I'm In The Band

Season 1 Episode 10

Spiders, Snakes and Clowns

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Mar 15, 2010 on Disney XD
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Tripp gets the band some more exposure, but it turns out to be a role in a horror movie in which the guys will have to face some deep-seeded fears.

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      • Derek: Look, opportunities come along all the time. On New Years Eve 2000, Iron Weasel got the chance to perform at the Time Square Millennium Party. But we turned it down because... we didn't know what 'millennium' was. But I'm sure that opportunity will come around again.
        Tripp: Yeah, in a thousand years!
        Derek: Oh, don't exaggerate.

      • Ash: I had major clownage all up in my grill!

      • Tripp: The movie is called Spiders, Snakes and Clowns. You're not scared are you?
        Derek: What, of snakes?
        Burger: And spiders?
        Ash: And clowns?
        Tripp: You are scared! Why don't they just change the name to Bunnies, Puppies and Lollipops ?
        Derek: That'll be good.
        Burger: Yeah.
        Ash: I'm scared of lollipops!

      • Ash: (about Tripp being called "Captain Pee-Pants") What does the "P" stand for?
        Derek: What?
        Ash: The "P" in Captain Pee-Pants. What does it stand for?
        Derek: Pee.
        Ash: That's what I'm asking.
        Burger: Pee!
        Ash: That's what I'm asking!
        Derek: Pee!
        Ash: That's what I'm asking!!
        Ash: I still don't know what the "P" stands for.
        Derek: Oh, for crying out loud. Urine.
        Ash: I'm in what?!

      • (the director hires Tripp to play the role of the Slayer)
        Tripp: So I get to kill all the spiders, snakes, and clowns?
        Director: Yeah, right after all the spiders, snakes, and clowns crawl all over the band and slowly eat them!
        Tripp: (hesitates) Wow! When the guys hear that, they're going to scream their heads off.
        (the scene changes to the living room; Derek, Burger, and Ash are screaming)
        Derek: Okay, let's not panic. Once we figure out how we got the band van in the living room, I'm sure we'll be able to get it out. Sorry, Tripp, you had something to tell us?
        Tripp: You're doing the movie.
        (Derek, Burger and Ash scream again)

      • Derek: We are too scared to do this movie, and if that makes us wimps, then so be it.
        Tripp: It makes you wimps.
        Derek: How dare you, sir!

      • Tripp: This movie will give great exposure. It will put Iron Weasel back on the map.
        Ash: Whooa, it will be awesome to be on the map.
        (Ash pictures himself on a global map in the placement of Africa)
        Ash: Hey, check me out! I'm Ash-rica!

      • (Burger, Derek, and Ash are sitting down for breakfast)
        Burger: (finding a spider ring in the cereal) Spider!
        Derek: (finding a toy snake in his cereal) Snake!
        Ash: Yummy cereal... (sees the front of the cereal box) Clowny-O's! Aah!
        Burger: Fourteen essential vitamins and minerals?
        Burger, Derek, and Ash: AAAAHHH!!!

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