I'm In The Band

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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Trippnotized
      Episode 20
      With a new album on the way, Iron Weasel's producer Simon Craig tells the guys that he is throwing them a record release party and they are stoked! But he also reveals that he's signing Metalwolf and has big plans for the two bands to work together.
    • 10/3/11
      Tripp learns about an Iron Weasel cover band called "Mini Weasel" that is playing a cover band festival in the area and the band sets out to storm the festival, throw the cover band off the stage, and prove to skeptics that they can still rock.
    • 9/26/11
      When he discovers the Weasels having a toxic waste fight at school, Principal Jenkins deduces that they are terrible influences on Tripp. Horrified that Beth left the rockers to look after her son, Jenkins sends a social services rep to investigate.
    • 8/15/11
      Principal Jenkins has asked Iron Weasel to perform in a "stay in school" PSA, but unbeknownst to them the ad makes them look like idiots and reveals to the public that they are high school dropouts.
    • Pain Games
      Episode 16
      Izzy needs Iron Weasel's help, but they don't have time to help her out. Out of desperation, Izzy turns to Iron Weasel's rival, MetalWolf, for help, and they agree to provide her with what she needs.

    • Prank Week #2
      Episode 15
      During Prank Week, the Weasels seek revenge on Tripp for last year. But when Principal Jenkins enters in the middle of a prank at school, he ends up covered in slime and feathers and expels Tripp on the spot.
    • 1/1/11
      Raiders of the Lost Dad is the final episode of the series I'm In The Band on Disney XD. Tripp's dad, Jack, returns home after an absence of several years. However, Tripp is distracted when Ash disappears. In order to find their friend, Tripp, Jack, Burger and Derek prepare for a dangerous adventure.moreless
    • Weaselgate
      Episode 14
      Tripp learns that Izzy is planning to run for class president, she just has to beat the school stud Bryce Johnson, who is also BFF's with Principal Jenkins. After a run in with Bryce, Tripp also enters himself into the election.
    • Iron Weasel vs. Mega Weasel vs. Mini Weasel
      Iron Weasel vs. Mega Weasel vs. Mini Weasel is the fourteenth episode in the second season of Disney XD's I'm In The Band. In an attempt to prove they are still cool, the members of Iron Weasel start a fight with another band, Mini Weasel. The argument quickly evolves and a third band, Mega Weasel, also becomes involved in the argument.moreless
    • 6/20/11
      Lord of the Weasels is the twelfth episode in the second season of Disney XD's I'm In The Band. Derek is upset with Burger, Ash and Tripp. Burger sells the bands equipment van to a friend. Tripp must take matters into his own hand to prove himself to the band.
    • Weasels on a Plane
      Episode 12
    • Weasels on a Plane
      Weasels on a Plane
      Episode 12
      On their way to an Iron Weasel concert, the Weasels board the wrong jet.
    • When Tripp begins flirting with Principal Jenkins' daughter, Gia, he puts Tripp in detention. The band grows frustrated when Tripp's detention interferes with rehearsals, so they set Principal Jenkins up with Beth to shift his focus away from Tripp and Gia.
    • Grand Theft Weasel
      Episode 10
      Tripp tries to teach Derek, Burger and Ash a lesson about frivolously spending their advance from their new record album. The lesson backfires when their producer's son, Charles, gets involved and takes the remainder of their advance.
    • 3/21/11
      Beth decides to go on vacation after renovations on the house have been completed. While she's away, the band turns it into a rock star's playground and is featured on TV on "Yo, Check My House", but must soon keep her away when she returns home early.
    • Who Dunnit?
      Episode 8
      The band temporarily moves in with producer Simon Craig to enjoy the comforts of his home, but find themselves babysitting his son Chucky. When Chucky goes missing, the band thinks Simon's Murder Mystery party guests are there to help find him.
    • Who Dunnit?
      Who Dunnit?
      Episode 8
      With the house being repaired after the fire, the Weasels cohabitate in the garage.
    • 3/7/11
      The band is kicked out by Beth after they accidentally burn down the house during a house party. After discovering that it wasn't them that started the fire, she apologizes and attempts to get Iron Weasel to move back in.
    • Chucky's Revenge
      Episode 6
      Iron Weasel is challenged with writing a new song for their record producer Simon Craig, while taking care of his son, Charles, who happens to be their number one fan. Charles claims to be an even tempered kid now, but the guys are suspicious of his behavior.
    • Camp Weasel Rock
      Episode 5
      The band holds a Rocky Fantasy Camp, a day camp where kids learn how to play a few songs and fulfill their dreams of being rock stars. When the guys realize that rock superstar Eddie Nova's kid is enrolled in their camp, they promise to turn his son, Junior, a quiet, classic cellist into a rock star, in exchange for being the opening act in Eddie's next tour.moreless
    • 1/31/11
      Tripp and the band try to convince Simon Craig to work with them as his clients, but he tries to change them into a pop group.
    • 1/24/11
      Tripp, Derek, Ash, and Burger create an Iron Weasel video game.
    • I'm Out of the Band, Part 2
      Iron Weasel, realizing the error of their ways, try to lure Tripp back into their band, but they later let him go when they realize that, with Metal Wolf, he could live his rock star dreams. However, the band soon discovers that Metal Wolf is about to force Tripp to sign away five years of his life with them and chase after Tripp to change his mind about leaving Iron Weasel.moreless
    • 1/17/11
      Tripp leaves Iron Weasel in order to join their arch-rival rock band "Metal Wolf" after he feels that the band no longer appreciates him.
    • Weasels On Deck
      Weasels On Deck
      Episode 1
      Iron Weasel sets out to board the S.S. Tipton.
  • Season 1