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  • "Aw

    Ah, Ash. Back when Stephen Full was a spikey-haired moron who could give Sheen a run for his money; Not an ungrateful, narcissistic, nasty canine who hangs around with two r*t*rds and a b*tch (*cough*Stan*cough*).

    Rock on, Ashley. Rock on.
  • Get out of my house!!!

    This show is terrible.

    Trent is the only normal character on the show. everyone else on the show is either crazy, an idiot or an asshole

    why would anyone let 3 fourty-year old guys live in their home. mess up the place, break everything and not even pay rent.

    I also hate Izzy. She is sooooo useless. There was even an episode about why she is soooo useless and even after that episode, she was still useless.
  • Eh...

    Didnt watch it much but they ended airing the show at all in like 2011
  • Actually, A Solid Disney Sitcom

    I'm In The Band is really the only modern Disney sitcom I will accept as "good". One will assume that it's because I have a knack for rock music, but really it's because it has very clever moments in it. I enjoy the three members of the band, Derek, Burger, and Ash, as they have some really comedic lines in the show, especially Ash, who looks like he's oblivious to whatever situation the characters are put in. Also, Tripp and Izzy are *gasp* likable teen characters. They aren't bratty, they're not really in a situation where they come across as unlikable, and they play their parts very well. Unfortunately, what brings this show to a 7.5 for me is because none of the positive aspects of this show can escape it from the boring sitcom cliche where several unfunny gags and lines are thrown ad nauseum. However, I will dismiss it this time due to the fact that the interactions between Derek, Burger, and Ash are hysterical and left me with some good laughs. There's even a recurring character named Charles who is also hilarious, and unlike Crazy Steve from Drake and Josh and Truman from Kicking It, is not even offensive to me, and comes across as a clever child whom the band despises. Sorry if I may be a little bit rambly, but, I do think this is memorable. Overall, I'm In The Band was a great series, and Disney should've kept this show going, not Kicking It or Jessie.

    i absolutely love the boys from IM IN THE BAND. My favorite ones are DEREK JUPITER & ASH. i like Burger BUT ABSOLUTELY LOVE DEREK AND ASH. Those boys get into alot of trouble. keep up the great work boys.
  • In The Words Of Adam West...WHAT?!

    Lol i just dont understand how this made it on the air. Seriously im literally laughing out loud right now just thinking of how bad it is lol. What the heck?! Why is this kids mom so stupid? I feel like she just doesnt have a brain because she is so dopey! What mom would let her son hang out with a bunch of old guys AND let them live in her house. And i KNOW they dont pay rent and they are always ruining everything, and they are just dirty looking. This show is so unrealistic, I know this is disney but one of the kids "friends" would have tried to hook up with his SINGLE mother by now in real life. And what the heck is that girl with the awful hairline supposed to be? She was the main characters best friend at the beginning of the series but now its like she just comes in whenever she has something rude to say or when she tries to display her "talent" with music, which is obviously just a way for her to kick start her cliche disney music career. What is this show even trying to teach? You can only become cool and successful if you hang out with people twice your age? Or that its not cool to actually socialize and have friends at school so you have to make sure you have some old guys show up and do something that will probably cause the rest of the day to just be totally messed up. This show is dumb...
  • A perfect show to air on Disney XD

    When I first the promo for this show, I was really excited to watch this show and then I ended up enjoying this fun show. It may not look like a show that everyone would enjoy BUT this show definitely beats most of the shows that air on Disney XD. This is one of the few shows that I love to watch on Disney XD. Let's just say this... if you love a show that is stupidly funny, originally clever, and just plain goofy/silly, then this is your kind of show to watch. I love most of the episodes in this show and most of them make me laugh so hard because this show is just so stupid that it's funny and it's definitely what I look for in a comedy show. I think I like pretty much all of the characters in this show. A teenage boy named Tripp joining a band called Iron Weasel was a brilliant idea for me. Tripp is a nice character who just wants to be rock star, Ash is the stupidest of the band which makes me laugh hard, Burger is goofy and the second stupidest of the band, and Derek can be stupid too but he is also funny. I also love Tripp's best friend Izzy... my problem though is that she isn't in every episode and she is considered a main character and she is also not in the band with Tripp which would have been awesome... she has been asking Tripp if she can be in the band for the past episodes and it hasn't happened yet. Overall, one of the few Disney XD shows that I love to watch and makes me laugh very hard. 10/10
  • The best serie ever!!! I can't imagine how this never been created before! Finally, a rock serie and for all ages!

    Amazing show! They're so funny and awesome, the musics are great, I love it! They're so happy and crazy together, their performance are super cool, I love the way that they act! They're so amusing actors, I can't belive how they do all those things!
    The link between them is so real, they really look like good friends. Everybody I ask about the show said that they like it too, it's impossible don't liking it!
    It's impressive, the best Disney serie ever!
    Derek, Burguer, Ash and Tripp are great, they really convince that they are real rockers! I love them, I love this show too much!
  • Excellent comedy! Not meant to be taken seriously, it is all for fun. Hope the show lasts for a long time as there is very little on television worth watching these days.

    I'm in the Band is one of the few shows worth watching on television. All the guys are great and seem to have a great time making the show, which makes it just as much fun for us to watch. The casting is excellent, the storylines are fresh and funny, and you find yourself having a real investment in the characters. I only started watching the show with my son recently after hearing him singing songs I was not familiar with. I typically do not watch Disney shows, but for this one I definitely make an exception. I hope the show lasts for a long time to come. Disney XD certainly did a great job putting this one together.
  • I'm absolutley in love with this show! :X The best on Disney XD,much better than Disney Channel Long live I'm in the band and Drek Jupiter! ;)

    I simply love this show! I'm in love with it! I watch it every day even on my phone!
    What can I say,I just like it it's better than other shows like Hahhan Montana or Sonny with a chance because this show actually makes me laugh! Sonny with a chance never made me laugh!
    I love the characters because they are so funny! I simply can't imagine a day without I'm in the band or Iron Weasel!
    I hope it's gonna be a Seson 3 because I can't live without I'm in the band!
    Keep up the good work guys, you are doing a great job!
  • Horrible Humor and Parody of a Good Band.

    Wow... is Disney this terrible? I swear they can only make one good thing on the Disney Channel that's horrible. And second this show is awful. Why? Take a listen. First off the jokes are just plain bad nothing made me laugh, burst out laughing or even chuckle NOTHING. Another problem is the Acting the Acting is absolutely atrocious and this is Disney Channel your talking about so it's obvious why that is. It's also making fun of a Great band better than these three idiots could ever want to be. So yeah i can't see what's so "Funny" about this show it sucks. If anything the only things good on Disney Channel are Fish Hooks and Phineas and Ferb and even at that Phineas and Ferb is getting mainstream and overrated.

    Atleast an attempt to try to make a sort of Heavy-metal sounding band but intern FAILS and makes fun of a real Metal band Iron Maiden

    Humor is Horrible
    Acting is Atrocious

    Overall, this show is a FAIL.

    Rating: 2/10 FAILURE
  • Good for a laugh.

    This show is so funny! Although, this is defenately not the best show, I've actually had fun watching it. This show is about a boy named Trip Cambell, who dreams of joining his favorate band "Iron Weasel", who unfortunately hasn't been very successful in the music industry in the last few years. So in exchange for becoming a member of the band, Trip promisses to get the weasels a comeback, but has to deal with the crazy rockstar life that comes with the journey. When my mom and her friend first saw the previews for "I'm in the Band", they both cracked up! Much of comedy in this show is very slapstick, but in a positive way. The cast is mainly made up of adults with an child-like quality that I find very refreshing. Although a lot of it is pretty idiotic... well, that's just how television seems to be. And Steve Valentine is very amusing I must say. A lot of the jokes have sort of an adult take on them but in a non-offensive way, so kids and the older crowd can enjoy it equally. So if you ever tune into Disney XD, you should give this show a chance.
  • Cheap. Backlot. Substitue.

    I'll start by saying, Hannah Montana is relatively lame. I do not like that show. So it naturally follows that I do not like this cheap, poorly done strip off either. IMO, this show is a horrible Disney XD substitute for Hannah, made to capitalize on her success, but with half of the budget and none of the star-power. Rather than teach responsibility, family values, or uprightness (subjects that Hannah at least tries to convey), I'm In the Band hides behind 2 cent fart jokes, sexist comments concerning hot girls, and immature pranks to get its laughs (which, unsurprisingly, are only provided by the laugh track). Rather than stress any overarching moral standard, I'm In the Band sees the members of Iron Weasel having hit an early midlife crisis and behaving like 10-year old children, with their unlikely companion, Tripp, furnishing the role of a combination guardian, mother figure, and P.R. boy on demand. "Let's try this again. Are you there good ideas? it's me, Disney XD. I need some new shows to fill the gaps left by the good ones that I cancelled. Heaven forbid I renew them or bring them back. So I'm going to mess around with a few years of bad programming until I bump into you! Marco- I'm in the Band.-Polo- Zeke and Luther.-Marco- Jimmy Two shoes.-Polo- Kid versus Cat."
  • It seems to be better than Hannah Montana.

    I mean sure it's not great but i like it better than Hannah Montana. Trade in the stupid pop star Diva living a Double life for a washed up Rock band any day.It's hell of a lot more funny than the stuff Disney puts out there. And i also notice that the principle is the is Karl off Family matters i loved that show. it's almost like Disney has finally got the concept of funny it just took 10 years to figure it out after Even Stevens went off the air please let it last for more than one season.
  • I'm not in the band, but I don't hate it, neither do I love it.

    This show is pretty much Disney XD's attempt at Hannah Montana. It's not that great, but neither was Hannah Montana.

    The show mostly focuses on a band called Iron Weasel, who're pretty much a heavy metal band. (similar to Iron Maiden) Some kid is a big fan of theirs and wants to get in the band as their lead guitarist which is why the show is called, "I'm in the Band"

    The humour of this series mostly centers fart jokes, gross humour, immature pranks and other ridiculous things.

    So, overall it's not that great of a series, much like Zeke and Luther to be honest, but I can watch it without falling asleep.

    Grade = C-
  • Disney XD has once again proved it superiority over Disney Channel. Why? Because "I'm in the Band" is not only fresh, it's actually, well, funny.

    As you may know from reading my previous reviews (Shake It Up! and Wizards of Waverly Place), I've moaned and groaned about Disney's corny punch lines and stereotypical let's-recycle-this-personality characters. When I'm in the Band first came out, I didn't even watch it. But then I decided to give it a chance. And now it's one of my all-time favorite shows.

    "I'm in the Band" does use the ever-so-despised canned laughter, but it's all too easy to look past that. The show, unlike many of Disney Channel's shows, is hilarious. I can watch the episodes over and over again and not stop laughing. The episodes are not the typical boy-meets-perfect-girl, boy-loses-perfect-girl recycled plot Disney continues to use with EVERY show (Hannah Montana, Suite Life on Deck, Wizards of Waverly Place, Sonny with a Chance, etc.). Every episode is completely new and unused. Viewers don't know where the plot is going.

    Not only are the characters hilarious, they're simply, well, likeable. They're not exactly complex. Or relateable. Or dynamic. But they're just simply likeable. Every young wanna-be-rocker that watches the show will want to be like Tripp, the boy lucky enough to be in a once-famous rock band. He's new, he's exciting, he's...not recycled. None of the characters are really recycled. If any of them are the least bit "used", it's Ash, and he's still a brand new character.

    I was so happy to see such outlandish humor, plots, and characters when I saw this show. It's great to see something fresh come out of Disney.