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I'm Telling!

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Do you have a pesky little brother who follows you around, asks you a ton of questions and just gets in your way? Or a snobbish big sister who hogs the bathroom and grosses you out whenever she kisses her boyfriend? Perhaps kid sister is a tattletale and always reading your diary. Maybe big brother spends too much time bouncing a basketball and not enough time with you ... or on his homework (as his report cards full of C's and D's attests). This game show's for you. Laurie Faso hosted this junior version of The Newlywed Game, as three brother-sister teams competed. In round one, the brothers would be sent away to the Iso Zone while the sisters played. Three subjects were shown & the randomiser would spin as the player stopped the randomiser, then a question was asked to all three sisters. Each player would take a turn on the randomiser. After all three subjects were shown, the brothers returned & the game was on. Each right answer earned points (25-question 1, 50-2 & 75 for 3) while wrong answers ended up in squabbles. Round two was played the same, except the sisters went away & the brothers chose the categories. The points were higher (50-1, 75-2 & 150-3). The game would be over if there was no way the team would catch up mathematically or won outright. If there was a tie, the tiebreaker would have kids guess how many items were in a jar (IE; jellybeans, cookies, etc.). The one that comes closest wins. The winners got $1,000 savings bond while losers got consolation gifts. The winning siblings played the Pick-A-Prize Arcade, where the brother had to guess what prizes his sister would pick & the other way around. Each kid picked 6 prizes by hitting a button at that prize. Right guesses earned them the prize. But if they made 10 matches, they won all 20 prizes! There were eight brother-sisters episodes in the series. They also had two episodes of each for Brothers Day (where on both episodes, a set of brothers didn't bicker because they made a perfect score of 425) & Sisters Day. Plus one celebrity episode where all winnings were donated to charity.moreless
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  • Ho-hum, just another relationship game...

    Ever since \"The Newlywed Game\" debuted, there have been several different variations of the format, none of them have been really good in the first place, with the lone exception of \"Tattletales\", which was previously known as \"He Said, She Said\". \"3\'s a Crowd\" had to be the worst of the bunch. This show, \"I\'m Telling\", was not nearly as bad as \"3\'s a Crowd\", but then again, it was no \"Tattletales\", either. Just imagine, siblings being quizzed about each other? What\'s up with that? It\'s one thing to expose siblings\' secrets in front of their parents, but a national audience? Oh, puh-LEASE! I haven\'t seen much of this show, and I\'m glad I haven\'t. Having siblings\' secrets exposed on national television wasn\'t one of the greatest ideas, and the show\'s host, Laurie Faso, looked and sounded more like an alien from another planet. My goodness, where was Bob Eubanks when you needed him? But it was interesting to see the siblings argue, as you see that on TV all the time, people arguing. The theme music was also decent, from Level 22. But other than that, this show wasn\'t one of the better game shows, children\'s or otherwise. And since only 26 episodes were produced, I\'m not complaining. And we don\'t need any more relationship games of this type.moreless

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