I'm In The Band

Season 2 Episode 6

Chucky's Revenge

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 28, 2011 on Disney XD

Episode Recap

Simon Craig prepares Iron Weasel for the release of their new album by setting up Iron Weasel cutouts in every mall in America. When he demands a new song for their new album, the band lies to him and tricks him into leaving his stepson with them for babysitting while he goes to a spa (so that they will have enough time to finish their song). His stepson, however, turns out to be their former enemy, Charles, who claims to have reformed and to love the band again. The band tries to be nice to Charles but test him to see if he has actually changed. When it appears that he has, the band lets slip that they have not actually written a song for his stepfather. Charles quickly sets the band to fighting each other over who should lead in the new song and is surprised when they cease argument in record time. Charles then goes to play in the garage and Tripp tells the band that he is convinced that Charles is not all that he seems. Tripp goes with the band into the garage to practice and stumbles upon a setup of Iron weasel cutouts placed in their positions on the stage. Tripp doesn't believe Charles while he says that he was playing and Ash takes a switch from behind his back that, when pushed, explodes the entire mock set, except for Ash (whom a ninja assassin promptly enters and slices to pieces). The band, however, still doesn't believe that Charles hates them and accepts some hand cream from him as an apology. Tripp is the only one that doesn't accept it. Soon, the entire band becomes stuck together by their hands and Charles reveals that he still does hate them. He was biding his time until he found an appropriate way to punish them. He also says that he intends for his father to enter, see them stuck together and without a song like idiots, and then fire them. Charles then destroys their phones and leaves. The band comes up with the idea for a new song in their struggles and then tries to drive to the hospital to have the glue removed. Charles' stepfather arrives shortly thereafter and demands the whereabouts of the band. The band crashes their van through the garage door just as Simon was preparing to fire them. After having the glue removed, the band then plays their new song, 'Get Away From Me', for Simon. Simon approves and leaves and Charles swears to them that he will have his revenge on them one day or another. The band later relaxes and ash ends up getting launched through the ceiling when he sits in one of Charles' booby-trapped chairs.
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