ash: Why did do you gotta be hatin' on Walter?

    • Tripp: I can't even remember the last time Derek smacked a magazine photographer!
      Derek: What about yesterday at the beach?
      Tripp: That was a tourist taking a picture of the sunset!
      Derek: I still say he was taking a picture of me. He said "Look at that miracle of nature! My wife would love this"!

    • Tripp: We just got to focus, believe in ourselves, and... (to Ash) Why aren't you wearing any pants?
      Ash: Oh, I noticed that nothing good ever happens to me when I'm wearing pants.
      Ash: Hey guys! I just bought the world's hottest jalapeño pepper, and the dude at the store bet I couldn't eat all in one bite. (takes a bite of the pepper and walks into the living room) YEEEE-OOOOOOOOH-OOOH-OOOH!!!
      Ash: (in the next scene) Hey guys! I just got a bunch of paper cuts. But before I bandage them, I going to finish making my hand-squeezed lemonade. (goes into the kicthen and is heard squeezing lemons) YEEEE-AAAAAH-AAAH-AAAAAH!!!
      (the scene changes with Ash holding a steak in front of the door)
      Ash: Here coyote... here coyote... (walks outside and the coyote is heard growling and scratching) YEEEEEE-AAAAH-AAAAAAAAH!!!
      (Back to the current scene)
      Ash: And every one of those times, I was wearing pants.
      Tripp: (sarcastically) Yeah, it was the pants.

    • Tripp: We haven't done anything on our rocker to-do list. Find a good gig, get a record label, or have "Weird Al" Yankovic parody one of our songs.
      Ash: Not even our song ""Weird Al" Yankovic, We Dare You To Parody This Song"?
      Tripp: Not even our song ""Weird Al", We'll Pay You To Parody Our Song".

    • Tripp: Remember Barry Roca? He predicted that Iron Weasel would fall so far, you would end up living in your van for 10 years.
      Derek: And it's only been 7 years, and we're living in three bunks in a kid's house. So there!

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