I'm With Her

ABC (ended 2004)


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  • Pretty good sitcom, though I wouldn't buy the dvds.

    The first things i noticed about this show were the actors; the guy from Gilmore Girls and the girl from 'Meet the Parents'. I didn't get to see all the episodes and found it really interesting by the end, wondering how a movie star would actually get to meet a teacher in the first place! The last episode i saw was the season finale, and wasn't too impressed to find out thats the end of the series. I would love to see something happen again!! Anyway this sitcom was pretty good, there were some interesting moments, good life lessons but i'm now thinking the story was a bit too far-fetched to actually keep going.
  • A show that didn't have a chance in a world obssesed by reality it was counted down before the countof 10.

    This is a prime example of a show that didn't make it that should have had a second season.It fell victim to a society that is obsessed with reality shows.It was a great story of a Substitute teacher who meets an actress they fall in Love only to have the Paparazi knocking down there door.Terri Polo was incredible as Alex Young(Looking like a Young Meryl Streep)she is an underated actress who deserves her justice.If there was any way to revive this show it be worth the effort.This was a classic show that had it's plug pulled before it's time.....Bring out the DVD please .......Rhea Seehorn made my hometown proud and it be a Travesty not to be able to own this Gem......It's not everyday I get affected by a show like I did this one I just want a chance to own a piece of my history.
  • All right show, Great actors.

    Sadly, a show like this was destined to fail. The writing was just not great, they had some GREAT talent in both Teri Polo and David Sutcliffe, but the writing was just not up to snuff.I honestly thought with both their talent they would be able to carry a show for awhile without a problem, and i guess the fact that it lasted a season shows they they can and did.It really is amazing to me that this show didn't make it, only because shows like, Yes, Dear, According To Jim, Reba and others can made it season after season when they are/were far worse then this show was.I was sad to see it go, but not at all surprised.
  • funny

    i just started watching it but i think its funny and what about Stevie at the awards ceremony..
    i love how Patrick is soo loving with alex... i love alex's mum.
    i was shocked when i came on here to find it was cancelled and only had one season.... but knowing americans they dont have a funny born in there body....
  • I love the show I'm with her it was differant and was loving nice funny having to people for differant world. when you bring a show do not late and be show good and then late it good i was a big fan

    I\\\\\\\'m with her was a great show i loved watching? what got me mad that for you late go of the show you did not finsh it. but the last show was so go and now inever what would happen

    i love the actors on that show is was differnt for all that other show is seen

    so my question is why did you late it go

    or i miss why the show was late go.

    i love that a actor and teacher fall in love

    it was nice funny to watch

    i hope you understand why i am writin to you hope to hear from you soon
  • Charming Romantic Comedy

    I’m With Her is the story of celebrity actress Alex Young, who is the flavor of the month on the Hollywood scene. She meets down to earth schoolteacher Patrick Owen, and a budding relationship starts. Can a woman in the middle of the Hollywood glitz fall in love with a stable man in the real world? This is of course a true story. It’s based on the experiences of the writer, Chris Henchy, and his experiences dating Brooke Shields. This was a great little comedy show. It had just about everything you needed in a comedy. It had the embarrassing moments, crazy friends, and selfish family members. It was funny without going over the top. Teri Polo stars as Alex Young, and David Sutcliff is Patrick Owen. It only lasted one season, but I knew it was doomed when they had that two- part episode with Cybill Shepard, as her Alex’s mother.
  • Nice show that deserved a second season.

    I'm With Her was a nice romantic comedy that deserved a better shot from ABC. Teri Polo and David Sutcliffe were appealing as the two leads, a famous movie star and the high school teacher with whom she falls in love. Unfortunately, the ABC brain trust decided to cancel I'm With Her and renew such drivel as George Lopez, My Wife and Kids, Hope and Faith, and According to Jim. I guess a show has to be bad and stupid to get renewed on that network. We'll never know how things worked out with Alex and Patrick but hopefully the two leads will go onto bigger and better things.
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